Netpicks FX Trading Education for Every Need

FX Trading

FX trading involves currency pairs, which allows the trader to invest in the movements of the two currencies, whether they go up or down. Netpicks is an FX trading company; FX trading gets its name from foreign exchange trading. The market in which FX trading takes place is decentralized.

FX Trading in Multiple Cities

An FX trade can take place in any major financial hubs in Paris, New York, Sydney, or Tokyo. Currency trades are performed electronically. Decentralized FX trading allows the FX trader to rotate from one market to the next, depending upon which market he lives near; that is, the time zone in which he lives. An FX trader in New York could finish his day 2 PM in New York then complete his day thru electronic trading in Paris 8 PM, get a few hours rest and finish his trades in Tokyo and Sydney later the next morning @ 3 AM & 4 AM.


Netpicks began in early 1996. Netpicks emerged simultaneously with online day trading. Netpicks FX niche is to provide trading education. Netpicks educates among several FX markets either Futures, Options or ETFs, NetPicks can inform those who attend their seminars, videos, or online classes.

Netpicks Founder

Netpicks markets itself as Day Trading and Swing trading Education. Netpicks is located in Irving, Texas. The Founder of Netpicks, Mark Soberman, and his staff have nearly three decades of trading experience and 17 years of offering applied trading education. Every member of Netpicks trades daily in the FX markets (  All the educational trading at Netpicks has the same goal, and that is to prepare the FX trader for live trading.

FX Education for All Needs

There are three types of designated traders at Netpicks: full-time, part-time and Finished in minutes. Netpicks is designed to get the average trader doing real trades is the shortest time possible and the reason this is possible, according to Netpicks, is the system performs much of the work required.

Professional Coaching Staff

Mark Soberman heads the educational team of Netpicks. Brian Short is COO and Managing Partner. Shane Daly: Forex analyst. Will Feibel: Futures & Commodities Analyst; options analyst is Mike Rykse. Troy “TJ” Noonan is a developer.

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