Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Acquisition

Securus Technologies announced in the past that they would be acquiring GovPayNet sometime in 2018. GovPayNet is a payment processing company that processes payments which are directed to government agencies. The company clarified that they are not working for the government. The executives at Securus Technologies thought that buying the company would make their stocks soar, and it can also increase the value of the company. The company wanted to draw more investors, which is why they are doing everything that they can to be noticed by international business people. The payment system from GovPayNet is one of the reasons why the company became an instant hit. According to Securus Technologies, they will be integrating the system to their own and see how well it would work out. A partnership between Securus Technologies and GovPayNet is one of the highlights of the corporate world this year.



GovPayNet was established in 1997, and a sheriff who found out that it is a hassle for his people to process their fees and fines thought of a brilliant idea. He asked for the assistance from several people who knows something about the computer and created a program that can process their payments. 20 years later the company became well known all throughout the United States, with more than 26% of the entire number of counties in the country using it.



More than 40 million payment are planned to be processed every year now that GovPayNet is under the ownership of Securus Technologies. The payment processing company is looking forward to a lot of changes now that they are under the ownership of the leading telecommunications company in the United States. Securus Technologies is a proud partner of more than 3,000 correctional facilities in North America, and they are planning to integrate the payment system for the convenience of their clients.



Securus Technologies Fosters Better Business from Positive Client Reviews

Securus Technologies is a technology solutions company that offers technology solutions to the correctional space across a wide range of state and federal prison environments in the United States. Because the company has grown as a result of their drive for better business, they are now covering some parts of North American including Canada and the European Union. Securus Technologies is considered as the only technology company that strives to achieve better business through listening to their client recommendation so that they develop a cocktail solution that meets specific clients’ needs. While they also develop business forms that achieve industrial growth, their main aim is to achieve correction for the correctional spaces that need the technology solutions.

Securus Technologies is the only technology solution company that stands at the forefront of the industry in the provision of technology solutions that are geared towards solving the business needs of most of their clients. Securus Technologies is also respected for the development solutions that achieve cocktail technology provisions in the industry. The commitment of Securus Technologies is seen when they fight towards revolutionizing the experience in the correctional space in the United States. This means that they are devoted to helping correctional facilities to improve criminal justice solutions as well as public safety using the technology issued by the company.

Rick Smith, the CEO and President of Securus Technologies Company based in Dallas, has said that the company is pleased to announce that it has received a wide range of positive reviews from clients in the incarceration space. The company is also pleased to announce to you that most of these positive reviews are about making a better business grow to achieve the industry’s commercial needs in the industry. For those seeking better business, they have no option other than striving to develop incapacitated business solutions in the world of business like Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Is A Revolutionary Crime Fighting Entity

Securus Technologies is a leading domestic and international provider of criminal justice technology solutions to civil and correctional facilities throughout North America. It is lauded by its clientele for its commitment to excellence. They provide comprehensive integrated communications, tracking, and information management products and services are specifically designed to meet the critical needs of each and every customer. According to Richard A. Smith the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, they have received thousands of commendation letters and emails referencing the benefits of utilizing their proprietary technology systems.


Customers attest that Securus Technologies is the “go to” provider of criminal justice technology solutions. Correctional facilities and law enforcement entities state implementing the carefully assessed and developed technology systems provided by Securus Technologies has enabled them to maintain a high-level of efficiency in daily facility operations and improve crime solving abilities. They are pleased with the extra measure of safety provided via the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of inmate communications and activities. Customers greatly appreciate the specialized information management software capabilities that have enabled them to implement proactive measures to prevent crimes such as diminishing contraband entering their facilities. Law enforcement entities appreciate the ability to launch more-timely investigations and obtain critical data needed to solve crimes.


About Securus Technologies

For over three decades Securus Technologies has consistently provided innovative technology solutions to public safety agencies, law enforcement entities, and corrections facilities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas along with its Technology Center it has regional offices located in the cities of Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies currently provides services for more than 3,450 different domestic and international criminal justice entities throughout the continent of North America.


Securus Technologies Giving Inmates and their Families a Special Christmas

I watched a video that brought me to tears. Anyone’s heart would warm up at the sight of a little boy talking to his father, who is in prison during the Christmas season. Through this video, I finally got the assurance that the law and justice system is compassionate about inmates and their families. Don’t you just love this?


All this is an initiative by a technology company called Securus, which is focusing on bettering the prison visit systems. The frustrating extended periods of time spent on the waiting bays and the huge gas expenses are just some of the things that the families of inmates will no longer face. In most cases, an inmate who is serving prison time does not do this in their hometown, and some are locked up far away from their state. You can, therefore, imagine the hassle that their loved ones go through when going to see them.


Securus has provided the opportunity for inmates to connect with their family members in a relaxed and hassle-free manner. I feel that this technology is a huge leap from the tradition communication systems in prisons. The previous system is just a simple payphone, which is not only expensive, but it also does not transmit sound clearly.


With the video visitation technology by Securus, family members get to ‘visit’ their loved ones who are in prison from the comfort of their home. I love the excellence of this service especially for inmates who have elderly parents or small children, for whom traveling proves to be a hassle. Besides, the technology comes in handy for families who do not have a private means of transport. You no longer have to make plans for those tiresome prison trips. Isn’t this a beautiful thing?


The video technology offered by Securus has gone a long way in revolutionizing the telecommunication systems in prisons. The rates for a video call are reasonable, and the inmate’s family caters for the cost. You will no longer hear an annoying operator as in the traditional system telling you that your time is up. In the Securus’ video technology, you get to talk to your loved one for as long as you wish. Also, you can clearly see each other, and there are no issues of weak voice projection.

Only plan a visit at the Onsite Video Visitation and save yourself the hassle of the long prison lines.

Securus Technologies on how GTL tried to gain unfair advantage

In every business sector, there are always crooked players that try to use underhand methods to get an unfair advantage over their rivals. However, there are honest companies that try to expose such misconducts. Securus Technologies recently released a report that depicts misconduct of its competitor company GTL. GTL has engaged in various malpractices and has gained an unfair advantage over its rivals. Securus Technologies released a press release concerning the information in the PR News website. The whole press release highlights how far GTL has gone to steal its customer cash.



In the press release, Securus Technologies CEO stated that GTL has always gone to incorporate unethical practices to get ahead in the industry. The communication body set rules that were to regulate the industry. However, GTL disrespected those standards and flouted them. To GTL, making money is the central focus of their business. It wants to gain advantage over its rivals, even if it means engaging in unethical activities.


Securus Technologies, on the other hand, is a reliable company that values integrity and customer service above everything else. The company offers its services to more than 3500 law enforcement and prison agencies throughout the North America region. More than one million inmates have benefited from the excellent services provided by the company. Securus America always strives to provide the best services to its clients. It does this through seamless connection. The nature of services by the firm are based on inmate monitoring and information management services.


The quality of integrity as shown by Securus has seen the company increase its profits in the past. Securus Technologies has grown to become one of the largest firms in the inmate communications field. The company stands true to its motto of Connecting What Matters. The recent acquisition of JPay means that it will offer better services. Securus is always dedicated to providing unmatched services to clients and customers.

Kids Talk To Parents On Securus

I tell all my clients to have their kids talk to the parents on Securus because it is a video call system. The video call system lets people see the parents on the other end, and it gives parents a chance to get their kids on the line. Parents can miss a lot if they are not able to see their kids, and it makes life easier for these families to stay together. There is no way to know how long these people will be in jail, but talking to the kids over Securus helps.


 There are many people who are benefiting from Securus, and I have found out how easy it is to use it because I have a Securus account to use for my clients. The clients that I talk to use Securus because it helps them be sure that they can stay in touch, and I especially want to see that the kids have gotten a chance to talk to their parents. That is why they need to keep using this platform because it is so simple. These very good video calls that let the kids see everything, and the sound quality is much easier to hear.


I have been using Securus for a while, and I also have been teaching families how to use it in my office. I have helped them sign up pretty easily, and I have gotten them on the phone with the video in my office before. We can teach them how to use Securus, and we can teach them that Securus is the best thing for them as parents and kids. The kids get to see their parents, and the families can use Securus to keep them all together. I think this is so much better than forcing kids to visit jails.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.