Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: A Call to Support DACA

The migrant communities in the United States are facing a lot of challenges during the administration of President Donald J. Trump. One of the most recent issues surrounding the migrants is the proposal of several Republicans to stop the DACA program. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, more commonly known as the DACA program, is a law signed by the former chief executive, Barack Obama. He wanted to give the undocumented children a chance to work and study in the United States. Children who are under 16 years old when they first entered the United States without any legal documents could apply for the DACA program. It became their protection against deportation, and they were also granted with several privileges including social security numbers and driver’s license, among others.

Today, more than 800,000 people are known benefits of the program. They have been contributing a lot to the United States, including its talent pool and economy. They are also excelling in their chosen careers, and the planned scrapping of the program would result in a big blow to the United States economy. Groups who are rallying behind the rights of the migrants are asking the president to reconsider the proposal, and reject it. They claimed that the productive 800,000 individuals under the DACA program do not deserve to be deported. Instead, what the government can do regarding their status is to give them American citizenship since they have already lived and worked in the United States for some time.

Those who oppose the DACA Program, however, are claiming different facts. Ken Paxton, who is the mind behind the proposal, says that the DACA beneficiaries are becoming a burden for most Americans, and they have to be deported because they have been living off the taxes of the citizens. He is the Attorney General of Texas, and along with several other Republicans, he expects the president to repeal the program. He also threatened President Donald J. Trump that if he did not grant their request of stopping the DACA program, he would have to face legal actions against him. The president is still silent about the issue, and his secretaries have stated that they would look carefully into the matter.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are strong supporters of migrants rights, have been saying that scrapping off the DACA program is a bad idea for the migrant community and the American community. DACA beneficiaries have been productive ever since they were given a chance to work and study in the United States, and if the government continued their plan to deport them, massive protests would take place. The two migrants rights activists are known all throughout the country because of their contributions to the aiding of undocumented migrants who just wanted to live and work in the United States, and they are helping these people through the use of their private fund called the Frontera Fund, which has a $3.75 million funding. They are calling out the migrant community to oppose the planned proposal, and do their best to protect the DACA beneficiaries.