Providing the Best for the Community

The Davos Financial Group is a highly trained and dedicated Financial advisory company based out of Miami, Florida. The company offers adequate and high-profile Financial advisory support to Latino American Community located within the United States of America. The company offers high levels of support multiple areas, such as whether or not it would make sense for a customer to invest in stocks or bonds, whether it is a good idea to start their own small business, or if real estate prices are at a good rate. In order to try and increase the level of service and support that the company offers its clients hell, the CEO and founder of the company, David Osio, has recently released information suggesting that the corporation will launch a downloadable application that is supported on both Apple Android devices. This application is known as Davos CAP calculator. The application successfully allows customers to estimate Returns on real estate. This software assist clients and forming their own skills and personal finance, something that David Osio has wanted his customers to be able to do and one of the reasons why he founded the conglomerate in the first place.


David Osio is a native of Venezuela, where he began his professional career helping others that couldn’t help themselves as a lawyer. In order to bridge off of this initial idea of service Osio decided that he could better serve the Hispanic Community within the United States, and move to Florida for that purpose in the 1990s. Since the creation of the company the Davis Financial Group has helped thousands if not millions of Latino Americans with their financial situations, providing ample, dedicated and loyal support to those who may not have the first idea on how to balance a checkbook.


With the release of this new application there’s no doubt the David Osio and Davos Financial Group will be able to increase their customer base astronomically over the next few years. By entering into the new technological World, Davis Financial Group is setting itself apart from the rest of the financial advisory community and is reaching for the stars in terms of new and possible utilization for the unforeseen future.

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