Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Work to Get Out The Vote

When the Congressional 18th District in Pennsylvania opens up for the March 13th special election, Democrat Conor Lamb will try to make history in a tight race against Republican Rick Saccone. Conor Lamb is a surging young progressive who will seek to take an important seat in a prominent red district for what could be the start of a huge blue wave in the political world. Conor Lamb will be facing uphill challenges as he has to overcome not just gerrymandering, but an establishment Republican in Rick Saccone who has the Presidential mandate behind him. So, with all of those factors leading against him why does Conor Lamb sound so confident?

Well, the reason that Conor Lamb is confident is simple — he has one of the most active progressive grassroots committees at his back in End Citizens United. Led by Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is a political action committee that has dedicated the better part of the past two years to supporting progressive candidates during the era of Trump. During the Presidential Election that saw Donald Trump ascend to the White House, End Citizens United was active raising money and getting out progressive messaging to get the vote going. In Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered 18th Congressional District, the work that End Citizens United will be more important than ever.

The reason that there will be a special election in March is that another Republican was forced to resign in disgrace. Tim Murphy had held the seat for the past two terms, running unopposed in both elections, before scandal rocked his position in the form of an extramarital affair and an abortion scandal. Now, voters are looking to get back on track with a candidate who closely resembles their values while bringing them into the future.

Conor Lamb has had a meteoric rise over the past year in his run against Rick Saccone. At just 33-years-old Conor Lamb has already made sizable outreach into both rural communities and areas that are strong with the labor unions. What Lamb will have to overcome, however, is a Saccone campaign that is spending a ton of money to keep Lamb out of the seat. Saccone and his team have already poured millions of dollars into TV advertisements. President Trump has even got on Twitter, per usual, to announce his support for Saccone. If Trump’s base, which has been dwindling over the past year, fails to get out to vote then Lamb could have his way in.

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