Party Planning for Everyone

Lauren Conrad makes party planning look easy in this Redbook article. She has combined style with fun where anyone would love to be invited to attend her casual and laid-back parties. It does take some planning and it seems as though Lauren has a knack for it.

If you don’t have the knack for party planning or if you are just too busy, then Twenty Three Layers is just the company for the job. Event planning an take work and time, and planning a party in New York might seem a little intimidating, but Twenty Three Layers is here to help you. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning and design firm who can help you plan your event whether it’s something very small and quaint to large corporate parties. They place close attention to detail in all of their events and have a demand for perfection that will positively impress all of their clients, big or small. Do you need help with the one of the most important days of your life, your wedding? They are a seasoned design firm who can help you plan every little detail and make that wonderful day into a magical experience.

Are you planning a big charitable event and really don’t know where to start? Twenty Three Layers can take the load of stress off your shoulders so you can focus on what is important, your charity. Twenty Three Layers offers venue selection, catering, production, entertainment, photography, lighting, and many more services available for you. They offer a cohesive creativity and no detail goes unnoticed. Their goal is to create unforgettable events and experiences.

There is no need to be overwhelmed as Twenty Three Layers can remove all the guessing and anxiety and stress and make it a fun experience. Their planning process is detailed and they realize that communication is key in planning the event you dreamed it to be. They can create a fun, elegant and engaging atmosphere so all of your guests have a pleasant experience. While they are based in New York, they also do events around the country and worldwide.

Teddy’s Barnyard Birthday

Jessica Boskoff, who works for the event planning company in NYC called Twenty Three Layers, recently released some photos from her son, Teddy’s, first birthday party. It might win an award from for most delicious and coordinated dessert table.

The party was a barnyard theme that could be used for both boys and girls. Some of the decorations included things like mason jar cups, a red and white, plaid tablecloth, a barn book warped in twine for each child and baskets of apples as center pieces. Food included an apple shaped cookie in a small woven basket, and various desserts set up in wagons and fruit boxes filled with hay, some in the shape of barnyard animals. The high chair for the birthday boy was draped in bandanas with the word ‘one’ across the front on colorful paper. The shape of the cake was also a barn surrounded by various animals. Even the family was dressed in red, plaid colors.

Based in New York City, Twenty There Layers offers top of the line event planning and designing. They tailor their events to reflect the latest trends and fashions to create a memorable event for any occasion. They offer anything you could possibly want for an event such as lighting, photography, catering and gifting in addition to the designing.

Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO of the Twenty Three Layers company. Before starting her business in 2012 though, she worked for other design and concierge firms using her gift in design giving her more than ten years of experience. She pulled all of her gifts and knowledge together to form her own company and is now known as a trendsetter in the event planning sector.

Jessica gets her inspiration from everywhere she goes, as she loves to travel. She makes sure no two events are ever alike and each one is tailored to each clients unique style, personality and budget. Some past clients include Anthropologie, West Elm, and Ethan Allen.

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Introduction To Event Planning

Initial Considerations When Planning Events

There is often a great deal of information and variables to consider when you are planning an event. You will want to consider why the event is happening, for instance. Having a clear goal will make the entire planning process easier, and it will help get everyone involved in an organized fashion. You will often want to set up clear roles for different members in your party. This helps keep people focused, and people will have an easier time planning the event if they know they have a personal goal to accomplish.

There are plenty of resources out there that will help you in the event planning process.

Having A Checklist To Stay Organized

In order to stay organized during your event planning process, you will do best to have an event checklist. The checklist should consist of the main variables that are required in order to have your event happen successfully. You can even break down each category into subcategories in order to help refine the entire process. This also makes it easier when you have roles for people involved in the event planning process. Your event checklist should have things on it that are important and necessary to putting on a successful event. These variables will change depending on what type of event you are interested in putting on. Learn from event planning companies in NYC

If you are planning on having a band or musical performance at your event, then you should plan to have the equipment provided unless the band is bringing their own equipment. You should have a back up PA system if the band is bringing their own equipment because technical problems often arise. The key to putting on a successful event is planning for the worst case scenario. In this example, you will likely still have a successful event even if the band’s PA system fails because you have your own equipment.

Other examples of items to put on your event checklist are: securing a venue, inviting guests and marketing outreach. There are plenty of important variables involved in event planning.