Skout CFO Portia Kersten’s Proven Path To Success

Growing up with imagination as your greatest tool, gives you much time to aspire to greatness. For Portia Kersten, these aspirations became a reality. Learning the importance to “fight the odds” at a young age, from childhood roll models, has given this talented CEO a clear model for success.

A woman working fearlessly in the international business world has gained much insight. Her involvement in big mega corporations or the smaller local businesses, she saw similar patterns immerge out of unique challenges. Understanding those similarities and patterns is the foundation of creating any great business, no matter the size. These are some of the lessons Portia Kersten operate under in the business world.

Portia Kersten is CFO of Skout, a global platform for how people meet. Designed to connect people from all walks in life, Skout brings people together. No matter the reason to meet, Skout can help. The Skout community is utilized in 13 languages and can be found bringing people together in more than 100 countries.

Being the Chief Financial Officer of such a diverse company has challenges and rewards. She accredits her team as her greatest reward “Easily the greatest highlight is the smart and talented staff of Skout,” she commented. Her balance is not magic; it’s a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and to focus on the high priority things.

According to Ms. Kersten in a recent Huffington Post interview, when asked about her biggest issue as a woman in the workplace. “Confidence. The recipe for confidence is; logic, politeness and repeat. Oh, and don’t be afraid to put your feet up on the conference room table. It’s very comfortable.” She said in her interview.

Passing the tradition of having a mentor and then becoming one, Portia enjoys mentoring young woman as they rise in their own careers. Enforcing in those she mentors, “Always question the status quo and don’t let others define you.” Advising them to “seek out and focus on the people in the room that dont dismiss you.” Those are the people that make the strongest friends and colleagues.

Leading the future towards a larger global interactive community. Skout is committed to bringing people together locally, globally in this every growing connected world. Portia Kersten has much to do with the current success and future vision for taking Skout to the next level of connecting people.

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