The Success Story Of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a media and digital professional popularly known for her inventiveness in all the firms she has worked for. Victoria has served in various media corporations such as Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Mindshare, which has given her comprehensive experience in communication, branding, media, and marketing. However, she has faced setbacks in her life journey, the major one being an addiction to alcohol and drugs which interrupted her life and work in a big way.

In 2011, Victoria Doramus went to a rehabilitation center in Arizona in desperate search of a way out of her cocaine and Adderall addiction where she spent 45 days. Later she realized her addiction was becoming worse and her life was deteriorating with time. She visited yet another rehabilitation center in Connecticut, and after spending 65 days, she became more determined to find a way out of the mess. However, things did not work out as planned until she visited Burning Tree recovery center in 2017. Victoria began her long-term therapy, and after a four-month journey, she was transformed and immediately started charity work in support of different organizations which include; Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, and the Army Winehouse Foundation.

Victoria Doramus graduated from the University of Colorado where she studied a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism. Due to her passion for arts, she later went to Sotheby’s Institute of Arts where she studied the evolution of art from the ancient Greek period to contemporary art as well as its history and development. After completing her studies, Victoria went ahead to work with several media companies due to her creativity and professionalism in media.

MindShare gave Victoria her first job where she served as the assistant media planner. Her responsibilities included managing work relationships with media executives and interacting with clients to develop branded content. Victoria later moved to Stila Cosmetics as a creative consultant where she worked on various campaign projects together with the company’s art director. She also worked with other big corporations after that like Creative Agency, Trendera, Creative Agency, and also worked for Peter Berg, a film director and producer, as a Personal Assistant. Today, Victoria Doramus is a famous philanthropist, and she shares her story to assist others struggling with addiction to fight and overcome their struggles.


Julie Zuckerberg – Leading the Deutsche Bank USA Recruitment Team

Julie Zuckerberg has blended the philosophy, people association, and understanding of business law to establish her as a highly credible voice for resource recruitment. Through her studies in Philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College, she developed an appreciation for dealing with people.


After completing her studies in philosophy, Julie supplemented her education, studying law at New York Law School. When she walked onto her first recruitment opportunity at Hudson Staffing and Recruiting, Julie Zuckerberg was prepared for her future.


Hudson Staffing and Recruiting

As a recruitment specialist for Hudson Staffing and Recruiting, Zuckerberg spent five years perfecting her talents to analyze the productive qualities of people. She recruited case managers, legal counsel, plus a support staff including paralegals. With a strong appreciation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, plus a meaningful foundation in law, she was able to present highly qualified candidates for consideration.


Her background in legal precedence gave her a working understanding of workplace problems and how compliance laws affected relations between management and employees. Her personable and communicative nature gave her the tools necessary to express job guidelines and responsibilities to potential employees. With the knowledge of what was expected, how promotions were considered, plus the explicit details of the job, she was able to present only the most qualified for management consideration.


Citi Global Consumer Bank

After proving herself as an invaluable addition to a recruitment team, Zuckerberg’s dedicated work ethic earned an offer from Citi Global Consumer Bank’s New York Office. Julie continued to expand her knowledge of legal, compliance, audit and management objectives as a recruiter.


She was recognized by her superiors, as someone who had an outstanding talent for hiring the best employee for the position. Her strong work ethic would earn her a position as vice president, eventually helping her shift her focus to the New York Life Insurance Company as senior recruiter and VP.


Deutsche Bank USA

In 2017, Zuckerberg accepted her most prestigious position in her young business career. Julie now holds the title of vice president and executive talent recruiter for the Manhattan, New York office Deutsche Bank USA. She is the lead negotiator for hiring decisions, especially those focused on MD level importance.


Her skills as a liaison between management and employees has led executives to look to Julie for staff coaching opportunities and workplace negotiations. Deutsche Bank upper management has expressed confidence in Julie by allowing her to direct a team that oversees the best practices in managing the recruiting process at the company.


Julie finds time to keep up with her hobby of running, plus explore her passion for the arts and taking photographs. Her thirst for technological knowledge adds another helpful talent to her abilities as a recruitment professional. She even finds time to keep up with her social media image, where she is an advocate for animal welfare, human and civil rights. She is a model proponent of gender equality, and presents herself as a solid example through her actions and job performance.


Lime Crime: A Thing of Beauty

Doe Deere on Ideamensch
How often do we tone ourselves down, afraid our style or personality might be a little too much for others to handle? How often do we wish we had just a little more courage to wear all of those colors that make us stand out from the crowd? For generations, we have been searching for that color or trend or style to give us a little extra flare in our lives. And now, because of Lime Crime, we have that.

Lime Crime supports its customers by sharing the courage to be an individual. With the bold and bright colors, you will feel like you are making a statement every time you walk out into the street. That statement you are making is that you are unique. We all have qualities in us that make us individuals, but now we can show these qualities on the outside.

Doe Deere, the mind behind Lime Crime, has taken her skills as an entrepreneur and artist to give people permission to be themselves. Through her love of color and inspirational drive, she is telling us to be bold, to be unique, to be ourselves. And we could not be more excited. She has come a long way from the little girl in Russia selling temporary tattoos to her classmates to the determined business woman she is now. The way she runs her business reflects the incredible individual she is. She believes kindness is always the best way to run a business, and through her musical career in New York as a young woman, she has learned to appreciate all of the different roles others played in her life.

Doe Deere is a role model for young women everywhere. They can learn an unlimited amount of work ethic from her, along with how to cherish others around you and how to love yourself. These qualities that seem to come so naturally to her has allowed her to build Lime Crime into the astounding business it is. Lime Crime is not just make up. It is a voice for people all over the world to use to express their creativity. That, among many other reasons, is what makes this company so different.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime support all of us in our journey to finding who we are as individuals. It is okay to be bold. It is okay to be unique. It is okay to be you.

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