The Inspiration Behind Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is a world renowned interior designer that as an expansive art collection on the walls of his home. His Fifth Avenue home is also compliments with beautiful textures, patterns, and home furnishings. He has lived in this home for 18 years. It has picturesque views overlooking Central Park. This is the home where he and wife and artist Marcia Rolfe Mishaan raised their college aged son and daughter. They still wanted their living space to feel like a family space.

He enjoys being able to freely decorate his space without any restrictions. He is truly gifted in mixing art pieces from different eras, styles, mediums, and locations. There is still a cohesive element that ties everything together. Mishaan uses his space experimentally and draws inspiration from it. Mishaan really tries to make each project unique to the individual. He wants his projects to cater to the lives of his clients, and not force his own aesthetic onto them.

One piece of advice he gives to anyone wishing to have an art-filled style to their own space is to only allow the artwork to have color and keep furnishings and textiles neutral. This will allow that artwork to truly be the focus and not compete with other elements of décor. He attributes his attraction to artwork that has boldness and color to growing up in Columbia. He typically lets one piece be the inspiration for the aesthetic for a room.

Richard Mishaan has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He was born and raised in Columbia, which is a monumental inspiration for him. Richard Mishaan Received his BA from New York University and then went on to attend Columbia University School of Architecture He has also authored two books.

Richard Mishaan Design is a world renowned interior design company. The firm he created has been creating beautiful spaces for over two decades. The firm’s designs also complements a brand marketing and branding strategies. Richard Mishaan Designs specialize in interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture.

Are They Human?


Who doesn’t love a shapeshifter sci fi anime? A human that can shift into something bigger, better, and badder or maybe an animal that can shift into a hot guy or sexy girl, always tops an average person. Many good Anime series include shapeshifters and there are a few that make it the main theme.


This list certainly can’t be all inclusive, yet, here are some good ones to take a look at.


  1. Wolf Children– This one has been called “staggeringly beautiful,” lovely college girl falls for werewolf, they have kids, he’s killed and she is raising their two wolf/human children alone. Anime Drama.


  1. Kamisama Kiss- Teenage girl become a god after showing kindness. Romantic Anime.


  1. Wolfs Rain- Cursed man from a race of wolves that chose to stay human is trying to save his lady love. Anime romantic drama.


  1. Inari Kon Kon- Highschool girl with a broken heart meets a god at a shrine and after being kind to a fox is given the power to shapeshift. This one is a romantic comedy.


  1. My Bride is a Mermaid- High school junior saved from drowning by a mermaid only to be forced into a shotgun wedding by her “mafia” type merfamily. Comedy romance Anime.


Financial Solutions with the Experienced Guru Bruce Bent II

People always look for safety, profit and liquidity when investing their money in any form of venture. While it may be possible to have the three, it is hard to have them together from one investment option. Most investments will give you higher profits while the risk of losing the value is high; others give you good returns but no liquidity. With that in mind, money market fund is one of the investment option that gives you safety for your money and liquidity. It is a low risk investment option that aims at protecting your money from the negative market forces that lower the value of your initial capital.

In summary, money market fund is a form of fixed income fund that usually concentrates on debt securities, which are characterized by their short period of maturity and low credit risks. Mutual funds are highly liquid, implying that an investor is free to cash their money once they are ready to go use it somewhere else. It is also a low risk venture and thus the interest rate is low.

The market fund is thus for those people or investors who are self-accomplished. It’s for those whose main aim is to protect their money and not to grow it within a short period. It is a good option for business people who are looking to store money temporarily before finalizing certain major deals like buying properties. Investors who have zero tolerance for financial market volatility find this option as a good way of investing their money too.

But where did this great idea originate from? Who is the pioneer behind this “safe heaven”? When such questions cross your mind, the answer is always Bruce Bent II. He is the brilliant businessman who brainstormed searching for safer financial options and came up with the first market money fund, The Reserve Fund, that aimed at giving people safety and liquidity; this was founded back in 1970. Bruce is also an accomplished family man with a wife and two sons. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in economics from St. John’s University in 1961. Bruce is the current Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, a corporation that offers solutions in financial management and retirement services.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Moving Forward

Last February, Cancer Treatment Centers of America teamed up with Nantes Health and All Scripts to execute custom specialized arrangements that empower quick reaction bolster inside every facility and take into consideration better stream of clinical data. The new arrangement offers consistent combination through enhanced work process and an immediate interface framework incorporated with several oncologist information records over the U.S. Various practices may now get to data at a quicker pace and spread the data even quicker.

Clinical Pathways is the name of the new program, and it offers various treatment alternatives to wipe out potential inquiries and routinely enhance the stream of information and research inside and out. This new framework was made to incorporate only the most treatment regimens that may help the mending procedure through various care conventions at purpose-of-care.

Custom treatment regimens and examinations between treatment choices are accessible. Basic PC arrange passage turns on with a tap of the screen and is both protected and effective. Moreover, ongoing usefulness and supporting clinical information dependably go as an inseparable unit when referencing cutting-edge rules, responses and even reaction rates.

As stated in this article, Treatment regimens are mapped with EHR to restrictive request tests and reflect integrative ways to deal with conveyance of care. More prominent straightforwardness around choice is offered as is additionally exceptional help with enhancing quality and effectiveness through decreasing consideration fluctuation. The integrative stage also enables patients and clinical groups to meet up and make inquiries all the while. More than 2,000 proof-based treatment regimens now exist to cover diseases and comparable sicknesses.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA is situated in Boca Raton, Fla. CTCA joins genomic testing with exactness disease innovation and also human aptitude on surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. CTCA acknowledges most patients in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Okla., and Atlanta.

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Julie Zuckerberg – Leading the Deutsche Bank USA Recruitment Team

Julie Zuckerberg has blended the philosophy, people association, and understanding of business law to establish her as a highly credible voice for resource recruitment. Through her studies in Philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College, she developed an appreciation for dealing with people.


After completing her studies in philosophy, Julie supplemented her education, studying law at New York Law School. When she walked onto her first recruitment opportunity at Hudson Staffing and Recruiting, Julie Zuckerberg was prepared for her future.


Hudson Staffing and Recruiting

As a recruitment specialist for Hudson Staffing and Recruiting, Zuckerberg spent five years perfecting her talents to analyze the productive qualities of people. She recruited case managers, legal counsel, plus a support staff including paralegals. With a strong appreciation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, plus a meaningful foundation in law, she was able to present highly qualified candidates for consideration.


Her background in legal precedence gave her a working understanding of workplace problems and how compliance laws affected relations between management and employees. Her personable and communicative nature gave her the tools necessary to express job guidelines and responsibilities to potential employees. With the knowledge of what was expected, how promotions were considered, plus the explicit details of the job, she was able to present only the most qualified for management consideration.


Citi Global Consumer Bank

After proving herself as an invaluable addition to a recruitment team, Zuckerberg’s dedicated work ethic earned an offer from Citi Global Consumer Bank’s New York Office. Julie continued to expand her knowledge of legal, compliance, audit and management objectives as a recruiter.


She was recognized by her superiors, as someone who had an outstanding talent for hiring the best employee for the position. Her strong work ethic would earn her a position as vice president, eventually helping her shift her focus to the New York Life Insurance Company as senior recruiter and VP.


Deutsche Bank USA

In 2017, Zuckerberg accepted her most prestigious position in her young business career. Julie now holds the title of vice president and executive talent recruiter for the Manhattan, New York office Deutsche Bank USA. She is the lead negotiator for hiring decisions, especially those focused on MD level importance.


Her skills as a liaison between management and employees has led executives to look to Julie for staff coaching opportunities and workplace negotiations. Deutsche Bank upper management has expressed confidence in Julie by allowing her to direct a team that oversees the best practices in managing the recruiting process at the company.


Julie finds time to keep up with her hobby of running, plus explore her passion for the arts and taking photographs. Her thirst for technological knowledge adds another helpful talent to her abilities as a recruitment professional. She even finds time to keep up with her social media image, where she is an advocate for animal welfare, human and civil rights. She is a model proponent of gender equality, and presents herself as a solid example through her actions and job performance.


Kevin Seawright An Experienced Leader for Business Development and Success

Kevin Seawright is the Vice President and Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation. The CEDC of Newark is the jump-starter of economic development, seeking to attract, grow, and retain businesses within Newark, NJ, and additionally cultivate real estate development.

The CEDC of Newark seeks to provide real estate development loans, business counseling services, and other beneficial services for commercial projects to thrive.

Selected by Newark for his expertise, Kevin Seawright has an Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Kevin also has a Masters degree in Accounting from Almeda University. He has been written about on media outlets such as Market Wired, MarketWatch, and PRNewswire.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright seeks to become “involved and align myself with organizations that are impactful and designed to strengthen and empower communities,” according to an article on Market Wired. Kevin Seawright was recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program, for his completion of the second installment of The Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

This program is part of Kevin’s continuing education and development with his position within Newark’s CEDC. The Nonprofit Fund Development Program was created to help business leaders stay competitive in the nonprofit sector. Efficiency and organization are two core values that are promoted to ensure long-term success.

Seawright has held various leadership positions for over 13 years, within both private and public sectors. He has utilized his time within various sectors to develop his highly regarded financial management expertise.

Kevin Seawrigtht has worked in education, local government, and was involved with real estate development in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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Need Extra Income? Try Traveling Vineyard!

Traveling Vineyard is a Direct Sales Company that pays you 35 percent in the sales. As your team grows then you will get a higher percentage of your sales.

It is a little different than other direct sales companies because you don’t have to keep a supply on hand. The business model of Traveling Vineyard is set up where you purchase a success kit for $189 to start. This kit will give you everything you need to get through 2 events.

Your guests will order the products they want then Traveling Vineyard will send it directly to them. How easy is that? You do have to re-order the wines for the future events that you host however you can earn that money at from the first two events you hold from your success kit. The only other expense you will have will be paying to keep your website active which is $15.99 after the first 90 days. That’s right! The first 90 days they will wave the cost of your website.

So, what are some reasons you would benefit from participating in The Traveling Vineyard? The obvious benefit would be having an extra income to help with monthly bills, put money back to take a vacation, help get debt paid off, etc. Whatever the reason, the Traveling Vineyard would help provide that extra you are wishing you had. I don’t know about you but it seems like I could always use some extra money for something. Another benefit would be meeting people. As we get older we don’t go anywhere to really meet people like we did we were in school.

Traveling Vineyard has 23 different wines to choose from whether you like sweet and fizzy, red, or white wines. Gather your friends up and host an event today. What are you waiting for?

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The Life and Success of Alan Rickman


One year ago, we lost one of the most beloved actors of all time. British actor Alan Rickman passed away in London, England from a type of cancer. Of course, he was known for playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies along with other famous actors. Having grown up in London, he attended an acting school there where he participated in many important plays.

After that, he began having more gigs in films. Aside from the Harry Potter films, and some sick Harry Potter fan theories, he participated in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Rasputin:Dark Servant of Destiny and other films like that. He received several prices and awards, including golden globes and Emmy’s for his various participating roles in the different films. Many of the actors who worked along side him all said he was a great man to work with.

Without a doubt, we have lost one of the best actors and directors of the century. We will remember Alan Rickman with all of his characters and his enthusiasm to continue working despite the sickness that might have made him weak at times. We hope you rest in peace.

Squaw Valley Statement

Once again, as Liesl Kenney shows, Squaw Valley proves that the safety of their guests “is paramount” to the resort.

In a statement issued by the PR Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Kenney explained exactly how the contamination found its way into the water supply, as well as how that’s affected the resort and the measures they’ve taken to combat it.

First, he explained that the contamination took place over the summer when the resort was upgrading their water system – a necessity, he says, that was caused by freakish weather that shook all of Placer County.

“At no point was contaminated water available to the public,” he said, addressing concerns that some might have. So far there have been no reports at all that anyone has gotten sick from the contamination, nor that any guests were ever even given access to water that had been contaminated.

The slight contamination also only affects the water systems that feed into High Camp and Gold Coast.

“After our routine testing detected this issue, we immediately contacted Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We also moved immediately to consult with other leading water safety experts… We will not return to our regular water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast until we are fully assured by health officials and other experts that the water is safe.”

Kenney said that they are offering free bottled drinking water for those guests affected by the water issue and that Squaw Valley will notify its guests as soon as experts confirm that all contamination is gone.

Fabletics Is Pushing Boundaries In Online Fashion Retail

Making it in fashion is difficult in and industry where Amazon has cornered more than 20 percent of the online fashion business. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has done just that. The company is valued at $250 million and has pioneered the activewear movement. For the past three years Fabletics has posted enormous growth based on it novel subscription model.

In years past high worth brands have been defined their price and quality of their product. However, the recent economic downturn means this combo is not enough if a business is to remain competitive and profitable. Nowadays things like customer experience, gamification and last mile service are vital in helping modern consumers determine what a high value product is. Fabletics strategy of comparing themselves to Warby Parker and Apple has already paid off. They already have 16 stores and they are expanding to new locations in Illinois, Hawaii, California and Florida.

Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager at Fabletics believes creating a high value brand from the first day was critical to their success. He also says their membership model, which offers personalized services and fashionable service at affordable services has been another crucial factor.

Fabletics is a pioneer in many wheres. It reversed the showrooming trend where customers browse products online and then purchase cheaper products elsewhere. Fabletics works by letting customers browse for items on their physical store and then they can complete the purchase online. This has resulted in high conversion rate of new members. According to Gregg 30 to 50 percent of customers who walk into their stores are members and 25 percent of those who come into the store are converted into members.

Fabletics has also embraced data to ensure success of their online store. Data is used to show customers only the most relevant items both online and in stores. Fabletics use geo-data from their online stores to determine which items should be stocked in a specific store. This approach means that a store’s stock can be tweaked based on trends and changes in taste. Members’ preference also play a significant role in determining which items are stocked at local stores. Cameras within the store are used to create heat maps that are combined with real-time sales data to gain even more insight into consumer behavior. Dustin Netral, Senior Vice President of Operations believes that user preference data allows Fabletics to provide customers with the best service possible. Only time will tell if Fabletics will be able to disable Amazon on online fashion retail, but they are on the right track.