Fortress Investment Group Celebrating Twenty Years of Success

Fortress Investment Group has been leading their clients for twenty years with skilled expertise and a great knowledge of finances. The company has grown from small beginnings to being a team of nine hundred people. All of the staff that work at the company’s New York City headquarters, have a great of deal understanding about guiding clients down the right path with their investments. The company has always been a trailblazer in the industry. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first privately owned company of its kind to become public on the stock exchange in New York. The diversified asset management company manages about forty three billion dollars of assets. The company offers their 1,750 clients hedge fund advice, private equity investment guidance and the insight on capital vehicles.

The investment management firm focuses on five key areas of direction or their clients: sector specific knowledge and experience, operations management, capital markets, corporate acquisitions and mergers and asset investments. These key areas have guided the company to celebrating twenty years of success. Clients are attracted to the firm because they have an array of services available to increase, improve and manage a client’s investment portfolio.

Fortress Investment Group has strengths in directing their clients asset based investments. These type of investments include financial vehicles and real estate. The firm aims to help their clients create investments that return long term cash flow. They have created strong tools and strategies that they implement into their operations management service. Corporate board members, entrepreneurs and top executives are just a few of the people the firm has created relationships with. By forming these relationships, the firm is able to help clients with business dealings. These relationships allow for an ease when dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

Capital markets is one of the highlights of the company. Investors come from all over to get guidance about dealing with capital markets. The firm is very skilled in dealing with financing and debt for investors. They have the history to back up their skills and experience when dealing with portfolio management. They also have a great knowledge of what industries work best for each individual investor. Fortress Investment Group will certainly see another twenty years of success with great customer service, excellent skills and one of a kind financial and investment experience.

JED McCALEB Leading Techological Inventions

For over years people have been dreaming of Cryptocurrencies. They have been seeing many opportunities especially with the emergence of the Bitcoins. Their introduction as a result of Blockchain technology. It came with a lot of innovations in business and programming industry.

Pioneered by Jed McCaleb its major target was to connect people globally as well as cutting down superfluous fees. Its decline is by the introduction of Crypto and ICYets. Yet, based on the Blockchain technology in 2014 Jed McCaleb came up with ‘Stellar’. This was a monetary platform that could benefit individual of all financial classes. ‘Stellar’, is a non-profit association aiming at satisfying financial desires of its operators.

 Objective Financing

A development fund under ‘stellar’ has a main agenda focus on philanthropic activities. Under stellar network people could do transactions dealing with money in and outside the country because its code is open-source which has dispersed and regionalized exchange.

Out of 100 billion ‘stellars’ that were generated, fifty percent were dispersed to those who signed up for the system, twenty-five percent for firms with non-profit organizations and other dealings, nineteen percent for Bitcoin holder’s one percent for those who hold XRP and five percent for stellar actions costs. The system decided that there would be an addition of new lumens each year using an inflation degree of one percent. Operators had XLM every week on voting.

Philanthropic Approachf

Lumens are different from other Cryptocurrencies since obtaining XLM is free, boosting the corporate motive to work for several social causes. According to Jed, Bank and financial organizations offered biased restrictions to people each day. He describes that global financial organization is wrecked with many individuals being left without funds. Because of his involvement in working for technology corporations, he knows that a lot of advancement was made in evolving nations. This lead to him with his partner Kim generate SDF to offer an easy, reachable and inexpensive online recompense system for the users in the world.

More about Jed

According to Github, Jed McCaleb is a leader of technical development, the initiator of stellar organization and its CTO.

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Hussain Sajwani: A Brilliant Emirati Businessman

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy Emirati entrepreneur who founded the DAMAC Properties. As the DAMAC owner, he builds projects that would provide additional properties to the Emirati people, including the construction of houses, residential complexes, office towers, and malls, among others. He has been given several awards because of his contributions in the field of real estate and property development, and his company is considered as one of the leading firms in the country. Through time, Hussain Sajwani managed his company well, and he would also put some of his money into investments that contributed to the growth of his wealth. Today, he is considered as one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates. The country has only five billionaires as of 2018, and he is one of those people.

The majority of the wealth that Hussain Sajwani made came from hard work, and it all began with his dream of becoming rich. He wanted to study abroad when he was in college, so he decided to leave his family and live in Washington, USA to study. After he graduated from college, he went back to the United Arab Emirates and joined GASCO, serving as the company’s private contracts manager. However, he never liked the idea of being an employee and having his time controlled by the company, so he decided to quit and establish a business instead.

The first business that he established was a catering company. His clients were mainly American soldiers or the employees and engineers from Bechtel. Through perseverance and dedication, Hussain Sajwani managed to grow his catering business into a multi-million-dollar business. Still not contented with the amount of money that he makes, he decided to invest in the industry of real estate and property development. He founded the DAMAC Properties in 2002, and he would initiate construction projects all around the United Arab Emirates. As the DAMAC Properties gained popularity, more projects across the Middle East sprouted. The profit that he is making off the cafeteria and DAMAC Properties made it possible for him to earn his first billion, and he has extended his gratitude to all of the people who made this feat possible.

Read about DAMAC’s Terms of Use here.

The Oxford Club Helps Members Invest for Financial Freedom

The Oxford Club has developed investing strategies that can outperform the indexes while lowering the risk of one’s portfolio. These are well-founded ideas that have been successfully implemented by them for nearly three decades and they are continually refined and tweaked so that they remain cutting edge. Their simple mission is to help members consistently grow their portfolios with market-beating returns. They also have advanced strategies to protect wealth and minimize tax burdens which can crush the bottom line.

If membership to a private club of savvy investors is something that interests you a long look at The Oxford Club would be appropriate. They are global in scope with members in approximately 130 countries and there are more than 157,000 of them. The catalysts that they rely on involve networking with personal contacts and outstanding market research to identify early trends. Furthermore, they aren’t just a trading recommendation service as club members have access to their main building and they gather together in conferences as well.

There are three classifications of membership at The Oxford Club which begins with the Premier model. This is an annual subscription to one of their monthly newsletters which is full of expert market analysis and trade ideas. The Director’s Circle model is on a lifetime basis and this gives members full access to all three newsletters for comprehensive coverage of the investing world. Finally, the Chairman’s Circle is the highest level of membership and it provides lifetime access to all publications and special website features.

Investment U is the highly regarded educational resource that the Oxford Club provides its members and it is able to help them become financially literate in the quest for monetary independence. They offer excellent videos, online courses, and conferences that help members deepen their investing and trading skills.

The trading services that are offered by The Oxford Club are of particular interest as talented market professionals can really boost investing performance with their analytical skills and knowledge. A good example is their trading service that is focused on energy and replete with opportunities to prosper from that which every country needs to power modern economies.

Madison Street Capital Recognized for its Brilliant Performance in the Financial Service industry

Madison Street Capital, which was nominated for the 15th M&A Advisor Awards, has been announced as the finalist. M&A Advisor Awards is an honor awarded by M&A Advisor to recognize leading firms that triumph in the financial business. Madison Street Capital’s excellence has also been rewarded by it being nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison Street Capital’s managing director, Mr. Karl D’Cunha, participated in the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A by Dowco. If the high-profile nomination is anything to go by, D’ Cunha efforts paid off.

Acquisition of the Acuna and Asociados warranted Madison Street Capital for the award as it was an international trade. Madison Street Capital takes great pride in scooping all these awards, and the company owes this achievement to its employees who work across borders to ensure its clients are satisfied. In a nutshell, Madison Street Capital is the leading investment banking company across the globe.

Madison Street Capital’s business activities

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that provides financial advisory services, and its senior managing director is Mr. Karl D’Cunha. This private company based in Chicago, Illinois was established in 1998 and has been operational since then. Charles Botchway, who is still the chief executive officer, founded Madison Street Capital. According to Botchway, the idea of establishing Madison Street Capital was born from his desire to focus on offering M&A expertise and addressing the corporate financial needs of the middle market clients.

The company offers financial advisory services, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisition, buyout, and private placement advisory services. The company specializes in the provision of exceptional goodwill and valuation of intangible assets. Madison’s has a broad range of clientele which includes Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Bond Medial Group, Inc., and Fiber Science, Inc. Services offered by Madison Capital enable their clients to compete and flourish in the global market.

Madison Street Capital has succeeded in the banking industry; it was selected as the exclusive investment banker to the Pacific Shore Holdings. This company encourages new markets and views them as the core component that drives the global growth. Since 2001, Madison Street Capital has invested billions of dollars to support the middle market private equity. Partnering with the middle-market has enabled the company to navigate transactions to attain the best possible results. Madison Street Capital’s employees understand the needs of each client they handle, and they take time to analyze and understand their precise needs. Upon understanding their needs, they enable them to come up with an ideal match between sellers and buyers, by creating capitalization structures capable of optimizing the potential of each client. Madison Street Capital’s clients have tremendous confidence in the company due to its elevated level of professionalism.

Madison Street Capital is The Finalist of 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award

Founded in 1998, the M&A Advisor provides insights and intelligence on M&A activities. Every year they awarded companies in different categories for providing extraordinary service to the industry. For the year 2016, they have announced the finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award. Madison Street Capital was announced as one of the finalists in two different categories; Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. Learn more:

The M&A Advisor award is a prestigious recognition among the participants as the pioneer in the financial industry. To award a company, the selectors consider few parameters which include deal making expertise, financing, restructuring, contribution, and achievement in the industry. They are the leading organization to create a global network of M&A, Financial and Turnaround professionals. With this award, the honored company gets the recognition, and exposure as the leader of the industry.

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a globally operated investment banking firm which has prominence expertise in M&A, financial advisory services, and valuations. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. The organization works closely with both private and publicly governed companies to help in all financial areas including deal structuring, corporate finance, due diligence and market pricing, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, categorized financings, and the design and execution of substitute exit strategies.

One of their major services is Acquisition, and they have helped one of their clients Dowco to acquire another company. M&A Advisor praised the effective advisory role for helping Dowco to acquire a cross-country firm Acuna & Asociados S.A. The acquisition was led by the Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. This transaction was one of the achievements M&A Advisor took into account for awarding MSC as a finalist.

Madison Street Capital has prior experience, knowledge, and skill to understand the unique client situation for both owners and investors. In every transaction, Madison Street Capital creates opportunities and benefits for both buyers and sellers.

In a statement, the CEO and Founder, Charles Botchway told that they are very pleased to assist their longstanding client Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. He also stated that they feel honored to be nominated as the finalist of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. However, the two dealing companies were in a different time zone, but their dealmakers worked hard to make this fruitful for both of the companies for their substantial growth and success.

The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Karl D’Cunha also stated that it was one of the complex cross-country deals they have succeeded to accomplish. They feel very proud and grateful for this achievement.

The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award Gala will be held at New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

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