How Kevin Seawright’s Leadership Makes RPS Solutions A Success

RPS Solutions, founded by Kevin Seawright, is a real estate company that builds, restores, and renovates affordable homes in the Baltimore area with the goal of raising the number of homeowners in the area significantly and ultimately getting that number to reflect the same amount of home ownership rates as the rest of the state.

A ‘joint partnership venture‘ RPS Solutions has been successful at getting first time homeowners into homes because of the leadership and vision of Kevin Seawright. Seawright told LocalTalknews he believes that creating stable neighborhoods and thriving economies begins with raising the home ownership rate in the area and so RPS has focused on offering various real estate services to all interested home buyers who seek their help. The company acts as a liaison and guides the prospective home buyer through the process of finding the home for them by providing information and help at every step of the way. From connecting buyers to lenders to facilitating construction or renovation on the properties the buyers purchase RPS Solutions is there to do the hard work and take care of the technicalities and legalities involved in real estate transactions.

Recently RPS Solutions has been successful at rejuvenating the home ownership numbers in a Baltimore neighborhood known as Belvedere Square. This area is ideal for the selling of affordable homes and the success the company has had in getting homes sold to first time home buyers in the area goes towards proving that Seawright’s philosophy is right.

Kevin Seawright’s work in local government, education, and real estate in Baltimore and Washington DC gives him unique perspective on how home ownership and creating such stable relationships within a community makes the community itself stronger. His background in accounting and project management gives him the knowledge and skills to know exactly how to run a company like RPS Solutions. With Seawright’s skilled leadership the company is well on its way to meeting its goal of raising Baltimore’s home ownership rate.  See his full bio on the Newark CEDC website.

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