Waiakea Is Setting Things Straight in Community

Forbes recently did an article about Ryan Emmons. Ryan Emmons is the individual who started the Hawaiian bottled water company when he was only 22 years old. Bottled water is huge when it comes to popular drinks among consumers. Emmons saw a big opportunity for himself with Waiakea volcanic water, because there was a really huge market that was not being tapped into. Emmons was able to start Waiakea water.

This is a one-of-a-kind type of water. The reason why this bottled water is so unique is because it is unlike any other water when it comes to sustainability, health, and charitable attributes.

PR News Wire indicated that Waiakea water is a company that wanted to create a lifestyle around their water. They are the most awarded beverage in all of North America and they have been able to maintain the highest quality water.

Waiakea’s goal was to transform the bottled water industry, and that is exactly what they did. Waiakea is a company that has an annual growth rate of 170%, and the company was able to quadruple its annual sales over the first three and half years. Learn more about more Waiakea Water: http://www.babyboomster.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

Waiakea water is very unique, because it originates from both melted snow and the rain that comes off of the snow-capped mountains of the Mauna Loa volcano.

This water comes from the purest source in all of the earth because it passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. Volcanic rock is very rich in many minerals that are good for the body.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water is a company that is all about health, sustainability, ethics, and community. Waiakea has gotten amazing reviews from many of the most popular magazines around the world.

That is because their water is so unique when it comes to health benefits, taste, and source. Waiakea water is a company that has a very high ethical responsibility to the community.

They help communities around the world to get water, and they also have a promise to the planet to only use sustainable materials in the fabrication of their water bottles. Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian water is truly unique, and it is a company that continues to pave innovative pathways for the beverage community.

Squaw Valley Water Update

Recently, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley, Liesl Kennedy, issued a statement regarding their ongoing cleaning of Squaw Valley’s upper mountain water supply.


Due to heavy rain waters flooding Squaw Valleys upgraded water system in October, four wells were flooded with contaminated water. None of this water was ever made public for consumption. Squaw Valley’s routine maintenance on the upgraded system discovered E.coli and coliform bacteria in the water supply. Squaw Valley notified the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November eighth.


The staff at Squaw Valley has been working in cooperation with Placer County officials to treat and retest the wells frequently to ensure that the contaminants percentages are lessening. As of the latest water test, three out of four wells presented with low levels of coliform bacteria and no E.coli present in the water.


The public has been allowed to ski the upper mountain as per usual, but there is a water ban on the usage of the well water in the upper mountain area until the water tests came back negative of any harmful contaminants. Squaw Valley customers do have use of the upper mountain facilities, plus the ski resort is offering bottled water for skiers that are using the area.


The Placer County Health Department and Squaw Valley will continue to work together treating and testing water until this issue is resolved. Squaw Valley has been keeping the public informed of the water’s status through their website and will continue to update the status until the water is fit for public consumption.


Oncotarget Provides Insightful Reviews On Different Topics

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access medical journal that publishes papers online in a weekly issue. The term “oncotarget” represents all pathways, molecules and cellular functions common in cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes, neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals, was founded in 2010. Its editors-in-chief are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. Members of the editorial board include Carlo M. Croce, the former editor-in-chief of Cancer Research and the Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally among many others. Oncotarget has produced four notable members. They are, Michael N. Hall, Bert Vogelstein, Stephen J. Elledge and Alexander Varshavsky who won the highly coveted Breakthrough Prize.

The journal’s increasing popularity has been brought about by educational, constructive,, insightful and multiple-review, which helps authors to boost the impact of their research. Their mission is to increase the availability of scientific research to a wider audience. They strive to utilize insightful review to achieve maximum impact of research and allow faster sharing of exceptional discoveries. The journal intends to break the barrier between specialties and connect diverse fields of biomedical science, while promoting applications of basic clinical science to find cures for diseases. Oncotarget accept papers beyond oncology. They cover broad topics, including pharmacology, cardiology, neuroscience, endocrinology, metabolism, immunology and microbiology, autophagy and cell death, and chromosome among others. Check Oncotarget in dovepress.com.

Authors are required to describe their results accurately and include an objective discussion of their original work. They may be requested to provide raw data and be ready to share the information with the public. They are also not required to submit research papers that had already been published in another journal. Editors evaluate papers strictly based on their scientific merit regardless of authors’ race, gender, citizenship or sexual orientation. Editors adhere to confidentiality of the manuscripts and do not use unpublished content for their personal use. They ensure that accepted papers are reviewed by at least two experts in the field of study before publishing. Only qualified reviewers are allowed to review manuscripts, which they are not allowed to discuss with unauthorized members. Reviews help authors to improve their work. However, personal criticism is not allowed.

Losing Weight With A Dherbs. com Cleanse Program


There are many people looking for ways to lose weight and stay in shape. If you are one of them, this could be as simple as trying a cleanse program. At Dherbs.com, you will find a 20-day program which can help you get your lifestyle back on track.

Benefits of the 20-day Cleanse Program



One of the benefits of using the cleanse and regimen program is that it gives you a natural way of detoxifying. This is one of the healthiest ways of getting rid of unwanted fat and subsequently shed it. The cleansing product also helps you boost your immunity and increase your energy levels.



Diet Plan



EarthlyBodies.org wrote that one of the highlights of the Dherbs.com program is that the diet is planned out for you. There are recipes which you will find useful in your journey. Their basic dietary plan includes raw foods only. During the period, the user is not supposed to eat cooked or processed foods.



Some of the recommended Dherbs.com recipes when you are undergoing the full-body cleanse include:



  • Raw apple pie


This dish is simple to prepare. All you need is raw apple and a jar. Cut the apple into pieces and store it in the jar for dessert.



  • Smoothies


Preparing smoothies is easy if you know what to make. Dherbs recommend banana and mango smoothie



  • Raw mango with banana and pineapple


When you need a healthy dose of sweetness, you can do so with raw fruits such as mangoes, bananas and pineapples. All you have to do is blend raw walnuts with water and add pieces of pineapple, mango and bananas. Blend these until thick and add a few berries to top it off.



Other Benefits



When you start on the program, you also benefit from their constant support system. Dherbs.com also provide you with capsules which you take to facilitate the cleansing process. A time schedule is also part of the package and it helps you track your dosage.

With the cleansing program from Dherbs.com’s website, you should be able to get your health and lifestyle back on track. Get inside information from their official Tumblr page, or read about experiences from real Dherbs.com users here:
Dherbs – 11 Photos & 10 Reviews – Vitamins & Supplements

The Success of Doe Deere

Of the many successful businesses and entrepreneurs within the makeup industry that have been able to create their own niche and to find success, one individual is among this many not only due to the innovative product that she has created that has attracted millions of users to use her brand, but also due to the creativeness that is almost thought of as a breath of fresh air. This individual is Doe Deere, the proud owner as well as founder of a company that is known as Lime Crime that was founded in 2008 and that has been growing at a fast pace ever since then.


Doe Deere is a woman who is known for her social media presence on sites such as Instagram where she continuously posts new styles that she has created that involve bright and bold colors. The use of neon colors is considered to be the mark of Doe Deere due to the fact that she believes that bright and bold colors are the best way to bring out the beautiful features in both men as well as in women. Doe Deere is a loyal woman when it comes to her customers and has been able to make sure that her clients are pleased with the given products.


Doe Deere is quickly changing the way that men and women wear makeup and is making sure that makeup is worn for personal gain rather than to make sure that blemishes are hidden away from other individuals. Doe Deere believes that the face is like a canvas for color and should be used for the right reasons. In a recent interview, Doe Deere expressed her desire for individuals all over the world to wear makeup for the right reasons and to wear the makeup to express emotions rather than wearing the makeup to coverup any imperfections.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and has lived in New York City for most of her life, a city that captures her overall personality and her vibrancy. Doe Deere loves New York City and often reflects that she lives in a place that suits her and has a successful career that does not feel like a career. Doe Deere often reflects that she is having too much fun to be working. For future plans, Doe Deere hopes to grow her business and to continue to make her loyal customers happy with the products.


An Overview of Competent Leaders who are Promoting InnovaCare Health’s Consistent Expansion

InnovaCare Health is the top health service provider in Latin America. Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as the chief executive, is responsible for operational activities of the firm. The second executive officer in command is Penelope Kokkinides. Other officers include Douglas Malton, Jonathan Meyers, Christopher Joyce, and Martin Sortino.

Dr. Richard Shinto: president of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Richard Shinto also known as Rick has been serving as the chief executive of InnovaCare Health since 2008. He obtained his first and second degree from University of California and University of New York respectively. Dr. Rick Shinto has authored various papers and articles on clinical medicine and healthcare management. He has over two decades of work experience working in the management of health.

Dr. Shinto began his career in Southern California as an intern. Shinto has served in various executive positions for a number of companies. Among the firms he has worked for include Aveta Inc., NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto has also served as the vice president of Medical Management for MedPartners. This extensive work experience is what makes him the top CEO in North America. In 2014, Dr.Shinto won the Access to Care Award issued to him at the Western University of Health. Rick Shinto won this high-profile award upon excelling in making health service available to the disadvantaged groups.

Penelope Kokkinides: CAO of InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is the current InnovaCare’s chief administrative officer. Kokkinides obtained her first degree from Binghamton University. She then studied masters in social work at New York State University and later master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Kokkinides also has a master’s degree in Public Health.

Kokkinides first job was at Centerlight HealthCare. In this company, she served in the role of an executive vice president and managed the company’s day-to-day activities on smartbrief.com. She later held other jobs as vice president of AmeriChoice and COO of Touchstone Health.

A look at InnovaCare Health: the leading health service provider

InnovaCare Health is a private Medicare company based in North America. The company was previously known as Aveta, but after it was sold in 2008, it changed its name to InnovaCare Health. The Company pioneers in health, wellness, and fitness, and provides services such as Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage plans on innovacarehealth.com. The company strives to provide better healthcare services for its patients who happen to be its priority. The company has over 5000 employees who are mandated to serve its clients efficiently.

Lead Gen Authority Creates Online Reputation Management Resource

It should not be surprising that high-quality digital marketing firms are emerging. Entrepreneurs are typically too busy to spend their time on their online reputation. Proper digital marketing might entail that she would have to spend hours every day on social media or working on her website’s SEO, or surveying the reviews and comments that people have left on her company page. Further, since online reputation management might be uncharted territory for her, she is probably wise to outsource it to an emerging company such as Lead Gen Authority. Lead Gen Authority has launched an inbound pay-per-call system that provides clients with direction toward their services.

A Free SEO Consultation

Entrepreneurs sometimes do not know the basic SEO mistakes that they have made until an expert points it out to them. They might wonder why they are getting so few views or have such a high bounce rate. Fortunately, since Lead Gen Authority offers a free SEO consultation, they can diagnose the website’s problem and help the entrepreneur to understand the sort of services she will need if she wants her business to be a success. With this service, her website will be more likely found on the top of a Google search result, establishing credibility and enhancing public trust.

Video Ad Campaigns

Establishing trust with consumers can be a difficult task. One aspect of it will be in building relationships with them by producing digestible content. When they see that the entrepreneur is [1] relatable and [2] an expert in her field, they will be more likely to trust her. Video campaigns are one of the best ways to accomplish this. People are far more likely to watch a three minute video than to read a three minute article. It requires less intellectual energy to watch a video. Yet the entrepreneur might not know where to start or how to make these videos. That is why video ad campaigns are one of the services offered by Lead Gen Authority.

The wise entrepreneur knows how important it is to use the services of a company such as Lead Gen Authority.


How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Aid Real Estate Agents?

Every real estate agent on the market today requires quite a lot of help when completing a sale or purchase. They must look deeply into each building, and they must have a clear picture of what the building is. Researching the title helps complete a sale when the agent is working on a contract, lawyers are drawing up papers and the sale is nearly final. This article explains how Nationwide Title Clearing completes its work for each customer.


#1: How Are Titles Ordered?


Nationwide Title Clearing has an online ordering system that agents may use at any time. Orders placed for titles are filled by someone in the Nationwide office, and they find the status of each title in the order. They are tasked with ensuring it is printed as it should be, and they are searching for titles that may not be printed well at all.


#2: Altering A Title


Nationwide Title Clearing will alter a title when it is not printed properly, and they may require quite a lot of supporting documentation to ensure the title is written properly. Death certificates, wills, letters testamentary and other papers may be used to change the title, and the staff members at Nationwide will send over a proper title after it has been cleared.


Names on titles may be changed when they reflect someone who no longer has a claim on the property, and they will avoid any issues that are related to a title that may hold up a sale. The lawyers at the closing table cannot do a thing without a clear title, and they may order the titles themselves.


#3: Each Title Comes With A Report


The reports included with titles ensure the agents or lawyers have information on the title, and they will not have any qualms about the sale or transaction. The lawyers must have proper paperwork on the sale, and they will file the paperwork for future reference. The home or building may be sold in the future, and the clear title must be provided for the new sale.


Nationwide Title Clearing ensures every real estate sale or purchase goes through as it should. There is someone in the office who will find the titles that are required for the sale, and anyone who wishes to order a title may do so online when they like. Each title comes with a report, and it is cleared by a professional who does the work daily.

Learn more:


NTC Study Examines Client Cost Savings

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Expanding Nationwide

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded in 2012. Waiakea water announced that it has had over a 5,000% increase since 2012. This superior brand of water has expanded to almost 2,000 retail stores in the United States. This brand of water can be found in 30 states. To commensurate their success, a new Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Company is being opened in Hawaii. This location helps them to meet with the demands internationally. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.facebook.com/Waiakea/

Founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons says, “I am incredibly proud of the growth we’ve accomplished in just a few years.” Emmons stated that they went from selling a few thousand cases of the Waiakea Volcanic water to now selling more than 100,000 cases annually. With the increase in revenue, Waiakea gives back by donating 500,000,000 liters of fresh water to the communities in parts of Africa.

Waiakea water mission statement is to get people to drink better quality water. Waiakea who is in a partnership with the company Pump Aid, donates and distributes over 600 liters of fresh, clean Waiakea spring water for each liter that is bought. One-third of the company’s success comes from charitable donations.

Waiakea water product comes from the most natural, unadulterated places all over the world. The water is rich in minerals, full of electrolytes, and is alkaline by nature. The product is encased in recycled bottles.

Emmons said that they can attribute the success of Waiakea by being the first, superior water company for being certified in CarbonNeutral. Emmon also stated that their focus was on health, good ethics, and sustaining the company.

The annual report shows that it has increased to 170% estimating the value of the company just over $10,000,000. This brand of bottled water can be found in the prime chains around the United States. The company is also starting to broaden internationally.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

What makes Waiakea water different from the rest is that it’s start comes from rain and melting snow on the Mauna Loa volcano. This water is filtered through volcanic formed rocks, giving the enticing taste of the mineral enriched waters from the purest parts of the world.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water believes in giving back and donates hundreds of liters of fresh water to the underprivileged in the rural areas of Africa. The company prides itself with following the native Hawaiian tradition, “malama i ka aina.”

Securus Technologies Giving Inmates and their Families a Special Christmas

I watched a video that brought me to tears. Anyone’s heart would warm up at the sight of a little boy talking to his father, who is in prison during the Christmas season. Through this video, I finally got the assurance that the law and justice system is compassionate about inmates and their families. Don’t you just love this?


All this is an initiative by a technology company called Securus, which is focusing on bettering the prison visit systems. The frustrating extended periods of time spent on the waiting bays and the huge gas expenses are just some of the things that the families of inmates will no longer face. In most cases, an inmate who is serving prison time does not do this in their hometown, and some are locked up far away from their state. You can, therefore, imagine the hassle that their loved ones go through when going to see them.


Securus has provided the opportunity for inmates to connect with their family members in a relaxed and hassle-free manner. I feel that this technology is a huge leap from the tradition communication systems in prisons. The previous system is just a simple payphone, which is not only expensive, but it also does not transmit sound clearly.


With the video visitation technology by Securus, family members get to ‘visit’ their loved ones who are in prison from the comfort of their home. I love the excellence of this service especially for inmates who have elderly parents or small children, for whom traveling proves to be a hassle. Besides, the technology comes in handy for families who do not have a private means of transport. You no longer have to make plans for those tiresome prison trips. Isn’t this a beautiful thing?


The video technology offered by Securus has gone a long way in revolutionizing the telecommunication systems in prisons. The rates for a video call are reasonable, and the inmate’s family caters for the cost. You will no longer hear an annoying operator as in the traditional system telling you that your time is up. In the Securus’ video technology, you get to talk to your loved one for as long as you wish. Also, you can clearly see each other, and there are no issues of weak voice projection.

Only plan a visit at the Onsite Video Visitation and save yourself the hassle of the long prison lines.