Michael Hagele: Master of Technology

Michael Hagele has dabbled in numerous fields prior to settling into the niche of legal affairs and counseling for technology-focused companies. Over the years, Michael has proven himself to have a vast knowledge of the intricacies surrounding patents, legal contracts, and more. His services have proven to be a great asset for the companies that choose to partner with his firms. However, in contrast to the larger firms, Michael believes that his smaller firms provide greater quality services. Michael Hagele’s interest in technology does not stop with his law firms.

In addition to Hagele’s entrepreneur ways, he is also an investor in several technology companies. Michael has a particularly strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. According to Mr. Hagele, artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with countless opportunities in fields such as science. Specifically, Michael claims that he is fascinated with AI’s roles in the field of genetics and biology. Michael’s passion for technology is only one faucet for his success.

Michael asserts that his success can be attributed to his concentration on the needs of his clients. When asked about his daily routine he insists that morning, day, and evening are spent working with his team to provide better services and solutions for the companies working with his firms. According to Hagele, his day begins by contacting his clients to discuss contracts and issues that need to be resolved. Hagele then went on to answer that about midday he takes a break and retreats to the mountains to go for a walk or to enjoy mountain biking. This allows for his creative juices to flow and for him to come to better resolutions for his clients.

In summary, Michael Hagele has an incredibly successful business revolving around laws and legal issues associated with the ever-growing field of technology. His firms are smaller than similar firms allowing for higher quality services. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Michael Hagele is also an investor. He has a strong interest in companies specializing in artificial intelligence. Michael attributes his success to his consistent focus on his customers.

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The SEC Whistleblowers Attorney

Securities and Exchange Commission has given an opportunity to all kinds of whistleblowers to report violation issues. The commission creation is a significant overhaul reform in the financial regulation system since the Great Depression affected the United States. Included in the reform is the Dodd-Frank Act. The Act provides the whistleblower with a program that gives them employment protections and financial incentives to whistleblowers reporting on the violation of the securities laws to SEC.

In light of the reforms, a law firm called Labaton Sucharow attorney was created The law firm was established with a primary objective of providing protection and advocacy services to the whistleblowers. The Labaton Sucharow hired top class, and skillful detectives, financial analysts and forensic investigators who can use the whistleblower representation Act on behalf of the whistleblowers.

The team’s experience together with the right leadership of Jordan A. Thomas gives the firm an impetus in representing the reporters of violations to the SEC and that in effect leads quality representation to the whistleblowers and implementation of whistleblower’s protection Act. Besides, the attorney is dedicated to whistleblowers’ payment of 10-30% of the penalties collected from successful application of Act in cases where the sanction is more than $1 million. Also, the attorney ensures that if the set standard is met, the whistleblower is paid awards on top of the original penalties. The supplemental award is calculated based on the total sanctions collected from reported actions by either a regulatory body or any law enforcement firm.

The necessary tool that Labaton Sucharow attorney uses as well to provide protection to the whistleblower is the Dodd-frank act. The Act prevent retaliatory activities against employees who report security violation to the Security and Exchange Commission and anonymous reporting platform through a representative to hide the identity of the whistleblower and welcome internal reporting.

The last but not least step taken by the attorneys is to ensure confidentiality and privacy of the cases. The sustainability of secrecy is achieved through the attorney-client privileges of whistleblowers. Additionally, in this regard, the SEC attorney has created many ways of reporting like using a telephone, submitting reports electronically through the website and email. The attorney has made it possible for free consultation and reports evaluation and initial consultation. More still the whistleblowers are discouraged from providing personal identification information as the names of the alleged security violation.