A Fun Concert For Autism Awareness

Sanjay Shah Denmark is a young man, but he is already retired thanks to some intelligent decisions that he made his past. Sanjay Shah originally moved to London from Kenya because he wanted to study medicine. Sanjay Shah believed that being a doctor was going to help him find happiness and success, but after he began to study medicine he realized that it was not the career choice for him. Sanjay Shah decided to change his major, and he went to college to be an accountant.

Sanjay Shah began to work in the corporate world and he was able to work for some high-ranking investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. In 2009, there was a huge financial crisis in London, and he found himself without any prospects for new job. Sanjay Shah knew that he did not want to have to have a long commute to work anymore, so he decided to start his own business. Sanjay Shah hired a few business partners and he started up what soon became Solo Capital. After five years, Solo Capital was able to make millions of dollars and that is how Sanjay Shah was able to retire from business.

Gulfnews.com did an interview with Sanjay Shah and his family. Sanjay Shah and his family are currently located in Dubai, and he has a young son that was diagnosed with autism. April 2 is the beginning of ‘Autism Awareness’ month in Dubai, and Sanjay Shah has put together a fun filled festival for that day. After his son was diagnosed with autism, Sanjay Shah and his family decided that they were going to do something more. Sanjay Shah was having tea with Snoop Dogg one afternoon, and he had an epiphany about a way to raise money and awareness for autism.

Sanjay Shah wanted to hold a series of concerts, and he decided that he would use the proceeds from the concert to help raise money for autism. He wanted this to be a fund that would help individuals to change the way that they saw autism, and he wanted to give support to individuals and families that were dealing with autism. Autism Rocks was started in 2014, and it has been able to to raise almost $1 million to help research into autism.

This concert that will be held in Dubai will feature live music, laser tag, Zipline, a bouncy castle, a rodeo bull, face painting, a barbecue, and even a petting zoo. The event is meant to get families and friends together, and all of the proceeds go towards autism awareness.


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