Fortress Investment Group- The Thriving Investment Company

The Fortress Investment Group deals with wealth and assets management in New York City. Founded in 1998 by three principles the firm has managed to retain its top spot for over 20 years and they pride in having experience and skills in investing, economics and also banking. Fortress Investment Group has a high net worth value of over 180 million dollars and enjoying the annual revenue of 1.1billion dollars.

The company offers its financial solution to both companies and high worth individuals globally. It boasts of having over 2,500 employees with high training and education in matters of banking and investing. The firm is best known for embracing their workers as a family by offering incentives, top benefits, and bonuses since its inception in 1998. According to the employees the company understands the power of family values and encourages their workers to adapt and balance work and home life.

Fortress Investment company offers various assets-based investing, operational management and capital markets investing. Also, they provide services in corporate acquisitions and mergers and sector-specific knowledge. The Company recently expanded its wings by offering its investors a vast and secured investment opportunity. The guaranteed investment is in a company that leads globally in providing global connectivity option to the iPass Company.

According to the management of the Fortress Investment Group, the investment fully secured by the iPass considerable assets like the patent portfolio and SmartConnect technology. Through the Fortress Investment firm investors, iPass managed to receive total funding of 20 million dollars. The iPass operates the most extensive network of Wi-Fi globally enabling the consumers to have access to the internet. The Riley Financial brokered the deal.

In the world of finance and business, acquisitions are the order of the day, and they make sense. They enable a company to keep expanding and growing in a more logical, and that’s the case regarding Softbank’s acquiring Fortress Investment Company. The deal of the two companies amounted to 3.3 billion dollars, and the main aim was for each of the company to branch out into something new and profitable. SoftBank started in 1981 by Masayoshi Son, and it deals with PC software’s, and today the company has its stake in over 400 companies offering various services to the world.

Fortress Investment Group co-founders Randy Nardone, Wes Edens, and Robert Kauffman, boasts of having an investment firm that becomes successful in every step it takes.

How Bruce Katzen Established A Reputation As One Of America’s Best Attorneys

Bruce Katzen is a Miami-area lawyer whose key specialties are securities, capital markets law, and commercial litigation. It was in 1984 that he earned his doctor of law degree at the University of Miami School of Law. While there his activities and societies included being a Reid Scholar and part of Law Review.

Since 2009, he has been one of the founding partners of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. His law firm takes on complex cases from not just Florida but across the United States. Bruce Katzen’s law firm has been nationally recognized as highly effective advocates for their clients. He says that he develops a great understanding of the issue affecting his client and gets highly prepared for litigation regarding in it. He has appeared in state and federal courts all over the country as a lead class counsel.

Bruce Katzen is directly in charge of his law firm’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. He handles trust and guardianship disputes as well as stockbroker liability, securities, and issues involving accountants. He also manages cases involving probate, franchise disputes, financial fraud, and other legal matters.

Before becoming a lawyer Bruce Katzen had been a certified public accountant. It was during this period he became very interested in lawsuits involving probate as well as financial fraud and so he decided to pursue a law degree.

His work as a lawyer has been mentioned in a large number of publications such as the South Florida Legal Guide, Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Edition, and th South Florida Business Journal. US News and World Report put him on their Best Lawyers In America within the Securities and Capital Markets Law list.

What You Should Know About Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Born in Tanzania in the year 1950 Shafik Sachedina studied dental surgery at the, University of London. He is currently based at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan in France. He holds a British national and lives in England. Shafik Sachedina is involved in up to four institutions which include the Sussex Health Care Limited and the Horsham Clinic Limited.

Shafik Sachedina has a broad experience as a dental surgeon after having practiced medicine in England for a long time. The Sussex Health Care institution offers care services to the elderly persons in society. He is in charge of coordinating the activities of the company institutions found in over sixteen locations. Shafik Sachedina interest in entrepreneurship and healthcare industry grew as he spent more time in England. He is also famous for his strong connection with the Ismaili communities and he has done a remarkable and beneficial voluntary work.

About Sussex Health Care

The company has been providing health care and support services for the past twenty-five years. Sussex Health Care has a team of highly qualified medical practitioners who offer the best quality services depending on the need of the patients. The organization also benefited greatly from the qualified healthcare individuals who graduated from the University of Chichester.

These professionals have offered a helping hand to Sussex Healthcare to benefit future generations with their programs. The Healthcare institutional motivates its employees by awarding individuals with a diploma from the University of Chichester who had successfully managed to complete the level five categories in their professional practice.

The main objective of the program is to enable those individuals who have successfully completed their internships by the Sussex Health Care organization to pursue higher education training. The interns are allowed to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Arts. The interns were attending education seminars held on a monthly basis while studying for the diploma.

The seminars were very important as they enabled the students to learn on their own. The Health Care Company also encourages its clients to engage themselves in an active and healthy lifestyle, such as swimming and exercising.

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Krishen Iyer Has A Very High Set Of Standards

Managed Benefits Services is a company that works in the realm of marketing for the health and dental insurance industry as well as generating leads. The company also does professional consulting. The Carlsbad, California company was founded by well-known businessman Krishen. He studied at San Diego State and has built up quite a respected career in entrepreneurship for fields such as client relations and also technical developing and the industry of digital marketing.

Krishen Iyer is quite an interesting individual and he doesn’t mind giving out a bit of advice for people interested in finding business success. The careers and writing of individuals such as Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet are highly recommended reading as far as Krishen is concerned.

Managed Benefits Services has some exciting things coming up in the future. Krishen Iyer is not a businessman content to rest on past successes and is excited about the platform of a multi-layer nature that managed Benefits has recently developed. The company has spent an exhaustive amount of time working on this project’s development and Krishen Iyer is confident that it is going to do great.

This new platform will be a huge accomplishment but whether or not it is the biggest accomplishment in the history of Managed Benefit Services, Krishen Iyer is hesitant to commit. This is as much true because he is hesitant to commit on this particular topic over any of the things the company has accomplished so far. This is because Krishen Iyer has set a very high bar as far as the goals that he wants to see accomplished by the company overall. He wants to always be working toward continual improvement and never letting himself become satisfied. So far this strategy seems to be working out quite well for Krishen and the results seem to speak for themselves.

Ted Bauman Wants to Help People Protect Their Assets

When it comes to money and finances, everybody wants to get a piece of it. Whether its government taxes or corporate greed, it’s is hard to find people who are truly looking out for your financial wealth. That is where Ted Bauman comes in. As the founder and editor for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club Ted is helping people all over the United States get help protection and privacy when it comes to their assets. Mr. Bauman also discusses low-risk investment strategies and international migration issues to boot.

Ted Bauman has a background working in non-profit organizations that help people all over the world. In his young adult life, Ted moved to South Africa where he had a thriving career for over 25 years. He worked with many international government organizations, companies, and groups. This gave him a real wide perspective of the world and how it operates. Ted Bauman can take all his experience and knowledge and help through his newsletters. He also discusses current financial trends and current news pertaining to finances. This includes the world of cryptocurrency and its benefits and drawbacks. Mr. Bauman also talks about Wall Street extensively. To protect your assets from a market crash, Ted has some really valuable advice. The first piece of advice would be to protect your assets. You can do this by investing in both stocks and bonds. Bonds are less risky than stocks, but don’t cannot go through major leaps like stocks. Dividends are also a positive part of investing in stocks. Ted Bauman also advises people to plan for the future. Create a good investment plan if the stock market crashes. Successful people look at their long term plans instead of trying to get rich instantly.

Ted Bauman writes about his personal experiences to write his newsletters. It makes boring financial term and information easier to read. There are many ways to protect your liquid assets according to Bauman, including putting them in vaults or lock boxes in the United States or internationally. Ted writes about these subjects everyday from his home office, so he can provide readers with the most up to date information.

Malcolm CasSelle – The Pioneer of Cryptocurrency in Gaming

Cryptocurrency has exploded over the years. What started out as a concept that was familiar to very few people, cryptocurrency has become a widely accepted payment method online, and even in some brick and mortar stores. While Bitcoin is the most widely-accepted and well-known form of cryptocurrency, it’s definitely not the only one. There are even some cryptocurrencies that have been developed for specific purposes, such as peer to peer debt transfer, and photography licensing payments. WAX is a blockchain that was developed for the virtual asset market, more specifically gaming and esports.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and president of the WorldWide Asset eXchange – WAX. His technology background started off with degrees from both MIT and Stanford University in Computer Science. He has a long history of helping to build up tech companies such as Hong-Kong ISP Pacific Century Cyberworks, Groupon, and IM Software Sensay. Malcolm is dedicated to the success of each and every company he works with.

Malcolm’s work with OPSkins has led it to become the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet. However, he didn’t stop there. The virtual asset marketplace has been riddled with fraud and fragmentation. It isn’t difficult for a scam to occur. The buyer pays for their virtual asset but the seller never sends it. Fragmentation occurs when gamers want to use different cryptocurrencies for their virtual asset transactions. In order to overcome these as well as many other issues, Malcolm CasSelle created WAX, a cryptocurrency specifically designed for gamers and the virtual-asset marketplace. Malcolm has developed a breakthrough blockchain that ensures all sales are successful for both the buyer and the seller. Virtual assets become tokenized, meaning that the sale isn’t completed until the buyer receives their assets. It is without a doubt that WAX will be a gamechanger for the virtual asset marketplace, and likely become the top blockchain used by gamers.

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Sightsavers: Changing Lives Around the World

There are many individuals and companies around the world giving back to others less fortunate. Great companies and people, donate time and talents with no expectation of return.


Sightsavers is a wonderful organization. Started in 1950 by Sir John Wilson and Lady Jean Wilson. The organization has transformed the lives of millions. Sightsavers America works to treat every child and adult with sight problems realize their potential.


Six children in metro Atlanta are finding out firsthand, what Sightsavers is doing to improve lives. The kids, ranging in age from 4 to 19 are all considered legally blind. The kids are from Fulton, Gwinnet, and Dekalb counties.


Sightsavers of America has given special pieces of equipment, which help the children to see better. The Onyx electronic video magnifier and other assistive technologies are life-changing for these kids. Each year the Pelham, Alabama based non-profit and other philanthropic organizations donate dozens of these machines in 13 states.


The Onyx video magnifier costs about $2,600 each and insurance does not provide for it. The cost is over what households can pay. With the support of Sightsavers, the kids picked up their machines May 15 at the Center for the Visually Impaired Midtown.


The Onyx video magnifier dramatically improves contrast and helps to magnify objects up to 131 times. Through Gia’s Eyes Foundation, Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz Foundation and Speedway Children’s Charities donated the machines. VFO, who builds the Onyx video magnifiers, also donated machines to the effort.


The life-changing equipment helps these kids become independent. Normally, the children must rely on family or friends to help them read and understand the text. Reading is difficult because each word must be looked at independently and then the whole text needs understanding. The Onyx makes such a difference. With the equipment, kids get right to work. The goal is to be independent and do the work on their own.


Diane Arceneaux, a college park resident, has retinitis pigmentosa. A disease where the retina is damaged. Diane feels the Onyx will help achieve the goals she has set for herself. The equipment will help her finish the tests and understand the words better.


Another child using the Onyx is Alecia, a fifth-grader at Asa G. Hilliard Elementary in East Point. Alecia says the equipment is easy to use. Her vision increased dramatically with the machine.

Sightsavers, transforming lives around the world.

Get Low Volume Medicine From Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is proud to have offices nationwide including New Jersey, Illinois, and Chicago. Their clients have the option of low volume medication that offers discreet personalized care over big volume medical companies that are more concerned with the amount of medicine they’re pushing to the public. Marathon works closely with patients suffering from rare diseases that threaten their everyday life. However, they also strive to meet the unmet medical needs of thousands of patients each year. The rising cost of medication leaves thousands of patients without the medicines that they need each day to help their overall health and well being.


Business News About Marathon Pharmaceuticals


Their new bioscience lab will produce medication that will help cancer patients, gastrointestinal diseases, and movement disorders. The new lab is set to launch as early as next year and will serve millions of customers worldwide. Marathon has been able to recognize the needs of people with rare diseases because it’s hard for them to get the treatment they need. They have hard to find solutions for many debilitating diseases. They work hard to get their patients well or living a more productive lifestyle with medicine that’s hard to manufacture.


Recent Marathon Medicinal News


Marathon continues to work with the needs of patients that are lacking valuable medication. Their responsible for the production of medicine like PEPCID® and Amytal Sodium to name a few. Their clinical studies is meant to be a pipeline for many diseases. Marathon has also created a biotechnology pipeline that will transform pharmaceuticals in the industry. The also work with the needs of many patients that need a variety of medical treatments including sedation. Get the medical treatment or medicine you need to live an active lifestyle with a guaranteed medical solution for your overall health needs with Marathon Pharmaceuticals.

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Jeffrey Aronin Provides Cure for Desiree Lyon’s Rare Condition

Desiree Lyon has been hospitalized for a large part of her life. When the rare disease stays untreated, she gets on a roller coaster ride that leads into an abyss of deep pain to the point that she almost dies. Porphyria is an unpredictable disease that is associated with abdominal pain which feels like flame throws that are directed at you non-stop. The disease is draining, and Desiree’s life has been with more than 100 attacks of these kinds of nature. She has had thirty intensive care stays, and she has experienced 2 total paralyzes that have been followed by months of recovery. (chronicleweek)


Lyon has stated that the disease does not even make sense to doctors because, at one point, Lyon experienced complete recovery and then in a week’s time, she was in deep pain as if nothing had been done before.


Lyon began exhibiting signs of Porphyria when she was 18. The medical condition is a group of 8 inherited disorders that form a chemical buildup in the body. The most common porphyria symptom is fragile skin that can form blisters in direct sunlight. Organs of the body such as the liver can also be damaged by the abnormal levels of the natural body chemicals. However, the Porphyria that Lyon was diagnosed with is known for extreme abdominal pain, and it can attack the CNS to the point of paralysis, coma, and seizures on all the 4 limbs.


Lyon went undiagnosed for 10 years, and most doctors had never seen a patient with her symptoms. The condition has no way to screen it as it has to be suspected and taken through tests uniquely. There are various medications that doctors tried out with Lyon not realizing that they were bad drugs. Put aside the indescribable pain and poor prognosis, one of the worst moments that Lyon has gone through was when she was diagnosed to be hypochondriac.


Lyon, later on, found a new drug that provided her with relief, and she became a crusader for Porphyria patients. This relief is thanks to a doctor who she credits for helping patients like her to experience life in a way she had never experienced before.


Fortress Investment Group Celebrating Twenty Years of Success

Fortress Investment Group has been leading their clients for twenty years with skilled expertise and a great knowledge of finances. The company has grown from small beginnings to being a team of nine hundred people. All of the staff that work at the company’s New York City headquarters, have a great of deal understanding about guiding clients down the right path with their investments. The company has always been a trailblazer in the industry. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first privately owned company of its kind to become public on the stock exchange in New York. The diversified asset management company manages about forty three billion dollars of assets. The company offers their 1,750 clients hedge fund advice, private equity investment guidance and the insight on capital vehicles.

The investment management firm focuses on five key areas of direction or their clients: sector specific knowledge and experience, operations management, capital markets, corporate acquisitions and mergers and asset investments. These key areas have guided the company to celebrating twenty years of success. Clients are attracted to the firm because they have an array of services available to increase, improve and manage a client’s investment portfolio.

Fortress Investment Group has strengths in directing their clients asset based investments. These type of investments include financial vehicles and real estate. The firm aims to help their clients create investments that return long term cash flow. They have created strong tools and strategies that they implement into their operations management service. Corporate board members, entrepreneurs and top executives are just a few of the people the firm has created relationships with. By forming these relationships, the firm is able to help clients with business dealings. These relationships allow for an ease when dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

Capital markets is one of the highlights of the company. Investors come from all over to get guidance about dealing with capital markets. The firm is very skilled in dealing with financing and debt for investors. They have the history to back up their skills and experience when dealing with portfolio management. They also have a great knowledge of what industries work best for each individual investor. Fortress Investment Group will certainly see another twenty years of success with great customer service, excellent skills and one of a kind financial and investment experience.