Orange Coast College: The Heart of a Champion

For those in the know, it should go without saying that tiny Orange Coast College has an amazing men’s rowing program. The coaches at Orange Coast College are extremely proud of their program because they have literally developed a well-oiled machine when it comes to crafting champions.

This is especially true when you consider some of their alumni have went on to the Olympics. These coaches know there are a number of crucial elements to crafting champions.

For starters, the coaching staff of the Orange Coast rowing team know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. Even in the best of circumstances, many of the individuals who sign up for the Orange Coast rowing team are learning a new sport.

The coaches are especially proud of the fact that they not only have the drive and determine to create a legendary rowing tradition but to also teach many incoming college freshmen a brand new sport.

The sport is also not without its share of injuries. One college freshmen described the mental toughness he had to endure when he pulled a disc in high school and could not compete in his favorite part for most of the year. Although it was difficult, he learned a lot from the experience and became a better person because of it.

The coaches at Orange Coast also realize they are not just teaching the young men a sport but they are also preparing them for life. “We have high expectations,” one of the Orange Coast coaches said. The precision, timing and skill involved in rowing is something that is seen in other areas of life.

Not to mention many of the men go on to forge lasting friendships and even earn scholarships to prestigious four-year schools such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Orange Coast is indeed the spingboard many of these men and women needed. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Orange Coast College was founded in 1948 and has established itself as one of the nation’s largest – and finest – community colleges. They currently have an enrollment of just over 25,000. Many of the nation’s leaders have gotten their start at this California community college.