How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Aid Real Estate Agents?

Every real estate agent on the market today requires quite a lot of help when completing a sale or purchase. They must look deeply into each building, and they must have a clear picture of what the building is. Researching the title helps complete a sale when the agent is working on a contract, lawyers are drawing up papers and the sale is nearly final. This article explains how Nationwide Title Clearing completes its work for each customer.


#1: How Are Titles Ordered?


Nationwide Title Clearing has an online ordering system that agents may use at any time. Orders placed for titles are filled by someone in the Nationwide office, and they find the status of each title in the order. They are tasked with ensuring it is printed as it should be, and they are searching for titles that may not be printed well at all.


#2: Altering A Title


Nationwide Title Clearing will alter a title when it is not printed properly, and they may require quite a lot of supporting documentation to ensure the title is written properly. Death certificates, wills, letters testamentary and other papers may be used to change the title, and the staff members at Nationwide will send over a proper title after it has been cleared.


Names on titles may be changed when they reflect someone who no longer has a claim on the property, and they will avoid any issues that are related to a title that may hold up a sale. The lawyers at the closing table cannot do a thing without a clear title, and they may order the titles themselves.


#3: Each Title Comes With A Report


The reports included with titles ensure the agents or lawyers have information on the title, and they will not have any qualms about the sale or transaction. The lawyers must have proper paperwork on the sale, and they will file the paperwork for future reference. The home or building may be sold in the future, and the clear title must be provided for the new sale.


Nationwide Title Clearing ensures every real estate sale or purchase goes through as it should. There is someone in the office who will find the titles that are required for the sale, and anyone who wishes to order a title may do so online when they like. Each title comes with a report, and it is cleared by a professional who does the work daily.

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