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In our country, some people hold the view that immigration is bad. Many more people do not like the idea of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is when a person does not come to the United States through legally sanctioned means, and stays here. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It consists of immigrants coming here and never leaving when they are supposed to leave, crossing the border while avoiding authorities or being smuggled in.

Different Side of the Coin

Some people are vehemently opposed to the concept of illegal immigration, and do not care about whatever excuses they are given for its legitimacy.

There are a plethora of reasons for why people, like Sheriff Arpaio, vehemently oppose illegal immigration. One of the reasons is because of the fact that the resources in America are already strained and unequal between citizens.

Many Americans find that it is difficult to get a job, so why let a ton of people in illegally to take up more jobs? Another reason is because of the fact that the problems of other countries tend to come into America when people immigrate here, and illegal immigration exacerbates the problem.

Also, our country is hooked on deadly drugs that come into this country from Mexico, so it is reasonable to want to oversee who is coming through the border. The drugs that come in from Mexico ruin our communities as they deteriorate people’s personalities. These substances also cause ruin in places like Mexico where drug cartel violence ensues.

Some people, like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have views that run opposite to those of Sheriff Arpaio.

They think that the plight of immigrants is very important, and they view the topic from the perspective that the humanity of illegal immigrants trumps anything else that anybody has to say. Hispanics/Latinos are human beings, just like everyone else.

Hispanics/Latinos who immigrate illegally to America are trying to escape dangers and provide for their families. Some places in Latin America have been so unsafe that people risked their lives by going outside and commuting to work. Much of the turmoil in Latin America is a direct result of America’s intervention in its political affairs. So, in a way, America owes it to Latin Americans to take them in.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arpaio’s opinion on the issue of illegal immigration lead him to want to crack down on it. Unfortunately, race and identity are heavily weaved into the issue of illegal immigration.

As a result, “looking for illegal immigrants” turned into racially profiling all Hispanics/Latinos.

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Larkin & Lacey

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was elected as the Sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992, and throughout his career utilized many approaches that signified great prejudices against minorities, as well as other very questionable practices.

Under the reign of Joe Arpaio, the conditions of tent city made international news, as they resembled those of a concentration camp, and it was also discovered that a number of people arrested and placed in the jails of Maricopa County mysteriously lost their lives.

Due to the content that their publications consistently produced, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey became targets of Sheriff Arpaio’s wrath nearly from the very beginning, and 10 years ago, after tensions had finally risen to their peak, the sheriff had the newspaper duo arrested under false pretenses. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Under the direct orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were handcuffed in their home, allegedly due to the fact that an article that one of their publications released disclosed content about an ongoing grand-jury investigation; a move that directly violated their constitutional rights.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s feud with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, as well as his well-documented contempt for minorities, in particular, Latinos, would prove to be disastrous for his career and his already heavily tainted legacy.

In the following election, Joe Arpaio would lose out, and shortly thereafter, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would receive a settlement of $3.75 million due to their wrongful arrests under his authority.

Joe Arpaio would also be charged with criminal contempt of court as a result of his actions during the Melendres suit, but he would later be pardoned by President Donald Trump, who has long championed the methods of the former Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are well known throughout the world of print publications, having stood at the helm of one of the most powerful corporations in existence.

While they have since sold their stake at WM to a few long-time shareholders, the footprint that the duo has left is universally undeniable, and despite its overwhelming magnitude, it started from very meager beginnings.

After dropping out of Arizona State University in 1970, Michael Lacey, along with several students, decided to release an inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times in response to the coverage of the war on campus, which was deemed to be very conservative.

Eventually, with the help of his business partner, Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey took their company to new heights, making a particularly considerable leap after the purchase of Denver’s new-and-arts weekly, Westword.

The purchasing of Westword would kick off an expansion that would lead Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to acquire an additional 17 publications, including Miami New Times, LA Weekly, and the Village Voice.

Although Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy sold their company in 2012, their longstanding ordeal with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, their winning effort helped to create a culture in which the publications that they brought to prominence are recognized for their detailed investigative reporting, magazine writing style, and sophisticated coverage of a multitude of areas.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on the Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio, America’s Worst Sheriff

2018’s Top Political Targets Revealed By End Citizens United

The End Citizens United PAC has done things its own way since being established in 2015 as a grassroots organization dedicated to overcoming the issues created by big money donors given financial freedom in 2010 by the Supreme Court. End Citizens United has continued to look for new ways of publicizing its cause and recently released its own list of the top 20 political targets the liberal group will be looking to remove from Congress during the 2018 Midterm election cycle; the group has named a list of 20 politicians it believes have placed their own interests and those of major donors above the needs of the people of the U.S.

End Citizens United’s Executive Director and President, Tiffany Muller revealed the 20 named politicians represent what she described as the worst in politics of recent years. By taking the funding offered by major political donors and lobbying groups, these politicians described as the “Big Money 20” by Tiffany Muller are being targeted in the coming elections by End Citizens United to remove them from U.S. politics for good.


Political experts reveal some of the names on the list may be vulnerable to being removed from the Houses of Congress by Democrats backed by End Citizens United the major names on the list will largely be used as a way of raising the profile of the PAC and its cause over the course of the Midterm election cycle. Among the best-known names within the “Big Money 20” are House Speaker Paul Ryan, former Presidential candidate Ted Ryan of Texas, and Nevada Senator Dean Heller.

Over the course of its work, the End Citizens United group has been committed to creating an impressive group of members who have now topped three million as the traditional political action committee looks to grassroots donations not permitted to top $5,000. Major Democratic donors including George Soros have provided funding for the PAC but donations are capped at just $5,000 to avoid a single donor directing the mission of End Citizens United to meet their own needs. The overall aim of End Citizens United is to remove the Supreme Court decision of 2010 from the law books as the removal of limits on financial donations to political groups and candidates during election campaigns has allowed the influence of major corporations and billionaire donors to grow without being checked at any level.

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Lacey & Larkin: Wrongfully Arrested

It’s always a sad day to find out that people have been wrongfully arrested. It’s even worse when to find out that someone’s been wrongfully arrested because of a dirty cop. That’s something that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found out the hard way.

In 2007, both men were arrested in the middle of the night by armed officers. The two men were reporters currently running stories about a shady sheriff, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Wanting the stories to stop, Sheriff Arpaio orchestrated a ruse and had the men arrested. They’ve since been released and victoriously sued the county for $3.75 million. That victory led the two executives to create the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund supports local migrant and human rights organizations.

The most alarming thing about Arpaio’s behavior was his determination to cover up the stories. He wanted all the notes and reports they had on him, and he wanted the names of any subscribers that had already read those articles. He was even using grand jury subpoenas to do his dirty work.

His blatant disregard for governmental regulation and citizen rights was appalling. Lacey and Larkin have been avid activists when it comes to defending the First Amendment.

Their suit against the county was about more than just money. It was about protecting basic American freedoms.

Everything about this story shocked the nation. The only crime Lacey and Larkin committed was refusing to submit to Arpaio’s power. Arpaio was comfortable in Arizona until Phoenix New Times began writing about him. No one else in the state cared about his behavior except for New Times.

They wrote about all the mysterious irregularities surrounding the sheriff. As more heat came down on him, he started going after the company. He used all his power to shut them down and have them arrested. He even went after their employees and associates. This only inspired the two reporters to stand strong.

Lacey is a construction worker’s son turned multimillion-dollar executive. He never thought that when dropped out of Arizona State, that he’d be leading a multimillion-dollar media conglomerate.

His entire career started with one paper he wrote in the 70s about misrepresented campus antiwar protests.

As for Larkin, his was inspired by Lacey. Both were dropouts who co-founded Phoenix New Times. Their paper became a booming business with several divisions covering several subjects.

It’s hard for Larkin and Larkin to believe that his career started out a small weekly campus paper.


Lacey and Larkin Utilize Their Settlement Funds to Help the Less Fortunate

For over twenty years, human rights have existed as an independent docket that allows humans to freely live in the society. In the spirit of humanity, these virtues have been extended to several communities since time immemorial.

In fact, the development of human rights has vastly elongated the existence humanity with most countries having organizations cropping up to support humanity. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia


The birth of human rights is traced to the traditions as well as the documentation of multiple cultures. World War II was a catalyst in the movement. By propelling human rights into the universal space, World War II started a revolutionary fight against inhuman vices.

Since World War II, people invested in acquiring rights as well as fair treatment and responsibilities through group membership in families, religions, community as well as state. In fact, most societies adopted various traditions that depicted the golden rule of kindness. Such societies operated on the basis of being kind to others.


One society that adopted the golden thumb rule of kindness is the Hindu Vedas. The society documented the rules in a book referred to as Holy. As a written source that instructed members on how to treat each other, the history of human rights continued to spread across different cultures.

In fact, societies adopted oral as well as written traditions. In others, there was the introduction of systems that induced propriety as well as justice in the society.


In the 19th century, there was the introduction of the United Nations. Most countries converged to adopt the rule of dealing with inhuman vices.

Contemporary international rights as well as laws contributed to the development of the United Nations. Passionate about prohibiting slave trade and war crimes, the United Nations became the sole rescuer for the suffering in the society.

A good illustration is the International Labor Organization that was established in 1919 to facilitate treaties that protected workers in regards to their rights, health as well as safety. In this era, many organizations came forward with the same intention of facilitating the practice of human rights in societies.

That is the era that gave birth to movements that presently fight for civil, human rights and the punishment that comes with defilement. One such organization is Open Society Foundations, an organization that was established by George Soros.

Open Society Foundations

One interesting fact about Open Society Foundations and its birth is that George Soros experienced the intolerance of World War II during the Nazi Regime.

Through this organization, many firms that fight for charity have converged to fight for human and civil rights. With Soros as the leader, the firm has fought for the good of many people that face discrimination because of their life styles.

Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested on October 2017. The duo was put behind bars for 24 hours following accusations that tainted Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s name.

The co-founders of Village Voice Media wrote articles based on the mistreatment of prisoners by Joe Arpaio. They were however released at a settlement thanks to their fans that rioted.

After the settlement, the duo agreed to channel the funds to the Frontera Fund. These funds were set aside to assist the less fortunate in Arizona.

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How Thor Halvorssen Fights Tyranny

Thor Halvorrsen is a troublemaker. If you were a tyrant, that is probably what you would think of him. As an advocate for human rights, Halvorssen is keenly aware of the impact the certain governmental systems (such as socialism) can have on a nation. He has personally witnessed the impact of socialism on his family. As this article pointed out, his father exposed a socialist tyrant. Then he was arrested as a political prisoner and tortured. This gives Halvorssen a unique perspective on a difficult issue. He knows the impact that socialism can have. When the government has so much power, it is very easy for it to be abused by a mad dictator. Even if we have a benevolent socialist ruler, what will happen when the next one comes? Halvorssen recognizes that a socialist government is very easily infiltrated and corrupted.

Love For People

Why has Thor Halvorssen embarked on these human rights campaigns? Why has he endured beatings? He could have easily found a job in the United States as a reporter or some sort of political analyst. He is a very intelligent individual who has a lot to contribute. So, why has he chosen such a dangerous career? He says that it is because he loves people. He does not want to see the government take advantage of anybody. He also believes that this is what will happen in the United States if the government has too much power.

Who Is Thor Halvorssen?

Ironically, while Thor Halvorssen opposes socialism, he supported the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate. This was because of the overwhelming demerits of the other candidates. He pointed out that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemed far too amenable to dictators and dangerous terrorist groups. As a result, he supported Bernie Sanders.

Of course, supporting Sanders does not make Halvorssen anymore sympathetic with socialism. Socialism is a lesser evil, for Halvorssen. After all, he suggests it will lead to a loss of jobs, food shortages, and many more consequences that could deeply impact the future of the United States. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.

Democrat, Socialism, or Not?

Bernie Sanders recently stated that if elected president of the USA, he would make it a socialist country. A socialist state is one where the workers manage and control industries through a democratic government. Many people in the USA are opposed to the idea of socialism. They include liberals who believe that socialist governments are responsible for violation of human rights.

In an interview with Trish Regan on Fox News, she talked to Thor Halvorssen about democratic socialism. Thor works with the human rights foundation and therefore his interview on Fox had a lot of sense. He stated clearly that he had nothing against socialism as long as it was practiced by a government that is not authoritarian. He mentioned countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden as examples of countries that have successfully practiced socialism since they do not violate human rights.

Thor’s main objections against socialism were that if it was practiced by an authoritarian government, there was a great chance for the leadership going against its previously set objectives about helping citizens by extorting them. This comes into force because in socialist governments, who by the way people say are similar to Marxists and communists, the government is responsible for setting the prices for common household goods and this, in turn, leads to shortages of these commodities which are otherwise very necessary.

Thor Halvorssen gave a good example of a country where socialism had backfired on the people and brought about great suffering from the shortage of food and other necessities. Venezuela is a South American nation under the leadership of Hugo Chavez. The government there sets prices for everything and therefore causing a shortage that in the end only cause a crisis. Thor himself has had his experiences with socialism on Venezuela. His father was a political prisoner in the country while is the first cousin is still a prisoner there. Thor’s mother has also been shot by this government at one time. All these unrest in the country has been brought by the government making decisions about important issues such as food prices by themselves. The ordinary citizen is left feeling cheated, and it is true at most times.

Thor stated clearly that although he is not for the idea of socialism for the USA, he had his support for Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders. He mentioned the current frontrunner’s ties to countries that oppress people as the reason for his choice to support Sanders. That is his choice and opinion anyway.

According to Huffington Post, Halvorssen says that democratic socialism can only work if there is the rule of law. He feels that for the government to eradicate poverty, it should be a creation of more wealth and no redistribution of the same. That is the reason that Thor is such a believer in free markets. If the government decides to control everything, there is bound to be a problem.

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