Lime Crime: A Thing of Beauty

Doe Deere on Ideamensch
How often do we tone ourselves down, afraid our style or personality might be a little too much for others to handle? How often do we wish we had just a little more courage to wear all of those colors that make us stand out from the crowd? For generations, we have been searching for that color or trend or style to give us a little extra flare in our lives. And now, because of Lime Crime, we have that.

Lime Crime supports its customers by sharing the courage to be an individual. With the bold and bright colors, you will feel like you are making a statement every time you walk out into the street. That statement you are making is that you are unique. We all have qualities in us that make us individuals, but now we can show these qualities on the outside.

Doe Deere, the mind behind Lime Crime, has taken her skills as an entrepreneur and artist to give people permission to be themselves. Through her love of color and inspirational drive, she is telling us to be bold, to be unique, to be ourselves. And we could not be more excited. She has come a long way from the little girl in Russia selling temporary tattoos to her classmates to the determined business woman she is now. The way she runs her business reflects the incredible individual she is. She believes kindness is always the best way to run a business, and through her musical career in New York as a young woman, she has learned to appreciate all of the different roles others played in her life.

Doe Deere is a role model for young women everywhere. They can learn an unlimited amount of work ethic from her, along with how to cherish others around you and how to love yourself. These qualities that seem to come so naturally to her has allowed her to build Lime Crime into the astounding business it is. Lime Crime is not just make up. It is a voice for people all over the world to use to express their creativity. That, among many other reasons, is what makes this company so different.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime support all of us in our journey to finding who we are as individuals. It is okay to be bold. It is okay to be unique. It is okay to be you.

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