Kevin Seawright An Experienced Leader for Business Development and Success

Kevin Seawright is the Vice President and Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation. The CEDC of Newark is the jump-starter of economic development, seeking to attract, grow, and retain businesses within Newark, NJ, and additionally cultivate real estate development.

The CEDC of Newark seeks to provide real estate development loans, business counseling services, and other beneficial services for commercial projects to thrive.

Selected by Newark for his expertise, Kevin Seawright has an Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Kevin also has a Masters degree in Accounting from Almeda University. He has been written about on media outlets such as Market Wired, MarketWatch, and PRNewswire.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright seeks to become “involved and align myself with organizations that are impactful and designed to strengthen and empower communities,” according to an article on Market Wired. Kevin Seawright was recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program, for his completion of the second installment of The Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

This program is part of Kevin’s continuing education and development with his position within Newark’s CEDC. The Nonprofit Fund Development Program was created to help business leaders stay competitive in the nonprofit sector. Efficiency and organization are two core values that are promoted to ensure long-term success.

Seawright has held various leadership positions for over 13 years, within both private and public sectors. He has utilized his time within various sectors to develop his highly regarded financial management expertise.

Kevin Seawrigtht has worked in education, local government, and was involved with real estate development in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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