George Soros’s Foundation Thwarts James O’Keefe’s Plan To Gain Access To Its Operations

In the recent past, James O’Keefe’s attempt to gain access to a group funded by Soros failed to materialize because he did not hang up the phone. As James was calling the Open Society Foundation, he introduced himself as Victor Kesh. However, unaware that he had not hang up, he engaged an unidentified person concerning his plan.

In a voicemail to Dana Geraghty, James is heard asserting that Kesh is Hungarian-American. He goes further to posit that he would like to be involved in aiding the company fight for European values. James requests Dana to direct him to a contact person and leaves a number. As soon as Kesh completes the call, James is heard asking someone to keep mum until he hangs up the phone.

In a 10-minute conversation about his plan against the group, Kesh is heard saying that it would be prudent to use Dana’s LinkedIn page to get to George Soros. After a while, he realizes that this move would not serve anything but revealing his own LinkedIn account to Dana. Later, Dana asserted that she was scared when the group started talking about her as the point of entry. Dana goes on to contend that based on their discussions, James and his group was not well versed in matters of technology.

On receipt of the voicemail, the foundation’s president, Chris Stone, scoffed at their effort to dupe Dana. While comparing the group with the Watergate burglars, Stone asserted that the group looked bad. Stone went on to argue that since the group could not use the internet browser, it was ill prepared to carry out an undercover operation. Stone decried O’Keefe and his group for their dirty tricks.
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About George Soros

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundation. This foundation incorporates networks, partners and projects around the world. The idea of respecting people’s rights, accountability in government undertakings and lack of monopoly of the truth triggered Soros to establish the society. Soros has been actively involved in philanthropic activities since 1979. George Soros started by helping South African students pursue their university education through giving them scholarships. He is also credited with establishing the Central European University in order to enhance critical thinking. Over the years, Open Society Foundation has provided support to lawyers and paralegals. These lawyers have played a pivotal role in representing many people, especially those held unlawfully without legal representation.

Besides the Open Society Foundation, Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. Born in 1930, George was able to flee Hungary after the communist dominated the nation. In England, he attended and graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics. Soon after, he flew to United States where he settled. Soros made wealth through the international investment fund, which he established and managed. Soros has authored many books, which includes The Tragedy of the European Union. This book was published in 2014. His essays and articles expounds on political, economic and societal maters. These literature materials appear in major magazines and newspapers around the globe. Visit:

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  1. Great that they had this leak discovered before it was too late, sometimes I wonder why people would work tirelessly towards the downfall of someone. Maybe essaydune can offer us more clue on what O’Keefe wanted to achieve by hacking into George Soros system. I also think that recent event should be an eye openers to other top organizations to always be on the look out for people like O’Keefe.

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