Securus Technologies Is A Revolutionary Crime Fighting Entity

Securus Technologies is a leading domestic and international provider of criminal justice technology solutions to civil and correctional facilities throughout North America. It is lauded by its clientele for its commitment to excellence. They provide comprehensive integrated communications, tracking, and information management products and services are specifically designed to meet the critical needs of each and every customer. According to Richard A. Smith the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, they have received thousands of commendation letters and emails referencing the benefits of utilizing their proprietary technology systems.


Customers attest that Securus Technologies is the “go to” provider of criminal justice technology solutions. Correctional facilities and law enforcement entities state implementing the carefully assessed and developed technology systems provided by Securus Technologies has enabled them to maintain a high-level of efficiency in daily facility operations and improve crime solving abilities. They are pleased with the extra measure of safety provided via the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of inmate communications and activities. Customers greatly appreciate the specialized information management software capabilities that have enabled them to implement proactive measures to prevent crimes such as diminishing contraband entering their facilities. Law enforcement entities appreciate the ability to launch more-timely investigations and obtain critical data needed to solve crimes.


About Securus Technologies

For over three decades Securus Technologies has consistently provided innovative technology solutions to public safety agencies, law enforcement entities, and corrections facilities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas along with its Technology Center it has regional offices located in the cities of Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies currently provides services for more than 3,450 different domestic and international criminal justice entities throughout the continent of North America.