Cosmetic Surgery Innovations: Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

As plastic surgery has become more and more accessible to the general public, many surgeons have gained fame and wealth due to their innovations in the field. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, an internationally recognized plastic surgeon, has become one of the leading doctors and educators in the field. He has received training from notable institutions such as Oxford University and Harvard Medical School, in addition to being President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, amongst other leadership positions. Furthermore, he has received numerous academic awards for his research. Rohrich has published over 600 articles and five textbooks on his work, as well as patenting a new breast implant. With his earnings from his work, Rohrich has donated his time and money to the American Cancer Society, as well as traveling to third world countries to perform surgery on burn victims and children with birth defects.

Currently, Rohrich is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He plans to attend three major cosmetic surgery conferences at the beginning of 2018, the first of which is the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. Rohrich will be involved in multiple panel discussions, in addition to giving his own lecture titled Techniques to Preserve the Dorsal Aesthetic Lines in Primary Rhinoplasty. After this symposium, Rohrich will attend the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, which he organized himself. Faculty from around the world will be in attendance to learn about the newest innovations in plastic surgery, including topics such as patient safety, skin care, non-invasive fat removal, and lasers. The third conference that Rohrich will attend is the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which he has organized as well. This meeting will also gather world renowned Rhinoplasty surgeons, and will include lectures that review nasal anatomy and common problems in the field. Both the Cosmetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty meetings will include a fresh cadaver lab to allow attendants to see new practices and techniques up close. About Rohrich