Igor Cornelsen: Leading the Way in Investment

Who is Igor Cornelsen you ask? He is only one of the best Brazilian investors there is. He is headstrong, educated, and extremely wise. He has given investment advice to many who are unsure of the business and what it entails. His advice has become well sought after. Igor Cornelsen first began working at an investment bank in the year 1970 after attending college and switching from studying engineering to studying economics. He was extremely good at math and this was a tremendous asset for employers. He worked at this investment bank for a few year before moving on to a different bank that also offered him a job as an investment banker.

It was located in Rio. This was ultimately where he made his name. He became the Chief Executive Officer and among other honors, was also promoted to the Board of Directors. Igor continued earning a reputation with his background in economics and his drive and work ethic showed in everything he set out to do. He accomplished many things before moving on to pursue other opportunities in the year 1978. He took with him experience in working as a manager and that helped him when applying to join another investment firm in Brazil, which just happened to be one of the top firms in Brazil.

He was hired and was able to accomplish many more things with their company before again moving on to Libra Bank. He worked here a few more years and then went on to work with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. You can imagine by this time how his reputation as an investment banker was highly established and his name was starting to be known at whatever firm he applied to. He had succeeded in all avenues of his life and he knew it. He took great pride and enjoyed the work and life he led. It was in the year 1995, Igor was able to start his own investment firm, which he still manages today. He is extremely gifted in money and investing, making him the ideal person to come to for advice. Whoever is lucky enough to get to know him will have a world of knowledge at their fingertips.