Neurocore is a company specializing in neurofeedback, or training the brain as a means to improve thought processes, clarity, and focus. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, the brain performance center uses applied neuroscience to inspire customized solutions for children and adults. Neurocore uses neurofeedback, isolating and eliminating imbalances in the brain’s electrical activity.

Using reward-based training, Neurocore helps people use their brain to learn better habits and create stronger neural pathways. To discover how the brain can improve at any age, and how the brain functioning at the highest level can make a person feel better, Neurocore offers lunch and learn sessions. During these casual, educational meetings, the public can learn how Neurocore is leading the field of neurofeedback and finding alternative resolutions to people with ADHD, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep. Neurocore is there to assist people who are simply looking to think better and with more clarity.

Neurocore focuses on brain performance issues in ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, memory, as well as migraines, sleep deprivation, and stress management. Their innovative method utilizes brain assessment and personalized brain training to discover the electrical activity inside the brain. Centers such as the one located in Boca Raton; build the profile for the participant through the following methods: Electroencephalogram, heart rate variability, integrated visual and auditory continuous performance testing as well as a behavioral checklist that helps identify key indicators of opportunities for treatment.

At the Brain Performance Center in Boca Raton, Neurocore makes the most out of neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions to see how the brain can change in its neuroplasticity. Using this session, the participant learns to breathe slower and deeper, improving the function of the brain and the heart. The tools used by Neurocore show success in treating a wide array of issues affecting participants in a noninvasive, drug-free method.

What You Should Know About Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Born in Tanzania in the year 1950 Shafik Sachedina studied dental surgery at the, University of London. He is currently based at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan in France. He holds a British national and lives in England. Shafik Sachedina is involved in up to four institutions which include the Sussex Health Care Limited and the Horsham Clinic Limited.

Shafik Sachedina has a broad experience as a dental surgeon after having practiced medicine in England for a long time. The Sussex Health Care institution offers care services to the elderly persons in society. He is in charge of coordinating the activities of the company institutions found in over sixteen locations. Shafik Sachedina interest in entrepreneurship and healthcare industry grew as he spent more time in England. He is also famous for his strong connection with the Ismaili communities and he has done a remarkable and beneficial voluntary work.

About Sussex Health Care

The company has been providing health care and support services for the past twenty-five years. Sussex Health Care has a team of highly qualified medical practitioners who offer the best quality services depending on the need of the patients. The organization also benefited greatly from the qualified healthcare individuals who graduated from the University of Chichester.

These professionals have offered a helping hand to Sussex Healthcare to benefit future generations with their programs. The Healthcare institutional motivates its employees by awarding individuals with a diploma from the University of Chichester who had successfully managed to complete the level five categories in their professional practice.

The main objective of the program is to enable those individuals who have successfully completed their internships by the Sussex Health Care organization to pursue higher education training. The interns are allowed to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Arts. The interns were attending education seminars held on a monthly basis while studying for the diploma.

The seminars were very important as they enabled the students to learn on their own. The Health Care Company also encourages its clients to engage themselves in an active and healthy lifestyle, such as swimming and exercising.

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The Athletes That Support Herbalife and Other Pertinent Information People Have Yet To Know

There may already be a lot of selections that people can choose from in the field of nutrition supplements. Most supplements offer all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Some are more specialized and specific. Some are used by popular athletes themselves. One of these more popular, more supported and more robust health and nutrition supplements in the market today is Herbalife. In fact, Herbalife has been so consistent in the value it offers in the realm of health that many athletes have already put their trust in the brand or company.

One of the immensely successful athletes today that vouch for the incontestable value of Herbalife is the extreme athlete and photographer, Sebastian Copeland. He’s the man behind all those wonderful, cool winter photos in the Polar regions. He’s also an environmentalist, an activist for animal and nature rights, and the man with the inner drive and dream to always focus on nutrition. In an interview conducted with him, it is shown that Herbalife products have been an important part of his daily nutrition. It would probably be because of the supplements that he was able to achieve his most difficult expeditions, most challenging tours and most industrious research works in the northernmost Canadian arctic.


About Herbalife

It can be said here that Herba. as a company has already experienced a lot of landmark or monumental success. For starters, it has already established itself to be a global business. It has stayed competitive in the multi-level marketing sector, introducing products to the market that have given value to their users. Herba.’s personal-care products, sports nutrition, and weight management supplements have been so successful so far that they have already tapped important markets in the global industry. In fact, in 2016, there’s already about US$4.488 billion net profit in the company and this may well have been because of how the company has pushed itself to its limits and expanded its influence in all the available markets.


It may very well be worth mentioning here that the remarkable commercial performance of Herba. today may have to do with how its CEO Rich Goudis has led the company to its heights. His leadership is also a contributor to the fact that the total assets of Herba. today would be about US$2.57 billion already, with a total equity of about US$ 468 million, as of 2016.

Jim Toner Experienced Fertility Doctor with High Success Rate

It is not only a reason to be depressed and sad, but also feel embarrassed when you are not able to conceive. There are many people out there who are trying hard to conceive for years but in vain. For most couples, conceiving is not a problem, but many couples have to face numerous complications during their journey to start a family. There are many reasons that can affect your health and eventually, your fertility. If you are working in a factory that exposes you to harmful chemicals for long, if you smoke or drink a lot, if you are not able to get proper sleep or proper nutrition, and maybe you are under tremendous stress. All these factors can affect your fertility negatively and in the long-run can make you impotent as well, which would make it difficult or in some cases, even impossible to conceive naturally. The sperm count is checked by the fertility expert in such cases along with some other tests to determine what exactly is causing a problem for you.

If you are in Atlanta and want to meet an infertility expert to consult about your fertility issues, one of the most preferred choices is Dr. Jim Toner. With over three decades of experience in the business, he is one of the most sought-after fertility experts in Atlanta and practices at the reputed Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine that he joined in 2000. Before joining the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, he was affiliated to the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, where he even completed his residency program under the founder of the institute, Howard Jones. The techniques used and followed by Jim Toner are modern, safe and effective. The success rate of Dr. Toner is amongst the highest in the industry, and it is for this reason, patients from across the country flock in to see him. He helps make a difference to this difficult journey that couples make.

The treatment of Jim Toner is holistic as well as comprehensive in nature and helps the patients to get an overview of the problem they are facing while supporting them with the problem at hand as well as mentally and emotionally. As he is an expert in psychology as well, Jim Toner understands the mental agony and sadness that the patients might be going through and helps them calm down and ease into the treatment. It helps in getting better results with the medical treatment being provided as well. No one wants to work with a doctor who is not genuine and honest. Jim Toner is someone who is friendly, and his patients can talk to him about all of their concerns without feeling stupid or being judged.

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Jim Toner Making an Impact with His Impressive Fertility Treatment

For many couples, conceiving can be a problem as one of the partners might be having infertility issue that needs to be addressed. There are many different types of medical treatments that are available these days for couples to help improve their fertility so that they can conceive with ease. It is always suggested that the couples who are planning to start a family, do so when they are in their early or late 20s. The age factor plays an important role as there are many hormonal changes that take place in the body after we cross the age of thirty. Some of these changes along with many other factors like environment, stress, eating habits, lifestyle habits, and so on, collectively can lead to fertility issues.

Dr. Jim Toner is amongst the most highly qualified and experienced infertility experts in the United States, currently practicing in Atlanta. Jim Toner did his graduation in psychology from the St. Joseph College in Philadelphia and went on to do MD and Ph.D. from the highly reputed University of Pennsylvania. Jim Toner is a board certified IVF specialist, and thus, the patients can be sure of getting reliable treatment from him. Many of his patients have left positive reviews for him that can be found online. One of the reasons why he has been able to get the trust of many his patients is because he has won numerous awards over the years, which speaks volumes about his treatment and the success rate he has achieved over the years. Some of the awards that Jim Toner has received include the Resident of the Year Award as well as the famous Ciba Geigy Award. He has also been inducted in the highly respected Alpha Omega Alpha Program.

Jim Toner understands how the couple must be feeling before and during the course of treatment and thus, helps soothe them emotionally as well by providing them clarity in understanding how the treatment will work and what are the chances of being able to conceive. Jim Toner currently practices in Atlanta at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Studies, where he is visited by hundreds of patients every week. Patients of Jim Toner say that he is caring and sensitive in nature that makes him easy to be comfortable with immediately. In most of the reviews that patients leave for Jim Toner, they have mentioned that Jim Toner is a good listener and is patient enough to listen to their problems thoroughly before designing a treatment course.

Jim Toner has an impressive credential and works history making him famous in the area. He has also spent years studying and researching on the best treatment so that he can provide the best possible result.

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Penelope Kokkinides Is The Health Champion For Puerto Rico

It is difficult to find a woman that is dedicated, hardworking and humble as Penelope Kokkinides. She has worked her way to the top of the medical industry through determination and a principle of caring for the people around her. Teamwork and leadership according to a recent interview are what makes her successful.

Penelope is a graduate of Binghamton University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and languages. She went on to pursue the fountain of knowledge at New York University where she received a masters in social work. Penelope Kokkinides also undertook a postmasters programme in alcohol and substance abuse. Her thirst for knowledge was not quenched at this point as she went to receive a masters in public health from Columbia University School of Public health. Education is one of the things that have catapulted her to being a medical industry leader over the year.

Kokkinides has over 20 years experience in the medical industry. After completing her degree in social works, she joined United Healthcare where she worked her way up to be the Vice president of Disease Management and Control. Penelope was the Vice president of Americhoice a subsidiary of United Healthcare when she decided to join Aveta .inc. She worked as the Vice president of Clinical operations until she left in 2008 to join Touchstone as the Chief Operations Officer.

It was not until one year later that Penelope Kokkinides decided she wanted to be the Chief Operations Officer of Innovacare Health Services. She continued working tirelessly in this for 5 years until on the January of 2014, she left to Centre light Health System as an Executive Vice President and a Chief Operations Officer. However, it took only six months to go back to where her heart was. Penelope joined Innovacare health as the Chief Administration Officer. This is the position she currently holds since June 2015.

Penelope Kokkinides role in the medical industry saw her invited to the White House by President Trump. The meeting that was intended to discuss issues to do with Women in Healthcare, gave Penelope a chance to request what was in her heart. She asked CMS administrator Seema to consider increasing the for Medicare Advantage for the Puerto Ricans. She felt that the cuts were unfair to the people of Puerto Rico and fiscally it did not make sense. Her plea was considered by Seema Verma and the adjustments were positive in nature to the advantage of the Puerto Ricans.


Jim Toner Spends Time Helping Fertility Patients

Jim Toner started working as a fertility doctor because he knew how to help people. He wants all his patients to realize he has solutions that help them achieve their goals of starting a family. He also spends a lot of time trying to give people the chance they need to make their health better, so they can give them what they need. It’s a good opportunity that he has, and it allows people to get more from everything he has to offer. He spends a lot of time trying to show people how things will get better and how things will keep changing for everyone he works with. There are options people have and options people can use to make things better on themselves. As long as Jim Toner knows how to help people, he feels good about the things he can use and the things that make him better at everything he does.

For years, Jim Toner learned about different treatments. He knew about the treatments that would help people and the things that would make them get better. He also knew the treatments would change based on what people were looking for. He also knew the treatments would keep getting better so everyone had a chance at fertility. If Jim Toner continues using new options and things that help other people, he knows what will keep happening and what will make a difference for everyone who works in the same industry.

There are times when Jim Toner makes sure he’s helping people. He also tries giving them the things that will change their lives. It’s his goal of helping that allows him to keep working hard and keep giving back no matter what. While Jim Toner spends time learning about treatments, he also works on perfecting the old treatments he has available. There are times when Jim Toner knows what to expect from the things people do and the things he has to offer. It’s his goal of giving them the best fertility options that allow him to keep giving people all the things they need on their own.

While Jim Toner spends time doing all this and makes sure he knows as much as possible about fertility, he also tries making sure he works with the actual patients. He wants them to see they have a chance at a better life and a chance to see different things that people do on their own. Between the hard work he puts into research and his dedication to excellent bedside manner, Jim Toner knows just what people need. He likes being the best fertility doctor and that helps him make things easier for all the patients he works with. Find out more info about Dr. Toner by visiting his profile.

An Overview of Competent Leaders who are Promoting InnovaCare Health’s Consistent Expansion

InnovaCare Health is the top health service provider in Latin America. Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as the chief executive, is responsible for operational activities of the firm. The second executive officer in command is Penelope Kokkinides. Other officers include Douglas Malton, Jonathan Meyers, Christopher Joyce, and Martin Sortino.

Dr. Richard Shinto: president of InnovaCare Health

Dr. Richard Shinto also known as Rick has been serving as the chief executive of InnovaCare Health since 2008. He obtained his first and second degree from University of California and University of New York respectively. Dr. Rick Shinto has authored various papers and articles on clinical medicine and healthcare management. He has over two decades of work experience working in the management of health.

Dr. Shinto began his career in Southern California as an intern. Shinto has served in various executive positions for a number of companies. Among the firms he has worked for include Aveta Inc., NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto has also served as the vice president of Medical Management for MedPartners. This extensive work experience is what makes him the top CEO in North America. In 2014, Dr.Shinto won the Access to Care Award issued to him at the Western University of Health. Rick Shinto won this high-profile award upon excelling in making health service available to the disadvantaged groups.

Penelope Kokkinides: CAO of InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is the current InnovaCare’s chief administrative officer. Kokkinides obtained her first degree from Binghamton University. She then studied masters in social work at New York State University and later master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Kokkinides also has a master’s degree in Public Health.

Kokkinides first job was at Centerlight HealthCare. In this company, she served in the role of an executive vice president and managed the company’s day-to-day activities on She later held other jobs as vice president of AmeriChoice and COO of Touchstone Health.

A look at InnovaCare Health: the leading health service provider

InnovaCare Health is a private Medicare company based in North America. The company was previously known as Aveta, but after it was sold in 2008, it changed its name to InnovaCare Health. The Company pioneers in health, wellness, and fitness, and provides services such as Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage plans on The company strives to provide better healthcare services for its patients who happen to be its priority. The company has over 5000 employees who are mandated to serve its clients efficiently.