David Osio’s Group of Companies Launch Davos CAP Calculator

David Osio has played an instrumental role in the financial growth of Davos Financial Group (DFG). He founded the company back in 1993 based on his interest in financial advisory services. The group’s main vision is to formulate efficient and suitable investment strategies for its clients. DFG recently advanced their real estate initiatives by launching a brilliant app called Davos CAP Calculator. The group revealed the news of the app to its customers in an official statement posted on their website. The app is one of the group’s flagship products that meet the federal regulatory framework requirements.

The Davos CAP Calculator

The app consists of add-ons that DFG clients can use when calculating investment returns on real estate properties. Gerard Gonzalez, one of the executives on DFG’s leadership team, collaborated with Tecknolution while conceptualizing the app. He said that the CAP Calculator is a creative tool that would enable those interested in real estate investments to buy properties on a cost-effective basis. He also pointed out that the app lists affordable properties based on people’s projected incomes.

The Davos CAP Calculator runs on devices built for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Its add-ons can find real estate properties and give DFG clients insights on how to invest wisely in these properties. The customers can also send their questions about investment returns on an interactive chat feature. After the launch, Davis Osio was pleased since the app operates based on DFG’s business objective. He also said that the Davos CAP Calculator is ideal for DFG’s clients who would like to buy properties in the US.

David Osio’s Background

Osio spent most of his career working for financial advisory companies. In 1981, he worked for OPED Enterprise’s coffee export program as the chief executive officer and president. LETCO Commercial Companies later offered him an executive job offer. He accepted the offer and served as the head of US-based structured marketing programs. Osio also practiced law as he worked for MGO. His international banking law knowledge enabled him to close deals with big banking institutions such as Ferro Corporation.

In 1993, Miami-based Banco Latino International also employed him as a private banking executive. The company recorded an increase in its customer portfolio and later promoted him to the vice president position. DFG attributes its success to Osio’s financial advisory efforts. Osio ensured that all companies under DFG’s charter offer tailored services to their clients.

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