Saccone Scrambles to Keep Up as Lamb Gains the Support of End Citizens United

When the Republican party took the U.S. by storm in the 2016 elections,Democrats were mortified. The right wing had swiftly taken complete control of the government and was poised to exercise that immense power. Fortunately, they soon found themselves opposed by strong pushback from grassroots activists and groups such as End Citizens United. These groups campaigned heavily against the Republican agenda and managed to secure more than 34 seats for the Democratic party, bringing the nation back towards equilibrium. The Democratic party hopes to keep the train rolling, and hopes are high for Lamb’s bid against Saccone in the upcoming special election.

Lamb Fights Saccone’s Anti-Union Policies

Lamb has gained a strong foothold in the election. His firm support for unions has gained him numerous voters in the union-heavy district and has garnered him significant popularity even among Republican voters, in part, due to Saccone’s strong actions against unions in the past. With recent endorsements from the PAC, End Citizens United, his support has only grown, and this uphill climb has begun to level off. His support for Social Security and Medicare have pushed him even further forward. However, Conor Lamb is still very much the underdog, and his biggest enemy is funding.

While the people have shown overwhelming support for Lamb, the Republicans have money on their side and have launched a million-dollar smear campaign against the Democratic candidate. Saccone’s backing by financial institutions has placed him very squarely in the position of advantage, and he knows it. However, the Republicans have been crushed by the recent wave of Democratic victory, and it’s easy to tell that this move is one borne by desperation.

End Citizens United Announces Support for Lamb

Lamb has gained little financial support, even from his own side, as they watch carefully to gauge whether or not he has a chance. However, one group that has issued a strong endorsement of Lamb is End Citizens United, who have given the Democratic candidate firm ground to stand on, and support from around the country. Even without financial support, Conor Lamb has gained a strong foothold thanks to End Citizens United.

The organization consists of grassroots activists campaigning for financial reform, and, quite unsurprisingly, an end to the Citizens United bill. They have heavily opposed institutional spending in order to influence elections, and have been funded entirely by their members. Their pro-reform stances have caused them to primarily support Democratic candidates, however, they have stated that they would be more than willing to support candidates from the Republican party who share their goals.

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