Talkspace: Therapy At The Click Of A Button

Depression can strike anyone at any time and Michael Phelps wants the world to know that he is not immune from it. He was arrested twice for driving drunk and sank to a point that the contemplated taking his own life despite winning almost 2 dozen Olympic gold medals for swimming. He’s not planning on making a comeback in the world of swimming and instead is working to spread awareness of mental health issues with the company Talkspace.

Talkspace offers therapy sessions to their clients without having to go to a facility. Instead, they can use their phone, tablet, or computer to speak to a therapist through video chats, texts, or even emails. This new way of approaching mental health treatment is allowing their patients to get help from the comfort of their own home when they need it.

To Michael Phelps, his work with Talkspace is more important than any medal that he has won. He knows that with their partnership he may be able to help save someone’s life or at least help them live healthier and grow. Mental health problems are not something to be ashamed of and the stigmas behind them need to disappear according to Phelps.

The therapists at Talkspace are all licensed and dedicated to helping their patients. For Samantha White, she divides her time between helping her patients through their lives and taking care of herself. After retiring from psychotherapy, working for Talkspace allows her to continue helping in a field that she loves while still being able to live her life at home. Sometimes it can be hard on her mentally to hear the struggles that her clients are going through, but she takes the time to focus on her own mental health as well.

Another therapist, Melissa Moreno, not only works for Talkspace but also a brick and mortar facility that focuses on helping adolescents. Out of all of her patients, she states that her favorites are the adolescents who despite their mental health issues still maintain a sense of hope for the future. They realize that they have their whole lives ahead of them and that things can get better by reaching out for help.