Wikipedia Writing Engages Students

Lecturers and professors at the University of Sydney were looking for a way to get the student really involved with the learning process. The University of Sydney assessments decided to require students create and/or edit a Wikipedia page. Staff at the university realized that students were just plain bored with writing long essays that were written for one person. However, the idea that their Wikipedia edits and writing would be read by millions of peers on Wikipedia sparked more interest in learning. Several departments at the University of Sydney are now requiring students to research, write, and edit articles on Wikipedia. Students find that it is very satisfying to see that their finished work is read by millions across the world. 

Engaging Wikipedia Page Creation

Placing a website on the Internet takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get it noticed and traffic flowing to the site. Marketers spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising efforts. The fact is that there is one advertising and marketing effort that is very affordable or absolutely free in some circumstances. A well kept secret is that Wikipedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. Marketers across the Internet are reaping tremendous benefits when they create a Wikipedia page. For example, many notice improved traffic flow, more brand recognition, more personal recognition, increased credibility for their product, and more profits. Placing several business pages on Wikipedia requires time and the ability to carefully follow the strict Wikipedia guidelines. Still, it is the leading way to receive great recognition and increased traffic to a website. 

Get Your Wiki

A marketer could spend hours, days, weeks, or even months trying to write articles for Wikipedia that are approved. Of course, after approval, the marketer will have to carefully monitor their articles and update a Wikipedia page as new information or inaccurate information pops up on the page. Certainly, this is a very time consuming process. However, a smart marketer’s move is hiring Wiki writers to create a business page for themselves on Wikipedia. For example, the Get Your Wiki writers are professional Wikipedia editors for hire that take the drudgery and stress out of writing Wikipedia articles. There are numerous benefits that are associated with hiring a Wikipedia writer from a trusted Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. They are experts at creating Wikipedia friendly pages that get accepted. They will also update, edit, and monitor all the pages that they write for their clients. Their constant monitoring and editing will make sure that the client’s business pages stay engaged, friendly, and at the top of search engine results.