Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Reach Rare Unicorn Status For Chicago Tech Companies

Tempus is a technology company that is based in Chicago that utilizes big data analytics to gather and provide an analysis of cancer patient information to provide physicians useful tools that help them to tailor their treatment protocols to specific patients.

The company’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eric Lefkofsky, began the project in 2015 and has exploded with growth, reaching many important milestones in its brief existence.

Tempus has been identified as a top 10 tech company in Chicago and back in March secured venture capital funding in the amount of $80 million. This funding served to increase the value of the company to $1.1 billion. This has propelled Tempus to unicorn status, the industry nickname for a company that is both privately held and possesses a value of more than $1 billion. There are only five other unicorns operating in tech industry in the city of Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky explains that Tempus partners with organizations and individuals throughout all areas of the healthcare industry. This includes doctors and pharmaceutical companies that are interested in making use of big data to affect a positive change in the treatment of cancer patients. The company has also worked with many hospitals, universities, and cancer institutes in America.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that has made a great impact in his native Chicago and the nation as a whole. He and wife Liz have joined efforts to become co-founders of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that supports initiatives that have a positive impact on the communities they serve. The couple has also taken part in the Giving Pledge initiative since 2013.

Eric Lefkofksy is also a published author and works at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor.

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