An Inventive, New Video Marketing Solution Emerges

Video marketing leader Talk Fusion has developed a more effective method of communication for Talk Fusion users. The new WebRTC Recorder allows users to create high-quality videos designed specifically for video newsletters and video email in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Since the innovative technology syncs with your browser, it allows you to record and playback your videos quickly. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina mentioned that the company is one of the first to fully employ WebRTC technology into the products. The utilization of this technology allows businesses and individuals across all fields and industries to communicate.

The existing customers of Talk Fusion can click on video email or video newsletter from their browser to begin using the feature. This new and inventive way to communicate has immense potential benefits for emails and newsletters. Differentiate yourself from your competition in a fundamental way using Talk Fusion’s WebRTC product. Talk Fusion’s new product allows businesses to engage their customers in an entertaining way. Video emails and newsletters can easily be sent to donors, customers, friends, and family. Clicking the webcam feature on the product dashboard lets you begin recording from where you are. The WebRTC recorder has innovated the way that individuals and businesses can communicate with each other.

Talk Fusion has successfully created a new way for high quality, real-time interactions to take place. The company’s current users will benefit greatly from the new communication product. Talk Fusion is currently in the process of applying this new technology to all of their other products that do not currently offer the feature. The rising popularity of WebRTC technology will continue to evolve the communication landscape online today. Talk Fusion is passionate about providing dynamic ways to engage through video marketing. Independent associates available in over 140 countries market Talk Fusion’s video marketing products. Since the company’s inception in 2007, the CEO Bob Reina has instilled the importance of giving back to the community, animal charities, family, and friends.