Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is optimistic and a very determined lady who despite the ups and downs of life, manages to overcome them and move. She loves diversity, which helps her to think in all dimensions, always ambitious in what she does, her primary goal is creativity, which will enable her to change the whole world if possible.



Starting her Day



For Bridget Scarr, how you start your day is very crucial. She begins her by meditating in prayers; she believes that nothing is possible without God. By doing so, she considers getting energy, which will push her all the day in all the activities she will be undertaking. Family matters to her a lot, this means she has to set aside time for lunch, to bond more with the family members.



How she Works



Bridget Scarr works on different projects depending on their motivation. She works on projects that talk or bring reality to the people, point in case is how technology can enable existence to users. She likes working on the television projects and writing novels when she is not very busy. Although it takes months and years, she enjoys working on them.



Secret of Bridget Scarr being a successful Entrepreneur



Bridget Scarr acknowledges nature by all things. It helps her to link up with the world in a meaningful way. For example, when she goes out with her son, she gets to recall what is essential and she believes it helps her to be more creative. Thus once in a while taking a break from work helps her to re-energize and keep working under less stressing circumstances.



Bridget Scarr Challenges



Bridget Scarr’s most challenging moment was when her first business had to close down because her project financing delayed. It resulted to her partners not being happy, leaving the industry. Worst of it they went and formed a competitive company which did well. It led to Bridget Scar and the family to be publicly defamed also physical threats.



Being an optimistic lady, she acknowledges those who tried to help her, when in a financial crisis. It meant a lot to her as they renewed hope and helped her feel encouraged. Bridget Scarr encourages the use of technology because it helps to see the world in different ways.



In conclusion, Bridget Scarr is a brilliant writer and creative producer with an affinity of coming with viable ideas that will trend across many platforms. She likes interacting with the large group of people in all ways emotionally and intellectually.


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