Are They Human?


Who doesn’t love a shapeshifter sci fi anime? A human that can shift into something bigger, better, and badder or maybe an animal that can shift into a hot guy or sexy girl, always tops an average person. Many good Anime series include shapeshifters and there are a few that make it the main theme.


This list certainly can’t be all inclusive, yet, here are some good ones to take a look at.


  1. Wolf Children– This one has been called “staggeringly beautiful,” lovely college girl falls for werewolf, they have kids, he’s killed and she is raising their two wolf/human children alone. Anime Drama.


  1. Kamisama Kiss- Teenage girl become a god after showing kindness. Romantic Anime.


  1. Wolfs Rain- Cursed man from a race of wolves that chose to stay human is trying to save his lady love. Anime romantic drama.


  1. Inari Kon Kon- Highschool girl with a broken heart meets a god at a shrine and after being kind to a fox is given the power to shapeshift. This one is a romantic comedy.


  1. My Bride is a Mermaid- High school junior saved from drowning by a mermaid only to be forced into a shotgun wedding by her “mafia” type merfamily. Comedy romance Anime.