Next Generational Real Estate leader Gets William Skelley on Board

William Skelley is the pillar founder and CEO of a dynamic real estate Crowdfunding platform, iFunding. William is based in New York and attended Hobart College and Harvard Business School to study OPM, Business. He is highly skilled in real estate crowdfunding and that has promoted him as a member of Next Generation of Real Estate leaders. CrowdFundInsider shows Skelley has brought many good changes in the world of real estate crowdfunding among them, an online investment.

CNBC outlines that iFunding is a private firm that was founded in the year 2012 in New York and now growing in Asia, to solve many problems experienced by real estate investors. It has a team of leaders who work tirelessly to transform developers and pioneers to pool funds together, build investors rapport, and establishing a strong foundation for projects on legal and financial administration matters. iFunding brings a solution to investors of as low as $5,000 who could not have secured a chance in other investment firms to crowdfunding.

Michael Stoler, a Managing Director of Madison Capital Reality runs a show which has been on the air for 15 seasons .The program is referred to as NYs Business Report and is out weekly to real estate and commercial trends in the tri-state zones. Stoler invites Skelley for a diversified show as well as other named esteemed men and women from real estate leading companies globally namely ; Carlyle Group, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, CIT, Kushner, Cushman, and Wakefield.

Launching of iFunding, the most dominating giant name in online real estate investment podium in 2012 by Skelley has led to enormous growth of the firm. Skelley’s business plan has led to the financing of more than 40 real estate developments leading to a value of over 250 million. He also established a boutique investment bank which acquired hundreds of million dollars after underwriting $2billion in real estate. Skelley introduced crowdfunding in real estate industry and propelled it after a ruling of Title 11 of the JOBS Act.

William worked earlier at Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund firm started by Dr. Clayton Christensen of Harvard School of Business. Skelley will also feature to be part of an episode that will be aired on 2016 on the Stoler Report. The discussions on the table will also feature Paul Braungart, former iFundning sponsor, CEO, and founder of Regional Capital Group. The panel will face the agenda dominated on the evolution of real estate.

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