Vijay Eswaran, Promotes Youth and Women Empowerment

Vijay Eswaran is a successful Malaysian entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a philanthropist activist. As a speaker, Mr. Eswaran has secured a space in various leading management, business, and leadership forums as well as in international universities conferences.

Last year, September, Eswaran participated in the World Economic Forum as well as at Concordia Summit that was held in New York. Concordia is a non-profiting and non-partisan organization whose goal is to promote partnership aiming at creating a common workplace for the world. The conference was attended by various global speakers from different industries and took place from 24-25 September at the Grand Hyatt, New York. The main theme of the event was to highlight multiple global problems and transform the identified measures to action. Vijay participated through a commenting about impact investment and also elaborated the importance of women entrepreneurs and the role they play in Eastern Asia and Indians Market.

During the same period, World Economic Forum also was holding their annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit. The primary objective of the conference was to come up with strategies and formation of a strong partnership to strengthen and advance women`s workforce participation, education, remuneration, and leadership development. Eswaran addressed the attendees of the conference where he aired his views on the need to create a neutral workforce ground regardless of the gender across traditional and non-traditional roles.

Besides his outstanding participation in organizations and forums, Vijay Eswaran is the author of several books. His recently published book is entitled Two Minutes from the Abyss which contains 11 pillars of life management. He is the co-founder, and Chief Executive Chairman of QI Group, a multinational conglomerate of business with its headquarter in Hong Kong. The company also has other operational offices in over 30 countries operating through subsidiary companies.

Eswaran is the founder of Vijayaratnam Foundation and as well as RYTHM Foundation which are part of his philanthropist achievements.