Jim Toner Making an Impact with His Impressive Fertility Treatment

For many couples, conceiving can be a problem as one of the partners might be having infertility issue that needs to be addressed. There are many different types of medical treatments that are available these days for couples to help improve their fertility so that they can conceive with ease. It is always suggested that the couples who are planning to start a family, do so when they are in their early or late 20s. The age factor plays an important role as there are many hormonal changes that take place in the body after we cross the age of thirty. Some of these changes along with many other factors like environment, stress, eating habits, lifestyle habits, and so on, collectively can lead to fertility issues.

Dr. Jim Toner is amongst the most highly qualified and experienced infertility experts in the United States, currently practicing in Atlanta. Jim Toner did his graduation in psychology from the St. Joseph College in Philadelphia and went on to do MD and Ph.D. from the highly reputed University of Pennsylvania. Jim Toner is a board certified IVF specialist, and thus, the patients can be sure of getting reliable treatment from him. Many of his patients have left positive reviews for him that can be found online. One of the reasons why he has been able to get the trust of many his patients is because he has won numerous awards over the years, which speaks volumes about his treatment and the success rate he has achieved over the years. Some of the awards that Jim Toner has received include the Resident of the Year Award as well as the famous Ciba Geigy Award. He has also been inducted in the highly respected Alpha Omega Alpha Program.

Jim Toner understands how the couple must be feeling before and during the course of treatment and thus, helps soothe them emotionally as well by providing them clarity in understanding how the treatment will work and what are the chances of being able to conceive. Jim Toner currently practices in Atlanta at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Studies, where he is visited by hundreds of patients every week. Patients of Jim Toner say that he is caring and sensitive in nature that makes him easy to be comfortable with immediately. In most of the reviews that patients leave for Jim Toner, they have mentioned that Jim Toner is a good listener and is patient enough to listen to their problems thoroughly before designing a treatment course.

Jim Toner has an impressive credential and works history making him famous in the area. He has also spent years studying and researching on the best treatment so that he can provide the best possible result.

For appointment information, visit https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/jim-toner-md-4c6ae85e-1525-41ca-9f9e-1d731925191a-appointments.

Logan Stout -Philanthropist And Best-Selling Author With A Vision To Help People

Logan Stout — Chief Executive Officer Of IDLife

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IDLife is Logan Stout. Logan trains people who have a desire to own and effectively manage an existing business. IDLife was founded in 2014, and in a short time, the company reached the top 100 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business worldwide. IDLife sells organic nutritional supplements, including diet supplements.

Logan Stout encourages people who have management and business skill to build a successful business. There are others who have the same goal as Logan, which is to help people in their quest to become leaders. He has partnered with people such as authors and speakers to help him to fulfill his goals. Logan and John C. Maxwell became partners to help others to become leaders, throughout the world.

Throughout his career, Logan Stout has earned many titles such as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. His financial portfolio includes earning billions of dollars. Logan has a great record of building a successful team and has become very successful. He is sought after by many people as a keynote speaker.

Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams, is the title of a book written by Logan Stout in 2013. Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank and Barbara Corcoran endorsed his book.

Logan Stout attended the University of Dallas where he studied Psychology and Business. He graduated with a degree in Psychology.

The CEO and Founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball company is Logan Stout. He enjoys mentoring young people. The company is among the largest organization worldwide. They mentor, train, and organize teams of youths age six to eighteen years old.

Logan Stout and Haley, his wife are the parents of two sons. They live in Frisco, Texas. They are honorary chairpersons and customers of organizations such as the American Heart Association of North Texas and the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County.

Logan Stout was featured on the radio, live events and on television. Articles were written about Logan in The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazines and other publications. Philadelphia Life Magazine named Logan, Man of the Year.

From 1999-2001, Logan was an intern at the First United Methodist Church. From 2003-2006 he was employed at the First United Methodist Church and was the worship leader and assistant youth minister from 2003-2006.

From 2002 to 2003, Logan Stout was employed at the Dallas Baptist University as the Assistant Baseball Coach.

Penelope Kokkinides Is The Health Champion For Puerto Rico

It is difficult to find a woman that is dedicated, hardworking and humble as Penelope Kokkinides. She has worked her way to the top of the medical industry through determination and a principle of caring for the people around her. Teamwork and leadership according to a recent interview are what makes her successful.

Penelope is a graduate of Binghamton University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and languages. She went on to pursue the fountain of knowledge at New York University where she received a masters in social work. Penelope Kokkinides also undertook a postmasters programme in alcohol and substance abuse. Her thirst for knowledge was not quenched at this point as she went to receive a masters in public health from Columbia University School of Public health. Education is one of the things that have catapulted her to being a medical industry leader over the year.

Kokkinides has over 20 years experience in the medical industry. After completing her degree in social works, she joined United Healthcare where she worked her way up to be the Vice president of Disease Management and Control. Penelope was the Vice president of Americhoice a subsidiary of United Healthcare when she decided to join Aveta .inc. She worked as the Vice president of Clinical operations until she left in 2008 to join Touchstone as the Chief Operations Officer.

It was not until one year later that Penelope Kokkinides decided she wanted to be the Chief Operations Officer of Innovacare Health Services. She continued working tirelessly in this for 5 years until on the January of 2014, she left to Centre light Health System as an Executive Vice President and a Chief Operations Officer. However, it took only six months to go back to where her heart was. Penelope joined Innovacare health as the Chief Administration Officer. This is the position she currently holds since June 2015.

Penelope Kokkinides role in the medical industry saw her invited to the White House by President Trump. The meeting that was intended to discuss issues to do with Women in Healthcare, gave Penelope a chance to request what was in her heart. She asked CMS administrator Seema to consider increasing the for Medicare Advantage for the Puerto Ricans. She felt that the cuts were unfair to the people of Puerto Rico and fiscally it did not make sense. Her plea was considered by Seema Verma and the adjustments were positive in nature to the advantage of the Puerto Ricans.


Hussain Sajwani: A Brilliant Emirati Businessman

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy Emirati entrepreneur who founded the DAMAC Properties. As the DAMAC owner, he builds projects that would provide additional properties to the Emirati people, including the construction of houses, residential complexes, office towers, and malls, among others. He has been given several awards because of his contributions in the field of real estate and property development, and his company is considered as one of the leading firms in the country. Through time, Hussain Sajwani managed his company well, and he would also put some of his money into investments that contributed to the growth of his wealth. Today, he is considered as one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates. The country has only five billionaires as of 2018, and he is one of those people.

The majority of the wealth that Hussain Sajwani made came from hard work, and it all began with his dream of becoming rich. He wanted to study abroad when he was in college, so he decided to leave his family and live in Washington, USA to study. After he graduated from college, he went back to the United Arab Emirates and joined GASCO, serving as the company’s private contracts manager. However, he never liked the idea of being an employee and having his time controlled by the company, so he decided to quit and establish a business instead.

The first business that he established was a catering company. His clients were mainly American soldiers or the employees and engineers from Bechtel. Through perseverance and dedication, Hussain Sajwani managed to grow his catering business into a multi-million-dollar business. Still not contented with the amount of money that he makes, he decided to invest in the industry of real estate and property development. He founded the DAMAC Properties in 2002, and he would initiate construction projects all around the United Arab Emirates. As the DAMAC Properties gained popularity, more projects across the Middle East sprouted. The profit that he is making off the cafeteria and DAMAC Properties made it possible for him to earn his first billion, and he has extended his gratitude to all of the people who made this feat possible.

Read about DAMAC’s Terms of Use here.

Jim Toner Spends Time Helping Fertility Patients

Jim Toner started working as a fertility doctor because he knew how to help people. He wants all his patients to realize he has solutions that help them achieve their goals of starting a family. He also spends a lot of time trying to give people the chance they need to make their health better, so they can give them what they need. It’s a good opportunity that he has, and it allows people to get more from everything he has to offer. He spends a lot of time trying to show people how things will get better and how things will keep changing for everyone he works with. There are options people have and options people can use to make things better on themselves. As long as Jim Toner knows how to help people, he feels good about the things he can use and the things that make him better at everything he does.

For years, Jim Toner learned about different treatments. He knew about the treatments that would help people and the things that would make them get better. He also knew the treatments would change based on what people were looking for. He also knew the treatments would keep getting better so everyone had a chance at fertility. If Jim Toner continues using new options and things that help other people, he knows what will keep happening and what will make a difference for everyone who works in the same industry.

There are times when Jim Toner makes sure he’s helping people. He also tries giving them the things that will change their lives. It’s his goal of helping that allows him to keep working hard and keep giving back no matter what. While Jim Toner spends time learning about treatments, he also works on perfecting the old treatments he has available. There are times when Jim Toner knows what to expect from the things people do and the things he has to offer. It’s his goal of giving them the best fertility options that allow him to keep giving people all the things they need on their own.

While Jim Toner spends time doing all this and makes sure he knows as much as possible about fertility, he also tries making sure he works with the actual patients. He wants them to see they have a chance at a better life and a chance to see different things that people do on their own. Between the hard work he puts into research and his dedication to excellent bedside manner, Jim Toner knows just what people need. He likes being the best fertility doctor and that helps him make things easier for all the patients he works with. Find out more info about Dr. Toner by visiting his https://www.linkedin.com/ profile.

Tony Petrello Shows How Even Tough Businessmen Have Hearts Of Gold

Oil magnates are sometimes viewed as greedy and aggressive business deal makers, but if you did get to know their personal life and saw the philanthropy some are involved in, you might change your mind quickly about them.

Such is the case with Tony Petrello, the chairman of one of the world’s largest oil drilling companies who even once took the title one year for America’s highest-paid boss. The Texas Children’s Hospital has been honored to have the support of Petrello because thanks to his millions in charity to their facility, chronically ill children have been able to receive quality care and some may one day have a cure for diseases that were formerly untreatable like cerebral palsy.

Tony Petrello himself has a daughter named Carena who has cerebral palsy caused by a seizure she had at birth known as periventricular leukomalacia. He considers the hours and days he spent struggling with the news that she would never have a normal life to be the lowest point of his life. While it was a personal struggle for a while for Petrello, he came across some friends in Dan and Jan Duncan, two entrepreneurs who had dedicated their own wealth to helping young children at TCH. In talking with the Duncans and telling them Carena’s story, Petrello discussed with them how he could make a difference by giving to the hospital and helping their neurological research department there. More and more research into the causes and effects of cerebral palsy and other issues triggered in the brain can now get underway thanks to a $7 million check Petrello wrote to TCH, and he also is on their Board of Trustees.

Tony Petrello has been CEO of Nabors Industries since 2011 and two big acquisitions he led the company through were Tesco Corporation and a Saudi Aramco venture. He came to Nabors Industries as their chief operating officer back in 1991 but took over his current role when former Nabors Industries chairman Eugene Isenberg passed away. Petrello holds a JD from Harvard University’s law school, and he practiced finance law with specialties in tax compliance, audits, underwriting, divestitures and other major transactions at a New York City firm. Prior to that he grew up in Newark, NJ and attended Yale University where he received his bachelor’s and master’s in advanced math. Other side facts about Petrello include studying under mathematician Serge Lange, and being married to former soap opera star Cynthia Carrafa.

Visit nabors.com for more details about Tony Petrello.

Jim Toner Advice for Building Wealth

Jim Toner is a proven role model for anyone to learn from. During his career, he has made numerous acquisitions and business decisions that led to success. Not only does he run a successful medical practice, but he also is a prominent real estate investor.

His passion in life is helping people with medical problems. There are millions of people who struggle to conceive a child. Jim Toner is a fertility doctor who works with patients on a plan to help them get pregnant.

Despite have a busy schedule every day, Jim Toner still finds time to manage all of his investments. He is also planning to write a book about his life in the coming years.


When Jim Toner was young, he noticed that he was making a lot of money but was still stressed about financial issues. He decided to start investing for the future. Many people were worried about the economy when he began investing. Investing during a recession is one of the best ways to find deals.

Jim Toner’s first investment was a small rental home in his city. He purchased the house and made some repairs. He immediately had tenants apply who wanted to live there. Although managing tenants can be stressful, the property produced positive cash flow for him to use each month. This home was his first exposure to real estate investing, and he had a lot of success during the process.

Other Career Facts

Jim Toner is also someone who has had a successful career in other areas. He is the type of person who continually looks for ways to improve himself. He is an avid reader who is excited about the future. He has a positive attitude and always looks for opportunities.

He firmly believes that he is going to change the world positively. Not only does he want to expand his medical practice, but he wants to continue offering advice to people concerning investing. Many people struggle to reach their financial goals because they lack simple investing knowledge. Jim Toner is excited about all of the changes coming his way.

OSI Industries Makes Major Acquisition of Former Chicago Tyson Food Plant

OSI Industries is one of the world’s leaders in distributing the finest quality of protein products and has held the title for several decades. The company specializes in meat products, poultry products, sausages, other pork products as well as things like bacon and hot dogs. The company has worked hard to become a global leader in these value-added meat and poultry products and continues to expand its reach across the world. OSIS Industries employs more than 20,000 and is proud to not only have brought tens of thousands of jobs (mainly manufacturing positions) into America, but to put pride into being a wonderful place to work.

OSI Group is working in 17 countries throughout the world and continues to expand. Within those 17 countries, OSI has 65 operations throughout the globe. The company has been honored as a top privately-held company and one of the largest producers of meat and poultry in America and in North America.

OSI Industries isn’t just expanding on a global level. One of the company’s main focuses is to always be expanding its footprint in the United States and throughout North America. The company made a massive step forward when it purchased a Tyson Food plant that was slated to be shut down last November. Tyson could not justify keeping the plant in Chicago open. The plant is located on Chicago’s South Side, and employs over two thousand people. The majority of those people would have lost their jobs, many of which have been employed by Tyson for over a decade and have excelled at mastering the work that the company required. However, OSI Group saw it as an ideal opportunity to expand its foothold in the United States, especially in the North East region. The plant was purchased by OSI for $7.4 million and the majority of the employees of the former Tyson Food plant were able to keep their jobs, making it a win-win for all parties involved.

OSI has also earned the prestigious title of being recognized as one of the top companies in the United States that is privately owned, as well as one of the top companies in the industry of food production. OSI has been able to excel thanks to its commitment to always providing the highest quality of protein (meat, chicken, sausage, pork, etc.) in the entire industry, as well as bringing in thousands of jobs, mainly in the manufacturing sector, to the United States.

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The Oxford Club Helps Members Invest for Financial Freedom

The Oxford Club has developed investing strategies that can outperform the indexes while lowering the risk of one’s portfolio. These are well-founded ideas that have been successfully implemented by them for nearly three decades and they are continually refined and tweaked so that they remain cutting edge. Their simple mission is to help members consistently grow their portfolios with market-beating returns. They also have advanced strategies to protect wealth and minimize tax burdens which can crush the bottom line.

If membership to a private club of savvy investors is something that interests you a long look at The Oxford Club would be appropriate. They are global in scope with members in approximately 130 countries and there are more than 157,000 of them. The catalysts that they rely on involve networking with personal contacts and outstanding market research to identify early trends. Furthermore, they aren’t just a trading recommendation service as club members have access to their main building and they gather together in conferences as well.

There are three classifications of membership at The Oxford Club which begins with the Premier model. This is an annual subscription to one of their monthly newsletters which is full of expert market analysis and trade ideas. The Director’s Circle model is on a lifetime basis and this gives members full access to all three newsletters for comprehensive coverage of the investing world. Finally, the Chairman’s Circle is the highest level of membership and it provides lifetime access to all publications and special website features.

Investment U is the highly regarded educational resource that the Oxford Club provides its members and it is able to help them become financially literate in the quest for monetary independence. They offer excellent videos, online courses, and conferences that help members deepen their investing and trading skills.

The trading services that are offered by The Oxford Club are of particular interest as talented market professionals can really boost investing performance with their analytical skills and knowledge. A good example is their trading service that is focused on energy and replete with opportunities to prosper from that which every country needs to power modern economies.

Halsey Takes on Skilled Tour Manager Clay Hutson

Halsey has been adding plenty of strong supporting acts to the roster of her latest tour – Kehlani, formerly of the teen band PopLyfe, Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, Jessie Reyz and the Indonesian star Niki. The latest name she’s recruited to assist with her tour is tour manager and audio specialist Clay Hutson.


Hutson is very experienced as a tour manager, having assisted artists such as P!nk, Prince, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’Roses and Garbage. He’s well prepared for his job as a tour manager, thanks to his previous experience running a business, which isn’t all that different. He created his own firm, which was a daunting challenge and an impressive accomplishment in the recession that impacted his previous employer so negatively. Hutson says that it was hard to set out on his own, but worth it, especially when he found new clients quickly and was able to help them. Hutson discussed his issues with a previous client, describing a situation in which he had a contract with a production company and its client, and the client and the company fell out, but the client still wished to work with the talented Hutson. He experienced an issue semi-typical to the music business – a legal battle that cost more than $150,000. With his experience with business and the ups and downs for music business, Hutson is a wonderful choice for Halsey.


Halsey and Hutson are both experienced with use of social media, and are well-matched in this regard. Halsey’s career was built through word of mouth thanks to the social media sites Twitter and Facebook, but Hutson’s savvy use of social media is somewhat different. He operates largely on referrals, and focuses on social media that’s a little different from the focus of a musical artist – he connects with artists and other professionals on LinkedIn, and runs a website that provides information about his work and ensures there’s reliable information about him out there. Learn more: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/clay-hutson-mn0001881174


Hutson is most focused on his role as a sound engineer, and has been featured in articles about new music-related technology such as the DigiCo SD11, which he used in Aaron Lewis’s 2011 tour. He’s worked on many significant tours, such as the Bleed Like Me World Tour, Kid Rock’s tour, and OneRepublic’s recent Honda Civic Tour, where he operated their automatic rigging system. He has worked with Ronin Event Creative since 2001, and is their VP of Production.