Letter of Apology

John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s, has been a great motivation towards the success of his own brand and company. After being blamed for declining sales on the NFL’s failure for resolving their national anthem protest problems, NFL decided to leave him as their official pizza partner.

Schnatter then decided that he’ll make a conference call in which he used the racial slur. Now as he is keeping a distance from baseball, his name from a stadium in Louisville is being dropped out. Also, his image from all the pizza boxes and marketing materials is being stripped off.

So after this, as the company was on top in ranks, needed to make a smart move and CEO Steve Ritchie came up with one. He wrote a letter to his customers. It was a great initiative and solution to their problems.

In his letter, he said that in his 22 years of career with Papa John’s, the last week was his toughest week. He said he knows that the words John Schnatter used were offensive. Nothing will hurt him more than knowing that his words hurt his customer’s emotions. Being the leader of Papa John’s he also asked for forgiveness and said sorry to his customers. He said that those words did not represent the values of his company.

He said that the insensitive language used by John, no matter whatever context is used, will never be endured or tolerated at any level.

According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s holds 120,000 franchise and corporate team members all over the world. He said the people who work in Papa john’s work really hard to provide you with better pizza and better services in your community. He said that these were the operators and local owners who do so much to provide you with the best.

He also described the actions he was going to take. Those actions include:

– Being transparent with the customers and letting them hold the company accountable.

– For moving forward, their senior management team will give attention to their employees and franchises.

Rebel Wilson – Isnt it Romantic

Rebel Wilson is known for her role in the movie Pitch Perfect and in Fat Amy but now she is famous for her role in Isn’t it Romantic. As her name implies, she is a bit rebellious, and she isn’t afraid to put herself out there and to be herself despite any negative feedback.

Rebel Wilson is daring as well as down-to-earth, and she didn’t try to fit into any particular mod to appease others. She has had her fair share of roadblocks to overcome such as a canceled show and a relationship that ended in heartbreak. She has also had her fair share of doubters and negative Nancie’s.

She was born in Sydney, Australia and she grew up with three siblings. She attended a community acting class and not entirely of her own accord. It was more to appease her mother. She was somewhat awkward growing up, but she always stepped out of her shell, and she began to have some great success in roles that she played such as in Pizza and Bogan Pride.

She is witty and has a confidence that cannot be shattered despite her image as a plus-size actress. She has a saucy personality which makes her so fun to be around and to watch on the big screen. She is very excited to create more projects that are female-driven, and she is thinking about taking on some feature-length drama. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

She has been offered some work as a more serious actress and no matter what she decides to do she always put her all into it. She has many role models such as Robin Williams who she has gleaned from, and she knows how important it is to become a well-rounded actress.

In Isn’t it Romantic, Rebel Wilson, or Natalie, finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between Blake, a handsome stranger played by Liam Hemsworth, Josh, and her best friend, played by Adam DeVine, who happens to be in love with a yoga instructor played by Priyanka Chopra. The best part and the “twist” of the movie is that Natalie’s trapped in a PG-13 romantic comedy where all cursing and nudity is censored out.

Natalie’s an architect who despises romantic comedies and believes that they’re fantasy and that they never happen in real life. She has a run-in with a thief which leaves her knocked unconscious, and when she wakes up, she finds that she is in the middle of one. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://ew.com/movies/2018/10/31/rebel-wilson-isnt-it-romantic-trailer/

The movie is full of funny twists and turns, and Natalie spends her time trying to figure out how the heck to get out of it. Isn’t It Romantic is fittingly expected to be in theatres on Valentine’s Day of 2019.