Securus Technologies Giving Inmates and their Families a Special Christmas

I watched a video that brought me to tears. Anyone’s heart would warm up at the sight of a little boy talking to his father, who is in prison during the Christmas season. Through this video, I finally got the assurance that the law and justice system is compassionate about inmates and their families. Don’t you just love this?


All this is an initiative by a technology company called Securus, which is focusing on bettering the prison visit systems. The frustrating extended periods of time spent on the waiting bays and the huge gas expenses are just some of the things that the families of inmates will no longer face. In most cases, an inmate who is serving prison time does not do this in their hometown, and some are locked up far away from their state. You can, therefore, imagine the hassle that their loved ones go through when going to see them.


Securus has provided the opportunity for inmates to connect with their family members in a relaxed and hassle-free manner. I feel that this technology is a huge leap from the tradition communication systems in prisons. The previous system is just a simple payphone, which is not only expensive, but it also does not transmit sound clearly.


With the video visitation technology by Securus, family members get to ‘visit’ their loved ones who are in prison from the comfort of their home. I love the excellence of this service especially for inmates who have elderly parents or small children, for whom traveling proves to be a hassle. Besides, the technology comes in handy for families who do not have a private means of transport. You no longer have to make plans for those tiresome prison trips. Isn’t this a beautiful thing?


The video technology offered by Securus has gone a long way in revolutionizing the telecommunication systems in prisons. The rates for a video call are reasonable, and the inmate’s family caters for the cost. You will no longer hear an annoying operator as in the traditional system telling you that your time is up. In the Securus’ video technology, you get to talk to your loved one for as long as you wish. Also, you can clearly see each other, and there are no issues of weak voice projection.

Only plan a visit at the Onsite Video Visitation and save yourself the hassle of the long prison lines.