Paul Mampilly Transitions From Wall Street To The Publishing Industry

Paul Mampilly is well into his second career which uses the knowledge and skills he developed in his first one. He was a very successful portfolio manager on Wall Street but decided to leave that rat race and do something else. He’s now in the publishing industry and offers expert investing advice for small investors in his newsletter Profits Unlimited.He says that this platform allows him to spread his knowledge about investing to a much bigger audience than being on Wall Street. His investment newsletter, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, is based on the idea of spreading the wealth around rather than having it concentrated in the hands of the wealthiest 1%.

His life started in rural India. Paul Mampilly says his family moved to Dubai when he was a child in order to have a better life. When they moved to Dubai that city had not long before discovered oil under the sand so the economy was booming.Along with his sister, Paul Mampilly was able to get a great education that his parents were able to financially help with. He studied at Montclair State University and graduated in 1991, earning a degree in business administration. Later on, once his career on Wall Street was going great, he got an MBA at the Gabelli School of Business on the campus of Fordham University.He started out as an assistant portfolio manager and this experience gave him the knowledge he needed to become a portfolio manager a few years later.

He also worked as a research assistant and as a senior research analyst. He was recruited by a number of financial companies and ended up at Kinetics Asset Management. At this firm, he managed a hedge fund with $25 billion in assets under management.During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly was one of the earliest investors in a few companies that are now major firms. These are Netflix, Facebook, and Whole Foods. He also an early investor in Sarepta Therapeutics which ended up developing muscular dystrophy treatments. Additionally, he took part in Google’s initial public offering which many other investors were pretty down on at the time.

Matthew Autterson Offers Excellent Advice On Financial Management

When it comes to executing excellent financial services across different sectors, Matthew Autterson has shown his prowess. The successful business professional has approximately twenty-five years experience in financial services industry. He is fondly remembered as an executive leader in different financial institutions. Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan State University. He majored in finance and graduated in 1980. Being visionary, he joined the Denver University Graduate Tax School to advance his studies. That marked the commencement of his career as a financial services employee. Matthew gained his first-hand career experience from First Trust Corporation. This is an affiliate of Fiserv.


In 1982, Matthew left Fiserv to join Integrated Resources, a smaller team of the state chartered company. This firm was also known for its exemplary performance in offering financial services. Following his extensive experiences in various firms, Matthew landed an executive position at Resources Trust Company. He stayed long enough to see the company being acquired by the Broad Inc. The company vastly changed names to SunAmerica. Being a leader in the society of business, Matthew has overseen multiple business acquisitions from different companies. In 2001, Fiserv acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG. Initially, Resources Trade Company was known as a leading state chartered company.


As an investment manager, Matthew has contributed to the growth of many businesses in the form of assets, shares, bonds, real estate, commodities as well as different securities. His main goal has been meeting the investors’ objectives. As an advisor, Matthew is bent on offering valid and proven advice to clients who are interested in investing. From individuals to institutions, Matthew works with insurance companies, educational establishments, and corporations. Matthew is trusted to offer a varied selection of assets bordering financial statement analysis, implementation of plans as well as stock selection. As a manager, he is responsible for working on the investor’s assets by allocating funds to different investment assets.


As a prominent investment manager, Matthew has made a name for himself by creating a diversified portfolio of clients. Matthew is a leading wealth advisor. He works at a firm called the WIN Wealth Management. He is in charge of offering consultation services on not only investment but also strategies based on financial goals. Matthew assists clients in identifying the risks involved in asset management by profiling them. To him, it is vital to remain relevant as well as disciplined during marketing waves. With a license from life insurance, he is in charge of consultation.