Malcolm CasSelle – The Pioneer of Cryptocurrency in Gaming

Cryptocurrency has exploded over the years. What started out as a concept that was familiar to very few people, cryptocurrency has become a widely accepted payment method online, and even in some brick and mortar stores. While Bitcoin is the most widely-accepted and well-known form of cryptocurrency, it’s definitely not the only one. There are even some cryptocurrencies that have been developed for specific purposes, such as peer to peer debt transfer, and photography licensing payments. WAX is a blockchain that was developed for the virtual asset market, more specifically gaming and esports.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and president of the WorldWide Asset eXchange – WAX. His technology background started off with degrees from both MIT and Stanford University in Computer Science. He has a long history of helping to build up tech companies such as Hong-Kong ISP Pacific Century Cyberworks, Groupon, and IM Software Sensay. Malcolm is dedicated to the success of each and every company he works with.

Malcolm’s work with OPSkins has led it to become the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet. However, he didn’t stop there. The virtual asset marketplace has been riddled with fraud and fragmentation. It isn’t difficult for a scam to occur. The buyer pays for their virtual asset but the seller never sends it. Fragmentation occurs when gamers want to use different cryptocurrencies for their virtual asset transactions. In order to overcome these as well as many other issues, Malcolm CasSelle created WAX, a cryptocurrency specifically designed for gamers and the virtual-asset marketplace. Malcolm has developed a breakthrough blockchain that ensures all sales are successful for both the buyer and the seller. Virtual assets become tokenized, meaning that the sale isn’t completed until the buyer receives their assets. It is without a doubt that WAX will be a gamechanger for the virtual asset marketplace, and likely become the top blockchain used by gamers.

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