Andy Wirth Wants To Help Preserve Skiing Fun At His Resorts

Skiing has been a popular pastime since nearly the start of time. Art shows skiers strapping boards to their feet and going across ice and snow for thousands of years. Today, people everywhere still enjoy skiing during the winter. This is something that ski enthusiast and businessman Andy Wirth fully knows. He is the Chief Operating Officer of the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort. Under his leadership, the area has become one in which skiers find wonderfully easy to be in and to spend as much time on the slopes as possible. With his leadership skills, the area continues to be transformed and updated in new and delightful ways. His latest project is one that will help skiers get even more time on the slopes than ever before.

A Gondola Project

During a recent announcement, officials in the area and those who love to ski were pleased to learn that Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has brand new and highly anticipated plans to build a state of the art gondola that will help connect the Squaw Valley resort to the Alpine Meadows resort. The planned base-to-base gondola is going to be operated in three separate parts, each with a specific area. The gondola will start operating and bringing in passengers at the very bottom of the Squaw Valley resort.

Connecting Two Places

Once passengers leave the Squaw Valley area, they will be whisked directly up and right over a ridge that lies between both of the mountains. This will enable the visitor to get over the Square Valley area and then get set down right at the bottom of the Alpine Meadows resort. This means that the skier need not worry about getting from one resort to the next with a car. Wirth, an avid skier who loves the outdoors, knows that he can help his visitors see as much of the area as they can when they are visiting here. He also knows that this plan will enable all skiers to spend far less time on the road and more time rushing down the region’s glorious mountains.