A Review Of Clay Siegall’s Remarkable Career In The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is considered to be one of the most feared diseases globally. It is a leading cause of death and disability for millions of people across the globe. Prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women remain the most common types of cancer that are affecting Americans yearly. Moreover, there has been an increase in the cases of skin cancer and colon cancer. This way, researchers have been evaluating new ways of diagnosing and treating cancer. When cancer is detected at its early stages, it is easy for doctors to contain it.

According to the National Cancer Institute, almost 40 percent of people in the United States will be diagnosed with some type of cancer in their lifetime. Each year, over 600,000 people in the United States lose their battles with cancer. Given the shocking statistics, it is easy to feel that not much is being done to address the cancer issue along with other chronic diseases.

Presently, biotech firms such as Seattle Genetics are devising innovative of treating cancer. With professionals like Dr. Clay Siegall at the leadership of the entity, it is easy to notice why the companies are making such outstanding progress. A look at Siegall’s background shows how he has worked his way to rank as one of the revered scientists on matters of cancer research.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the founder and CEO of a Seattle-based biotech company, Seattle Genetics. The company focuses on the development of targeted therapy drugs. Since founding Seattle Genetics, he has led the firm to rank as one of the authorities in the targeted therapy industry. The corporation has grown from a small start-up to a revered entity in conducting cancer research.

Siegall has a B.S. in zoology and a PhD in genetics. He received his education at The University of Maryland and George Washington University. Clay Siegall sits on the board of Alder Bio Pharmaceuticals. Owing to his extensive experience in research, Clay has authored more than 70 articles. Notably, the scientist holds more than 15 patents. He is a strong supporter of therapies that seek to prolong the life of cancer patients.


Matthew Autterson Offers Excellent Advice On Financial Management

When it comes to executing excellent financial services across different sectors, Matthew Autterson has shown his prowess. The successful business professional has approximately twenty-five years experience in financial services industry. He is fondly remembered as an executive leader in different financial institutions. Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan State University. He majored in finance and graduated in 1980. Being visionary, he joined the Denver University Graduate Tax School to advance his studies. That marked the commencement of his career as a financial services employee. Matthew gained his first-hand career experience from First Trust Corporation. This is an affiliate of Fiserv.


In 1982, Matthew left Fiserv to join Integrated Resources, a smaller team of the state chartered company. This firm was also known for its exemplary performance in offering financial services. Following his extensive experiences in various firms, Matthew landed an executive position at Resources Trust Company. He stayed long enough to see the company being acquired by the Broad Inc. The company vastly changed names to SunAmerica. Being a leader in the society of business, Matthew has overseen multiple business acquisitions from different companies. In 2001, Fiserv acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG. Initially, Resources Trade Company was known as a leading state chartered company.


As an investment manager, Matthew has contributed to the growth of many businesses in the form of assets, shares, bonds, real estate, commodities as well as different securities. His main goal has been meeting the investors’ objectives. As an advisor, Matthew is bent on offering valid and proven advice to clients who are interested in investing. From individuals to institutions, Matthew works with insurance companies, educational establishments, and corporations. Matthew is trusted to offer a varied selection of assets bordering financial statement analysis, implementation of plans as well as stock selection. As a manager, he is responsible for working on the investor’s assets by allocating funds to different investment assets.


As a prominent investment manager, Matthew has made a name for himself by creating a diversified portfolio of clients. Matthew is a leading wealth advisor. He works at a firm called the WIN Wealth Management. He is in charge of offering consultation services on not only investment but also strategies based on financial goals. Matthew assists clients in identifying the risks involved in asset management by profiling them. To him, it is vital to remain relevant as well as disciplined during marketing waves. With a license from life insurance, he is in charge of consultation.

Rocketship Education Changing the Lives of Children

Rocketship Education is a network of 16 public charter schools spread across Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bay Area, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. The schools target children from low-income families to see to it that they get a good education and get a chance to compete on the same level with privileged children. This boosts their confidence and helps them see that they are no different from the other children and can still excel in life.

Rocketship schools provide their students, known as Rocketeers, with free education from kindergarten all the way to the fourth grade. Preston Smith and John Danner started Rocketship in 2007 with the goal of improving public education and closing the achievement gap between children from low-income families and the more privileged ones. Rocketship Education has been very successful so far. All the schools strive to teach their students the values of persistence, respect, empathy and responsibility. Each school has one more value, which is chosen by the teachers and parents. This shows that their focus is not just on academic performance.

Parents are very involved in the schools’ activities, right from the interviewing of teachers before they are allowed to teach at the schools. This helps them get to know the people who will be teaching their children. School officials visit each student’s home at least once a year. They understand that certain aspects of a child’s life cannot be separated as what goes on at home ultimately affects a child’s performance in school. The home visits enable them to tailor their approach to meet each student’s unique needs depending on their background and special circumstances. Rocketship Education’s contribution to the improvement of public education has not gone unnoticed. It won the McNulty Prize in 2010 for the schools’ excellent work in improving public education in the US.


Rocketship Education currently has more than 6000 students in its schools and the number keeps growing as more Rocketship schools are opened. The schools perform exceptionally well in state exams, and this is because of their different approach to education. To top it all off, Rocketeers leave the schools well equipped for the life ahead of them. Rocketship schools have set the bar high for other charter schools and public schools in the US.


Securus Technologies Is A Revolutionary Crime Fighting Entity

Securus Technologies is a leading domestic and international provider of criminal justice technology solutions to civil and correctional facilities throughout North America. It is lauded by its clientele for its commitment to excellence. They provide comprehensive integrated communications, tracking, and information management products and services are specifically designed to meet the critical needs of each and every customer. According to Richard A. Smith the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, they have received thousands of commendation letters and emails referencing the benefits of utilizing their proprietary technology systems.


Customers attest that Securus Technologies is the “go to” provider of criminal justice technology solutions. Correctional facilities and law enforcement entities state implementing the carefully assessed and developed technology systems provided by Securus Technologies has enabled them to maintain a high-level of efficiency in daily facility operations and improve crime solving abilities. They are pleased with the extra measure of safety provided via the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of inmate communications and activities. Customers greatly appreciate the specialized information management software capabilities that have enabled them to implement proactive measures to prevent crimes such as diminishing contraband entering their facilities. Law enforcement entities appreciate the ability to launch more-timely investigations and obtain critical data needed to solve crimes.


About Securus Technologies

For over three decades Securus Technologies has consistently provided innovative technology solutions to public safety agencies, law enforcement entities, and corrections facilities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas along with its Technology Center it has regional offices located in the cities of Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies currently provides services for more than 3,450 different domestic and international criminal justice entities throughout the continent of North America.


What can an event planner teach you about organizing a party in NYC?

Would you love to have event planner secrets to help you organize your next party in New York City? Follow these, and you will find yourself feeling far less stressed than you have in the past.

Start and stay organized — Organization is the key. Start off with lists about everything you need to get done, and delete items as they are finished. Do this and you will never find yourself right before the party starts realizing you have forgotten something important.

Send pretty invitations — Always officially invite guests with printed invitations. Even if these are invitations you made yourself. People love to be officially invited to an event through the mail, and often take an event more seriously.

Specialty cocktails and serve-yourself bars — Just about every guest enjoys a specialty cocktail and a serve yourself bar. Get your guests relaxed, happy and having fun the minute they walk through the door by handing them a specialty cocktail and then pointing the to the serve-yourself bar.

Create easy to make yet spectacular appetizers — You can make spectacular appetizers just by using the freshest ingredients and pairing a couple of unusual ingredients. Slices of pear and olives on French crackers, or slices of baguette spread with hummus and raspberries.

Spectacular table settings by keeping it simple — Just like keeping the appetizers simple but spectacular, you can do the same with the table settings. Choose place settings that are elegant but simple, then dress them up with something unexpected.

Take care of yourself — Be sure to also take care of yourself and allow time to relax after everything is set up. A couple of hours with a glass of white wine, candles and a hot bath will prepare you for the rest of the night and get you relaxed to welcome your guests.

Finally, if you still feel as though you would rather someone else do the work, why not hire one of the best corporate event planners in NYC to help?

Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC, with an ability to organize any kind of event you like.

Whether you want a themed Mexican party complete with margaritas and a mariachi band, an elegant black tie dinner or wine and cheese reception, Twenty Three Layers can organize one for you.

Take the stress out of your next event in NYC, and give them a call.

How Livio Bisterzo Is Changing The Snack Industry

With more people accessing valuable information on healthy living and lifestyles diseases, many have chosen the healthy eating habits. Farmers and agribusiness companies are realigning their business models to take advantage of the new crop of consumers who prefer organic foods. Organic vegetables and alternatives to animal proteins are winning big in the race of becoming healthier.

Hippeas is one of the brands that have come up with a flavorful and innovative product line of organic chickpea puffs that are taking over the alternative source of protein market. The delicious and highly addictive chickpea puffs come in six different flavors so that everyone’s taste preference achieved. The full range of options regarding flavors is not the only fun-fare that chickpea puffs’ fans have been treated to by Hippeas. The startup has come up with colorful and warm branding for the products. The packaging of the goods is so easy on the eyes to the extent that it becomes appetizing.

The brainchild of Hippeas is a distinguished businessman who hails from Italy known as Livio Bisterzo. At 35 years, Livio has built numerous business in different sectors of the economy ranging from consumer goods to hospitality. Some of his businesses are defined by his passion for healthy living and positively impacting on the lives of people. Being a champion of healthy living, Livio Bisterzo created Green Park Brands in the year 2015 so that he could be able to manufacture healthier options to consumers across the world.

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Hippeas is the first brand by Green Park Brands to be unveiled to the public. The product has become famous in the United States and is gaining more popularity by the day as more people are considering it a healthier snack. Hippeas has already achieved the status of fastest growing snack brand in the US.

According to Livio Bisterzo, he decided to choose chickpeas because their popularity has been growing in the recent past. Chickpeas have a lot of proteins, and they are fast maturing. These characteristics make Chickpeas an important legume.

Hippeas being a global brand dedicates some of its profits to Farm Africa so that more farmers in Africa are encouraged to grow chickpeas which are sold to the international markets and in return give an income to low-income families in Africa.

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Frontera Fund Helping Organizations to Protect Immigrants’ Rights

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was started up Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin a few years ago. The two are colleagues and journalists who have also collaborated in the establishment of several news outlets on the territory of their homes town of Phoenix, Arizona.

The Frontera Fund was created after an unfortunate experience that the founders were put through by Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was working at the Maricopa County at the time. The sheriff was exposed for illegal actions. He ordered the arrest of the Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin to stop them. The two men were set free two days after the arrest.

Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin won a court case against Joe Arpaio and then the whole Maricopa County. They got a settlement of a significant amount of money – almost four million dollars. Although the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created out of violated human rights, the fund is now a supporter of other Arizona- based foundations and group that protect the exact same thing. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Both Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin had dedicated their journalistic careers to helping expose the illegal behavior of people and businesses. Their Frontera Fund is a continuation of their efforts and a significant way for them to support others who share the same values.

One of the organizations that Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been helping over the years is The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project. That organization has the goal of assisting immigrants who are in stressful situations due to removal proceedings. Many of those people do not have access to a lawyer or any other defense because they cannot afford such services. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:  http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737 and http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project is there to help immigrants in such situation. There are volunteering lawyers who provide their legal services and defend the clients free of charge. The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project offers other services as well.

For customers that require social services, there is support provided. The organization also helps clients that are mentally ill or physically sick. There is individual support for victims of domestic abuse and torture survivors. Some of the clients are seeking asylum, and that is why they are undocumented. The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project has the purpose of helping anyone who is in need of help regardless of the nature of their problem.

The executive director of The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project is Mrs. Lauren Dasse. She discusses the issues that Arizona is facing in the state’s way of handling immigrants. She believes that the state often violated the basic rights of immigrants when detaining them. Both adult and children have needed solace from the prosecution of the state, especially since the state does not provide them with information.

The Department of Homeland Security has immigrants detained in detention centers. They are forbidden from leaving while the removal proceedings are in motion. That is harsh and mostly unnecessary, according to Mrs. Dasse.

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The financial world of Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He is a prosperous entrepreneur who specializes in finance. Wealth Solutions was founded for the purpose of assisting potential investors in giving them different services that they need. So far the company has so much developed due to its large number of customers. Richard Blair’s success in the company has helped him acquire a number of certificates including; CAS, RICP, CES, and CFS. It is now a fully sworn in investment consultant organization. Wealth Solutions is found in Austin, Texas. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair


Wealth Solution has a number of principles that have kept the firm going especially when attending to their clients. These principles are categorized into three. These pillars are essential because they are able to lead them smoothly on serving their customers. They are capable of assisting customers to get the best solution to every hard task they are facing especially when it comes to financing.


The very first pillar in the three principles is listening keenly to the requirements of the clients. Having good ears to the customers will help the staff members be able to figure out their strengths, opportunities, risks, and goals. This is simply a summary of everything that the client says to the staff serving him or her. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/


Implementing a long-term strategy qualifies as the second pillar. Having a lasting strategy will give the staff member the chance of initiating the requirements a customer will need. This implementation includes looking out for good market, a good marker is important when making strategies. This second pillar enables good and fast communication between the staff member and the client due to the employee being aware of the needs of the client.


The first and second pillar put together forms the third pillar. Pay attention to the requirements of clients and after that initiating a long-term strategy that summarizes everything will give a way of beginning the next stage and that is carry on the duty of insurance needs which is specifically taken care of by Richard Blair.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has beaten all odds to be an accomplished man in the financial industry. He is also a consultant who helps upcoming investors and entrepreneurs on the right path to a successful business. The great teamwork between him and his staff members has created more investment solutions to various companies and customers. Blair has been in the industry for 20 years. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/


Orange Coast College: The Heart of a Champion

For those in the know, it should go without saying that tiny Orange Coast College has an amazing men’s rowing program. The coaches at Orange Coast College are extremely proud of their program because they have literally developed a well-oiled machine when it comes to crafting champions.

This is especially true when you consider some of their alumni have went on to the Olympics. These coaches know there are a number of crucial elements to crafting champions.

For starters, the coaching staff of the Orange Coast rowing team know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. Even in the best of circumstances, many of the individuals who sign up for the Orange Coast rowing team are learning a new sport.

The coaches are especially proud of the fact that they not only have the drive and determine to create a legendary rowing tradition but to also teach many incoming college freshmen a brand new sport.

The sport is also not without its share of injuries. One college freshmen described the mental toughness he had to endure when he pulled a disc in high school and could not compete in his favorite part for most of the year. Although it was difficult, he learned a lot from the experience and became a better person because of it.

The coaches at Orange Coast also realize they are not just teaching the young men a sport but they are also preparing them for life. “We have high expectations,” one of the Orange Coast coaches said. The precision, timing and skill involved in rowing is something that is seen in other areas of life.

Not to mention many of the men go on to forge lasting friendships and even earn scholarships to prestigious four-year schools such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Orange Coast is indeed the spingboard many of these men and women needed. Learn more about Orange Coast College: http://www.occsailing.com/

Orange Coast College was founded in 1948 and has established itself as one of the nation’s largest – and finest – community colleges. They currently have an enrollment of just over 25,000. Many of the nation’s leaders have gotten their start at this California community college.