Andy Wirth Encourages Drought Awareness On KCRW

I often tune into KCRW for the fabulous interview programs, and I happened upon Andy Wirth speaking to Press Play with Madeleine Brand. I admit that I did not know Andy’s name off-hand, but there was quite a lot to learn during his interview.

This article explains what was heard during his interview, the unique insights that were offered and what may be done by Californians to help with the drought.

#1: The Drought Impacts Everyone

The California drought impacts everyone from the farmers in central California to the snowy peaks near Lake Tahoe. Andy Wirth owns two large ski resorts near Lake Tahoe, and he has watched as the seasonal snowfall slowly dwindles. His businesses are quite dependent on a strong ski season, but he must help the state alter its environment to avoid drought.

#2: How To Stop The Drought

Stopping a California drought is quite a large undertaking for the people of the state. Environmental and green methods for maintaining the atmosphere over the state will help increase rainfall, but the state must take greater measures in the eyes of Andy Wirth and his colleagues.

#3: Snowfall Is Increasing

Environmental changes to California have helped snowfall in the Lake Tahoe area, but recovering the major snowfall in the winter will take more time to complete. The Earth will see its ozone hole repaired in a few decades, and similar green tactics will help California return moisture to the area.

The Lake Tahoe region of California and Nevada is world-famous for the skiing season, and the skiers wish to return to Andy’s resorts, their favorite slopes and the beautiful valley below Lake Tahoe.

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