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In our country, some people hold the view that immigration is bad. Many more people do not like the idea of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is when a person does not come to the United States through legally sanctioned means, and stays here. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It consists of immigrants coming here and never leaving when they are supposed to leave, crossing the border while avoiding authorities or being smuggled in.

Different Side of the Coin

Some people are vehemently opposed to the concept of illegal immigration, and do not care about whatever excuses they are given for its legitimacy.

There are a plethora of reasons for why people, like Sheriff Arpaio, vehemently oppose illegal immigration. One of the reasons is because of the fact that the resources in America are already strained and unequal between citizens.

Many Americans find that it is difficult to get a job, so why let a ton of people in illegally to take up more jobs? Another reason is because of the fact that the problems of other countries tend to come into America when people immigrate here, and illegal immigration exacerbates the problem.

Also, our country is hooked on deadly drugs that come into this country from Mexico, so it is reasonable to want to oversee who is coming through the border. The drugs that come in from Mexico ruin our communities as they deteriorate people’s personalities. These substances also cause ruin in places like Mexico where drug cartel violence ensues.

Some people, like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have views that run opposite to those of Sheriff Arpaio.

They think that the plight of immigrants is very important, and they view the topic from the perspective that the humanity of illegal immigrants trumps anything else that anybody has to say. Hispanics/Latinos are human beings, just like everyone else.

Hispanics/Latinos who immigrate illegally to America are trying to escape dangers and provide for their families. Some places in Latin America have been so unsafe that people risked their lives by going outside and commuting to work. Much of the turmoil in Latin America is a direct result of America’s intervention in its political affairs. So, in a way, America owes it to Latin Americans to take them in.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arpaio’s opinion on the issue of illegal immigration lead him to want to crack down on it. Unfortunately, race and identity are heavily weaved into the issue of illegal immigration.

As a result, “looking for illegal immigrants” turned into racially profiling all Hispanics/Latinos.

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Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Acquisition

Securus Technologies announced in the past that they would be acquiring GovPayNet sometime in 2018. GovPayNet is a payment processing company that processes payments which are directed to government agencies. The company clarified that they are not working for the government. The executives at Securus Technologies thought that buying the company would make their stocks soar, and it can also increase the value of the company. The company wanted to draw more investors, which is why they are doing everything that they can to be noticed by international business people. The payment system from GovPayNet is one of the reasons why the company became an instant hit. According to Securus Technologies, they will be integrating the system to their own and see how well it would work out. A partnership between Securus Technologies and GovPayNet is one of the highlights of the corporate world this year.



GovPayNet was established in 1997, and a sheriff who found out that it is a hassle for his people to process their fees and fines thought of a brilliant idea. He asked for the assistance from several people who knows something about the computer and created a program that can process their payments. 20 years later the company became well known all throughout the United States, with more than 26% of the entire number of counties in the country using it.



More than 40 million payment are planned to be processed every year now that GovPayNet is under the ownership of Securus Technologies. The payment processing company is looking forward to a lot of changes now that they are under the ownership of the leading telecommunications company in the United States. Securus Technologies is a proud partner of more than 3,000 correctional facilities in North America, and they are planning to integrate the payment system for the convenience of their clients.



Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey was born in 1965 on September 26. He is an American Mathematician and expert of pure mathematics who earned his Ph.D. in 1987 under the guidance of Walter Philipp from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Michael Lacey solved a problem with empirical characteristic functions related to the law of iterated logarithm. His work also has focused on ergodic theory, probability, and his most prevalent, harmonic analysis.

Michael Lacey has directed various training grants like Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points by the National Science Foundation and Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE) awards which have supported a large amount of students from undergraduates to postdocs.

His PhD students are now in different industry and academic jobs and he has also mentored upwards of ten or more postdocs.

After Lacey’s postdoctoral position at Louisiana State University, he attained a position at University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill. It was here that he and his mentor, Walter Philipp, presented their proof of the central limit theorum.

The central limit theorum states that normally when independent variables are added, their sums tend to form a normal distribution or bell curve. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

After his position at the University of North Carolina, he was hired as a mathematics professor at Indiana University fro m1989 to 1996. While teaching at IU, he earned a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation and started a study of the Hilbert transform.

Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele solved this in 1996 and were given the Salem Prize, an award many Fields Medalists have received, for their work.

Michael Lacey has been teaching Mathematics since 1996 at he Georgia Institute of Technology. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship for the joint effort he made with mathematician Xiaochun Li.

Larkin & Lacey

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was elected as the Sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992, and throughout his career utilized many approaches that signified great prejudices against minorities, as well as other very questionable practices.

Under the reign of Joe Arpaio, the conditions of tent city made international news, as they resembled those of a concentration camp, and it was also discovered that a number of people arrested and placed in the jails of Maricopa County mysteriously lost their lives.

Due to the content that their publications consistently produced, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey became targets of Sheriff Arpaio’s wrath nearly from the very beginning, and 10 years ago, after tensions had finally risen to their peak, the sheriff had the newspaper duo arrested under false pretenses. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Under the direct orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were handcuffed in their home, allegedly due to the fact that an article that one of their publications released disclosed content about an ongoing grand-jury investigation; a move that directly violated their constitutional rights.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s feud with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, as well as his well-documented contempt for minorities, in particular, Latinos, would prove to be disastrous for his career and his already heavily tainted legacy.

In the following election, Joe Arpaio would lose out, and shortly thereafter, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would receive a settlement of $3.75 million due to their wrongful arrests under his authority.

Joe Arpaio would also be charged with criminal contempt of court as a result of his actions during the Melendres suit, but he would later be pardoned by President Donald Trump, who has long championed the methods of the former Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are well known throughout the world of print publications, having stood at the helm of one of the most powerful corporations in existence.

While they have since sold their stake at WM to a few long-time shareholders, the footprint that the duo has left is universally undeniable, and despite its overwhelming magnitude, it started from very meager beginnings.

After dropping out of Arizona State University in 1970, Michael Lacey, along with several students, decided to release an inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times in response to the coverage of the war on campus, which was deemed to be very conservative.

Eventually, with the help of his business partner, Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey took their company to new heights, making a particularly considerable leap after the purchase of Denver’s new-and-arts weekly, Westword.

The purchasing of Westword would kick off an expansion that would lead Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to acquire an additional 17 publications, including Miami New Times, LA Weekly, and the Village Voice.

Although Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy sold their company in 2012, their longstanding ordeal with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, their winning effort helped to create a culture in which the publications that they brought to prominence are recognized for their detailed investigative reporting, magazine writing style, and sophisticated coverage of a multitude of areas.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on the Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio, America’s Worst Sheriff

Cassio Audi: A Teen Idol

Metal music was all the rage back in the 1980s, and not just in the United States and Britain. South America was the birthplace of one of the most interesting metal bands of the 80s: Viper. Viper started back in 1985 when five teenage boys from San Paulo, Brazil formed a band in their garage. One of the founding members was lead drummer, Cassio Audio. His beats and enthusiasm quickly spread to the rest of the band members and sub sequentially, the thousands of fans.

Brazil was the most unlikely place for a heavy metal band to form, much less become popular, but that is exactly what happened. In 1985, Cassio Audi and Viper released their first album, a demo titled The Killera Sword. The teenagers quickly began being booked all around their hometown of San Paulo, with Cassio spending all his time outside of school trying to book gigs. Soon, Viper was paying all over Brazil and South America.

The success of Cassio Audi and Viper was unexpected because of the age of the band members but even more so because they sung their lyrics in English. This was unprecedented but it was even more impressive that nobody could tell that they boys were not singing in their native language.

In 1987 Viper released their first and only studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise, and the band started becoming popular all over the world. Their ability to play metal, heavy meta, thrash, and even alternative rock gave them wide appeal. The band went on a tour of South America and later toured Europe. The band broke up in 1989 and has yet to reunite, although there have been rumors of talk of third album. For Cassio Audi, his time as a teenager playing music and living his dreams is something that he will always cherish.

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Newly Appointed Bradesco Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Oversee Some Drastic Changes at the Bank in His First Few Weeks in Office

2018 will mark the 75th year since Brazilian bank, Bradesco was founded by Amador Aguiar. The bank’s long and successful existence has unfortunately been marked by a number of shortcomings. The latest shortcoming Bradesco has faced is the resignation of its longtime chairman, Lazaro Brandao. Mr. Brandao had been serving in this capacity for close to three decades and had been at Bradesco throughout its entire existence. He was by far the most experienced banker at Bradesco and in the Brazilian banking industry. However, true to the Bradesco’s resilient nature, it has turned this recent shortcoming into an opportunity for future prosperity by appointing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as Mr. Brandao replacement. Mr. Brandao has for the last few years been serving as the bank’s president and has in that time shown a great affinity for innovation and strategic management. Even Mr. Brandao’s unfortunate departure, hopefully, the unique skill set possessed by Cappi will revitalize the board going forward.

Lazaro Brandao’s resignation had long been anticipated at Bradesco. In fact, some industry observers were startled that he waited till he was past the age of 90 to announce that he would be leaving the highly demanding post of chairman. Consequently, the bank had had some time to prepare for the day he would eventually leave. In 2014, bank president Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was nominated to become the board vice chair. This appointment allowed him to directly learn from Mr. Brandao about what it takes to run the board of such a large bank. The transition to Cappi’s tenure will, therefore, likely have no problems and will greatly inspire the confidence of shareholders, staff, and customers.

Among Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s earliest responsibilities as the chairman of Bradesco’s board is that he will have to oversee the process of appointing a new president. His promotion to Mr. Brandao’s previous position means that he has also vacated a position. Fortunately, Cappi will have Bradesco’s stringent bylaws and highly defined culture to guide the process of selecting a replacement. He has already indicated that he will stick to the bank’s traditions by announcing late last year that Bradesco’s next president will be appointed from within the institution. However, the bank’s fifth president will not be announced until March, consequently meaning that Cappi will have to continue serving in the capacity for a few more weeks.

There is also a high likelihood that the leadership changes currently being experienced at Bradesco could also reach its board. While Bradesco has grown tremendously over the last few decades, this, unfortunately, has not been accompanied by a growth in the number of board members. Currently, there are eight seats on the bank’s board and are currently occupied by the family of Amador Aguiar and banking professionals. The board’s current size is quite small for a bank’s of Bradesco’s stature, and there is a serious drive to expand its members. However, any increases in the size of the board will almost certainly be accompanied by removal of the president’s seat on the board. This change will equally ensure that the president is not held back by non-executive responsibilities and thus solely concentrate on growing the bank.

While it may be hard to believe right now, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started out at the very bottom with Bradesco. He was appointed the clerk of his local town’s branch while still being a teenager. Over the next four decades, he combined the knowledge learned from his superiors with his unwavering dedication that led him to earn a stream of promotions that led to him being president – and now, chairman of the board.

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Paul Wesley Makes The Jump From ‘Vampire Diaries’ To Film Producer

While most fans still are most likely to recognize Paul Wesley from his role long-running role as Stefan on “The Vampire Diaries,” he wants people to know that he’s focusing on the world of film. More specifically, producing and directing films.

Wesley’s first stab at movie production was on the 2014 independent film “Before I Disappear,” which starred Shawn Christensen, Emily Rossum and Ron Perlman. He produced the film and also has a small supporting role in the project. At nearly the same time, he took on a featured role in the independent film “Amira and Sam.” In that project, Wesley played the crooked Wall Street cousin of the main character.

Paul Wesley

Ironically, that focus on small-scale motion pictures opened up a new opportunity for the actor: theater. Following the strong reviews for both films, Wesley was offered a lead role in the William Francis Hoffman play “Cal in Camo,” which became his New York stage debut. In the play, Wesley played a man trying to make sense of his life following the death of his wife. He begins spending a lot of time with his sister and her husband, whose ongoing personal problems manage to make his life even more of a challenge.

Paul Wesley

Wesley returned to motion pictures in 2016 with roles in the films “Mothers And Daughters” and “The Late Bloomers.” He also wrapped up his role on TV’s “Vampire Diaries,” when his character was killed off in the one of the show’s final episodes. He’s now at work on another television series “Medal of Honor,” which focuses on the stories of men and women who have won the American Medal of Honor for bravery during their military service.

Paul Wesley

Why Is Dallas, Texas The Best Place For A Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas?

Why Is Dallas, Texas The Best Place For A Butt Lift?
One of the most prevalent trends that is sticking with us today is the desire to become healthier people, with obesity and a wide range of other weight related health problems it has never been a better time to ensure that you are healthy.

Often times, when an individual sheds the pounds away there can be sagging skin in areas, particularly the buttocks. These areas of sagging skin usually cause a loss of confidence. When all natural methods fail to provide the desired results, cosmetic surgery can be a viable option for many.

One of the most common surgical procedures is the butt lift. Like most cosmetic procedures, the butt lift can be done in conjunction with other procedures such as breast augmentation to become part of a more comprehensive contouring of the body.

The Brazilian butt lift differs from the standard butt lift in that it is designed to subtly augment the buttocks, giving it a more rounded and firm appearance, often providing the confidence boost that is needed after losing a large amount of excess weight.

One of the most important things to consider when contemplating cosmetic surgery is to ensure you have a realistic expectation of the results attained by the procedure. While the advances being made in the cosmetic surgery field are great, there are limits and consulting with your cosmetic surgeon is the best way to ensure you will know exactly what to expect.

Keeping your body healthy both before the procedure as well as after is also very important. A healthy body can adapt to the surgery far better than a body that is not. Healing time can be reduced in a healthy body as well as the results lasting much longer.

One of the best regions for cosmetic surgery is the Dallas, Texas area, with a large number of extremely well qualified surgeons like the staff at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

SahmAdrangi: Offering The Financial Services Industry Unique Insight

Experienced financial services professional SahmAdrangi is the new wunderkind of the investment industry. The Yale University graduate is everywhere. He regularly appears on Bloomberg and CNBC, there are stories about SahmAdrangi and his exploits in major publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek. Everyone is interested in how he was able to get the information necessary to short sell several Chinese companies in 2010 and alert the Securities and Exchange Commission that many of those companies were engaging in fraud.

SahmAdrangi has a talent for research. That allowed him to found Kerrisdale Capital Management with less than $1 million in 2009 and have its assets grow to over $150 million by 2017. As CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi is involved in many of the company’s operations. Today, SahmAdrangi is known for publishing valuable, groundbreaking research information and short selling. But he began his career in financial services with Deutsche Bank handling leveraged loan debt financing. Adrangi also worked advising Chanin Capital Partners. He was then employed with distressed debt hedge fund Longacre Management.

People can gain access to the research of SahmAdrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Management by visiting the company’s website, following them on Twitter or going to third-party investing-related sites. SahmAdrangi helps to correct the broadly held misconceptions investors have about overhyped shorts and under-followed longs and uses Kerrisdale Capital Management’s research to help investors better understand many companies’ fundamental business prospects. Kerrisdale now focuses on the telecommunications, mining and biotechnology industries.

These days SahnAdrangi regularly speaks at financial services industry conferences. He has done some very enlightening and well-received presentations at a wide variety of conferences nationally and worldwide including the Value Investing conference, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference and Traders 4 a Cause conference. Adrangi’s story has been reported on in a number of major business-related and general interest publications. He is praised for his hard work, unique insight and the accuracy of the research that his company does. Adrangi is a widely acknowledged rising star in the financial services industry.

2018’s Top Political Targets Revealed By End Citizens United

The End Citizens United PAC has done things its own way since being established in 2015 as a grassroots organization dedicated to overcoming the issues created by big money donors given financial freedom in 2010 by the Supreme Court. End Citizens United has continued to look for new ways of publicizing its cause and recently released its own list of the top 20 political targets the liberal group will be looking to remove from Congress during the 2018 Midterm election cycle; the group has named a list of 20 politicians it believes have placed their own interests and those of major donors above the needs of the people of the U.S.

End Citizens United’s Executive Director and President, Tiffany Muller revealed the 20 named politicians represent what she described as the worst in politics of recent years. By taking the funding offered by major political donors and lobbying groups, these politicians described as the “Big Money 20” by Tiffany Muller are being targeted in the coming elections by End Citizens United to remove them from U.S. politics for good.


Political experts reveal some of the names on the list may be vulnerable to being removed from the Houses of Congress by Democrats backed by End Citizens United the major names on the list will largely be used as a way of raising the profile of the PAC and its cause over the course of the Midterm election cycle. Among the best-known names within the “Big Money 20” are House Speaker Paul Ryan, former Presidential candidate Ted Ryan of Texas, and Nevada Senator Dean Heller.

Over the course of its work, the End Citizens United group has been committed to creating an impressive group of members who have now topped three million as the traditional political action committee looks to grassroots donations not permitted to top $5,000. Major Democratic donors including George Soros have provided funding for the PAC but donations are capped at just $5,000 to avoid a single donor directing the mission of End Citizens United to meet their own needs. The overall aim of End Citizens United is to remove the Supreme Court decision of 2010 from the law books as the removal of limits on financial donations to political groups and candidates during election campaigns has allowed the influence of major corporations and billionaire donors to grow without being checked at any level.

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