ClassDojo Transforming The Learning Experience For All Involved

The ClassDojo communication application is currently in use in over 2 thirds of the United States in all different schools, public, charter and private. It can be found in over 90 percent of school districts. On a global scale it can be found in over 180 countries and many different languages.

Lindsay McKinley who is the head of communications at ClassDojo told reporters that during the last back to school timeframe more than 500 000 users downloaded the application on a daily basis. This number is staggering and is larger than some of the mobile big shots such as Tinder and Yelp according to her estimates.

In the later part of 2015 the ClassDojo team raised a total of $21 million in venture capital during a Series B round of venture funding. This estimate was according to TechCrunch. In 2013 during its first institutional funding it only managed to raise a total of $8.5 million and in 2013 only $1.6 million in seed funding. These numbers were according to the company VentureBeat.

The core fundamental focus of the application is to create a community between the 3 groups of people, the teachers, the students and the parents. Private classroom groups can be established by the teachers and then different media can be uploaded to the groups for parents to view as well as like. This has not been possible prior to the invention of the application. Parents would simply drop their child at school and see them once they returned home. All they know of the learning experience of their child is the news shared at the dinner table. This is no longer necessary as parents can join in on the learning experience through the tap of a mobile screen.

Positive learning experiences as well as learning difficulties can be immediately addressed through the application and teachers no longer have to wait for a once a semester parent teacher meeting in order to address behavioral or work related issues. All can be done through the application. Teachers can snap an image of work being done by the child during school hours and shared with the specific parent of that child on the platform. The application creates an environment of collaboration, support and removes barriers that were in place prior to the communication innovation. Sam Chaudhary promises users more in future.


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