Hussain Sajwani, Shrewd Entrepreneur and Property developer

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE national and the founder of DAMAC properties. The Emirati who is a successful property developer is also the chairman of the international property development firm. He graduated from the University of Washington and launched his career as a contracts manager at one of the companies in the UAE called GASCO. Shortly after, he ventured into entrepreneurship and expanded into the catering industry in 1982.

As one of the pioneers of Dubai’s property market, Sajwani developed numerous hotels in the 90s with the objective of accommodating the influx of visitors that came into the country for trade and tourism purposes. Sajwani identified a significant market opportunity in 2002 that inspired him to found DAMAC properties. Due to his commitment and dedication, the company has grown to become among the largest development firms in the Middle East region.

Sajawani’s expertise in property development, alongside his marketing, legal, sales and administrative skills have been identified as the fundamental drivers of the company’s success. His efforts have steered the successful completion of projects in major global cities like Beirut and Dubai. He also led DAMAC properties in increasing its revenue generation and enabled it to be ranked among the most successful companies by the Forbes Global List in 2017.

Currently, DAMAC properties employs an estimated 2000 employees and is listed in the Dubai Financial Market. DAMAC properties also holds a development portfolio of at least 44,000 units that are in different phases of planning and progress.

According to the Arab News, the astute entrepreneur maintains a clean track record of success in the international equity and capital markets. Currently, Hussain Sajwan has various investment portfolios in a wide range of regional as well as global markets. He has also launched DICO investments which is an investment firm that deals in mergers, acquisitions, and private equities. Mr. Sajwan is also a shareholder in publicly traded firms and continually seeks to find value propositions in the investments sphere. Forbes 2018 ranked him as the 4th richest man in the Arabian region, having a net worth of $4.1 billion. Get connected with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.

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