Wengie’s Great Hair Hacks

Wengie is a very popular beauty and lifestyle guru on YouTube. She makes video content on many topics from hair styles to make up ideas and even cooking videos. She has over 4 millions viewers that subscribe to her videos. One of her most popular videos is her hair hacks video in which she shows her viewers how to get better hair as well as how to style your hair and care for it.


One of the best tips in this video is to have a good diet. Your diet can affect how you good you hair looks and even how good your hair feels. If you are eating tons of processed and sugary foods you may notice you hair doesn’t grow as fast or doesn’t look as healthy and shiny as it once did. Eating a well balanced diet filled with fruits, proteins and vegetables will give your hair and scalp the nutrients its needs to not only look better but feel better.


Another hack Wengie shows in the video is how to do a simple pull apart braid. It looks cuter and more stylish that a regular braid which can sometimes get pretty boring. It takes less than five minutes to complete and looks so put together. Another great hair hack in the video is to use shampoos and conditioners that help your hair not strip it of color and nutrients. Some washes contain harmful chemicals which can cause color to fade and hair to become dry and brittle so it is important to pay attention to your hair care choices.


Wengie also shows a variety of other simple to use hair hacks. She shows different ways to part your hair, curl your hair and even brush your hair. She takes viewers through a series of different hacks for a variety of different hair problems. They are all very helpful and can save viewers time and money while also making their hair healthier and stronger. With great content like this it is easy to see why Wengie has so many great followers and millions and millions of viewers.