On Reputation Recovery

In a recent article, Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs speaks about how the company has changed for the better over the past year. The online reputation management company has actually caught its own fair share of bad press. If you are working with enough people and your company is large enough, this is bound to happen. The executive (that is no longer working with Status Labs) that brought so much negative attention to the company did so by doing things outside of the company, as well. Even though the former executive’s actions were not within the company, it still affected the way that people viewed Status Labs.


The company spent quite some time rebuilding its own online image. Now, their image is great. Their SEO results look good. The employees and clients that Status Labs works with can rest easy now that everything has been cleared up with the media. In order to show the public the full story and to show the faces of the employees, Status Labs released a letter to the media along with a team photo. Putting their faces out there for the world to see helped Status Labs gain positive press and positive public opinion.


The employees at Status Labs also decided to help their communities out by volunteering to work at charities and non profit organizations. The employees actually seemed to enjoy this part of the process. Status Labs’ employees worked with Dress for Success, the Food Bank of Texas and a bunch of other notable charities.
Status Labs has worked with over 1,000 clients that have seen their online reputations turn from negative to positive. They were able to fix their own online reputation, and now that they have released the right information to the right media sources, Status Labs looks like a company to trust once again. They certainly know how to change the way people and businesses are viewed when they are searched for online. The first impression counts for a lot. Here’s the Huffington Post article that talks about Status Labs.

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