Kids Talk To Parents On Securus

I tell all my clients to have their kids talk to the parents on Securus because it is a video call system. The video call system lets people see the parents on the other end, and it gives parents a chance to get their kids on the line. Parents can miss a lot if they are not able to see their kids, and it makes life easier for these families to stay together. There is no way to know how long these people will be in jail, but talking to the kids over Securus helps.


 There are many people who are benefiting from Securus, and I have found out how easy it is to use it because I have a Securus account to use for my clients. The clients that I talk to use Securus because it helps them be sure that they can stay in touch, and I especially want to see that the kids have gotten a chance to talk to their parents. That is why they need to keep using this platform because it is so simple. These very good video calls that let the kids see everything, and the sound quality is much easier to hear.


I have been using Securus for a while, and I also have been teaching families how to use it in my office. I have helped them sign up pretty easily, and I have gotten them on the phone with the video in my office before. We can teach them how to use Securus, and we can teach them that Securus is the best thing for them as parents and kids. The kids get to see their parents, and the families can use Securus to keep them all together. I think this is so much better than forcing kids to visit jails.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.