Keith Mann Gives Back to the Community

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has partnered with Uncommon Schools to pioneer the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement award. Uncommon Schools is an NGO based in New York City whereas the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement award seeks to recognize next generation innovators in the business world. These innovators are to be trained to become business leaders. Each year, the award will take up one graduating senior from the Uncommon Schools based in Brooklyn.

The scholarship is meant to ensure the successful applicant attends a four-year college course, all expenses taken care of. Senior high school graduates are to write a 1,000-word essay to be eligible. The essay is to capture how the college degree will help them achieve their professional goals.

Keith Mann said that Dynamic Search Partners is looking into supporting low-income students to graduate and fully pursue their professional desires. The successful applicant receives a $5,000 scholarship towards their college tuition.

Keith Mann is an experienced executive and expert in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He started out in 2002 with the Alternative Investment Practice that was part of Dynamics Executive Search and later ventured into private equity, in 2006, as an expansion of his earlier practice. He later established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 and he is currently the CEO of DSP that is dedicated to alternative investment firms. DSP works with more than 200 firms across the United States, Asia and Europe.

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  1. Joe Frick, one of the school advisors at Uncommon Charter High School, emphasized the school’s appreciation towards Keith and Keely Mann regarding Uncommon Schools to run the grant. It is a very good thing to buy essays online and I believe it will help UCHS to understand more of their problems.

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