Halsey Takes on Skilled Tour Manager Clay Hutson

Halsey has been adding plenty of strong supporting acts to the roster of her latest tour – Kehlani, formerly of the teen band PopLyfe, Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, Jessie Reyz and the Indonesian star Niki. The latest name she’s recruited to assist with her tour is tour manager and audio specialist Clay Hutson.


Hutson is very experienced as a tour manager, having assisted artists such as P!nk, Prince, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’Roses and Garbage. He’s well prepared for his job as a tour manager, thanks to his previous experience running a business, which isn’t all that different. He created his own firm, which was a daunting challenge and an impressive accomplishment in the recession that impacted his previous employer so negatively. Hutson says that it was hard to set out on his own, but worth it, especially when he found new clients quickly and was able to help them. Hutson discussed his issues with a previous client, describing a situation in which he had a contract with a production company and its client, and the client and the company fell out, but the client still wished to work with the talented Hutson. He experienced an issue semi-typical to the music business – a legal battle that cost more than $150,000. With his experience with business and the ups and downs for music business, Hutson is a wonderful choice for Halsey.


Halsey and Hutson are both experienced with use of social media, and are well-matched in this regard. Halsey’s career was built through word of mouth thanks to the social media sites Twitter and Facebook, but Hutson’s savvy use of social media is somewhat different. He operates largely on referrals, and focuses on social media that’s a little different from the focus of a musical artist – he connects with artists and other professionals on LinkedIn, and runs a website that provides information about his work and ensures there’s reliable information about him out there. Learn more: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/clay-hutson-mn0001881174


Hutson is most focused on his role as a sound engineer, and has been featured in articles about new music-related technology such as the DigiCo SD11, which he used in Aaron Lewis’s 2011 tour. He’s worked on many significant tours, such as the Bleed Like Me World Tour, Kid Rock’s tour, and OneRepublic’s recent Honda Civic Tour, where he operated their automatic rigging system. He has worked with Ronin Event Creative since 2001, and is their VP of Production.